Eserve Consultancy for Business, Investment and Conveyances

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Eserve Consultancy for Business, Investment and Conveyances

Eserve is an experienced Ethiopian business and investment consultancy and corporate services providing firm specializing in investment setup consultancy, company formation and business setup solutions in Ethiopia. We offer complete company registration and setup services designed to help foreign investors desiring to invest in Ethiopia. 

With years of multidisciplinary experiences, we are one of the leading consultancies assisting clients from all corners of the globe with business set up solutions in one of the Africa’s fastest growing economies.

Eserve complies with strict standards of staff competence, service quality and safeguarding the clients´ interests. Eserve is dedicated to providing the most advanced and cost effective business services to its clients.


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When foreign investors make their first entry into Ethiopia, it is important that they give careful consideration to the following major issues:


Is my intended business operation allowable under the current Ethiopian investment regulations? Is my business encouraged or restricted or prohibited according to Ethiopia's foreign investment laws? Are there any special licensing requirements for my intended business activities in Ethiopia?

Business Structure

What kind of investment structure should I use? Should it be a wholly foreign-owned enterprise or a joint venture or should I buy out an existing domestic enterprise?


Where should I establish my operations? Are there any particular local policies and incentives?


What are the costs for setting up? Is there a minimum capital requirement for foreign investors to operate a business?

Ethiopia's rapid economic growth has made it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Are you one of those who wish to enter this huge market and explore its potential?

Our Services 

  • Investment Consultancy and Company Registration

    • Conduct pre-investment survey and gather pre-investment information.
    • Consult on the investment process and company registration (branch office, new company incorporation, etc)
    • Facilitate the investment process and register your company in Ethiopia
    • Facilitate and consult on the registration of project offices for companies which won international bid in Ethiopia
    • Facilitate and consult on the opening of representative office in Ethiopia
    • Find office or warehouse for your company and make it ready for work (telephone lines, internet, utilities, etc)
  • Recruitment and Manpower Provision

    • Vacancy Ads, CV Database and Interview
    • Facilitate Recruitment (Employee Contracts), etc
    • Manpower Provision (you do not have to deal with Employment regulations)
  • Due diligence and Research

    • Carry out due diligence on business registration information and regulatory checks
    • Carry out media searches on businesses
    • Carry out market surveys and researches
  • Marketing and Advertising

    • Media Research
    • Advertise your products or services in Ethiopia
    • Carry out market surveys and researches
    • Find distributors/agents for your products
  • Annual Compliance and Corporate Secretarial Services

    • Carry out the application, follow-up and collection of Business Visa, Work Permit, Residence Permit
    • Conduct annual compliance and corporate secretarial services
    • Documentation (document authentication, etc)
  • Trade Mark Registration

    • Documentation
    • Register your trade mark

 We also facilitate in the acquisition of the following permits 

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