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Eminence Social Entrepreneurs

Eminence Social Entrepreneurs is a privately owned company established with its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our company was setup in June 2010 to provide new, innovative and efficient servicesthat correspond to the current societal professional requirements and needs. Eminence delivers impeccable and unparalleled services in event organizing, media and communications and training and consultancy. We have also established Thinking Schools Ethiopia to improve the quality of education in our country. Eminence works to excel in every project we undertake and execute plans hand in hand with our clients to guarantee their utmost satisfaction.


To be a leading capacity building organization in Africa by 2020


To build personal, organizational, institutional and social capacity through highly innovative, inspiring and engaging media out lets and trainings.

Our Motto

Beat the standard limits of operation

Our Model

We are working to tackle poverty by nurturing social entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. We use education, media and event coordination to empower people to succeed in ways they have not imagined before.


  • To strive for excellence in all we do
  • To demonstrate a high team orientation in our organization and with our partners
  • To be a learning and innovative organization
  • To be exemplify personal and organizational integrity
  • To be generous in all we do and say

Eminence Events

Eminence Events is a prestigious event management group in Eminence social entrepreneurs that plan and organize anelegant high end and internationally recognized mega events. We, as specialists in the global luxury market, organize company and building launching ceremonies, award ceremonies, trainings and various types of parties. Our management team is highly creative, efficient and passionate with a unique and unrivalled understanding of the market. Our staff is a team of trustworthy producers, event planners and production assistants, who are well organized to handle diverse situations ensuring seamless custom-made events anywhere in Ethiopia and abroad.

Eminence events offer new ideas to your concepts using the latest technology to inspire, reward and excite your audience. Eminence Events has conference management skills which integrate various fields and can be of great benefit to create a greater impact and awareness. When you use our expertise in event management, our logistical support along with our values, we will deliver for you the best conference.

 Eminence Event Org

We manage and organize:

  •  Conferences
  • Inaugurations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Fashion shows
  • Corporate events
  • Training events   
  • Weddings
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences
  • Charity fundraisings

Other in-house services include:

  • Event concepts and management
  • Event design and technical production
  • Strategic event marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Event documentation
  • Branded Events  

Branded Events

Yeshih Gabecha

Yeshih Gabecha that can be translated as the marriage of a thousand couplesis one of the branded mega eventsof Eminence social entrepreneurs Plc. This one of a kind mass wedding brought together more than 750 couples from all the regions of Ethiopia into Addis Ababa for the exchange of their nuptials.First and foremost, YeshihGabechais a perfect platform for the Ethiopian culture to shine out because the couples that come from the different regions of Ethiopia display their respective cultures. The wedding traditions of all the regions of Ethiopia had been portrayed in our wedding ceremony “YeshiGabecha”.

Moreover, our branded mass wedding has the objective to promote family values and strengthen cultural ties. Yeshihgabecha also adds value to the Ethiopian tourism industry and encourage a practical lifestyle culture. In this wedding ceremony, our in-house event organizing team eminence eventsplanned and organized a flawless masterpiece that exceeded expectations. The wedding ceremony in 2013 was held in the nations, nationalities square in our capital city Addis Ababa, around theGotera area. The colorful celebration is planned to be an annual event that will bring together new couples from parts of Ethiopia every year to build a nation by building one family at a time.

Eminence Environment Initiative 2012

Eminence Social Entrepreneurs as an agent of change in our society works to address the social problems in our country and the world. Climate change has been a pressing issue in our world along with deforestation, global warming and other environmental problems. Our company organized a mass environment initiative on the dates of 5th to the 11thof June 2012 as a celebration of World Environment Day. The initiative branded as Eminence environment initiative 2012 had theobjectiveof creating awareness on environmental protection in our world. Eminence environment initiative 2012 took place at the Ethio-Cuba memorial square offering different activities for all residents of Addis Ababa. The seven day event included an exhibition, a green bazaar, seminars, children’s painting competition, a fashion show, live music, workshops and film screenings.

On the event, the staff and management of Eminence social entrepreneurs have led the cause of the company by example planting seedlings at the site. Our company plans to revive the environment initiative in the coming year to create more participation to protect the environment and prevent environmental degradation.We all need to get together to save the world we live in from unbearable climate change and environmental degradation.

Eminence Media and Communications

Eminence Social Entrepreneurs has the competent expertise in producing unique and creative media and communication works. Our media and communications department is equipped with state of the art technology and highly qualified human professionals.We produce a wide range of audio-visual works; developwebsites, graphics designing, documentaries, billboards, banners, brochures, leaflets and other types of printed media and communication items.

The Eminence media and communications department works with experts from various fields including creative scriptwriters, film directors, camera people, sound technicians, light technicians, journalists, editors, graphic designers, and web developers.Our staff is dedicated, passionate, and has proven success in accomplishing goals and working as a team.

We have produced documentaries on memoirs, social issues such as HIV/AIDS, child rights, culture and more. Our media and communications department have prepared organizational performance and planning records.Biography stories have been produced for internationally adopted children to inform them about their culture and background.

Our other media and communication works include:

  • Information, Education, communication and behavior change communication
  • Entertainment: Feature Films, Music Clips, Drama, Talk Shows, Discussions, Forums, and Sports for TV and Radio Programs.
  • Social Events: coverage of events such as inaugurations, award ceremonies, trainings, launches, celebrations, weddings and more.

Commercials to promote clients products and services through various outlets:

  • Website developing, designing and upgrading
  • Other issues upon clients interest and request

Eminence Training and Consultancy

Eminence training and consultancy is another integral department of eminence social entrepreneurs that was established to deliver effective trainings for domestic and international organizations.Our trainings are aimed to equipour clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to improvethe quality of their service delivery. We work together in consultationwith our clients in designing the specific trainings to ensure the trainings will serve their purpose and reach the audience in the most simple and understandable manner.Our trainings are modified to the individual specific needs and demands of our clients and guarantee the necessary change needed in the organizations.
Eminence training and consultancy works with the best trainers in the businessand facilitators to train, coach and mentor the training participants. Our distinguishing character is that our trainers take into consideration the actual working circumstances the trainings are intended for in the first place.

We train and consult our esteemed clients on:

  • Personal Development
  • Customer Handling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Work Ethics
  • Leadership and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethiopian tax, finance and accounting
  • Customized Training programs
  • Consultancy services

Some of Our Clients:

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Enat Bank
  • Zemen Bank
  • Oromia Insurance

Thinking Schools Ethiopia

Eminence Social Entrepreneurs in partnership with Thinking Schools International have established Thinking Schools Ethiopia to improve the quality of education in Ethiopia. Thinking schools Ethiopia has designed and implemented a new educational methodology in Ethiopia to better the conventional schooling system. The project that is currently launched in Ethiopia is planned to be further implemented in central and eastern Africa. Thinking schools make use of various new techniques to improve the acceptance level of students by establishing a bi-directional model of education. Eminence social entrepreneursPlcis working closely with the Addis Ababa, SNNPR and Tigray education bureaus with plans to spread out into other parts of the country to reach into every school in the country.

We work focusing on six main starting training points for thinking schools training:

  • Reflective questioning: High quality questioning and listening skills
  • Thinking skills: Explicit use of cognitive processes
  • Visual mapping: The use of visual tools to map out ideas
  • Collaborative networking: Conducting between us in pairs, groups, schools and global networks
  • Developing Dispositions: Characters, dispositions and habits of the mind are engaged
  • Structuring Environment: Considering how the physical space is organized and resources used

Tour and Travel

Ethiopia is a land of amazing natural and cultural tourist attraction sites. Our country has a magnificent topography that is exciting to explore through the road or air. Eminence social entrepreneurs with its tour and travel department will take you on a journey of discovering Ethiopia like no other. We plan ahead to make your visit and stay in Ethiopia the most comfortable and smooth experience you will have visiting different parts of our country. We have contacts in every high end hotel and resort in Ethiopia to ensure our first priority, your comfort. Come and experience Ethiopia with the best in the business. You will feel Ethiopia in every sense of the word with our local tour guides explaining the history and culture of the region you are visiting.

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