Akless Paper Product PLC (Cash Register Papers)

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Sub City Kirkos
Kebele 05
House Number 1150
Business Type Private
LocationHead office located at kirkos Kefele Ketema, kebele 05, House no 1150, Sar-Bet around Adams Pavilion Bulding, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPaper products
Akless Paper Product PLC (Cash Register Papers)

AKLESS PAPER PRODUCT PLC was established in 2003 E.C in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. The company is a new and pioneer in the production of thermal and normal cash register paper. The production place is located at SAR-BET where the head office is also found. We produce cash register papers in any size based on the customer's request.


By implementing best production techniques and technologies, provide quality products & services to our customers in Addis Ababa and regional areas.  And as well create best working area & ensure job securities to the employee together with creating additional wealth to the owner.


  • Under continuous improvement of the service system and introducing new technology in the manufacturing sector bring the service level towards best & comment free service to the customer.
  •   Provide quality products and best services to customers using a coordinated management system supported by professional & skilled manpower.
  • Validate company growth by providing long-term job security to its employee, create wealth to the owner and play a major role in social responsibility as well.

Business Objective

To have agents in A.A and regionals because the data of Ethiopian revenues and customs authority (ERCA) can show as in April 30 E.C in the hall country there is 79,413 tax payers who uses 86,453 cash register machines. From this 62990 are in A.A tax payer who uses 69,136 cash register papers and in regional there are 16,423 tax payers which uses 17,317 cash register machine. We will continue to provide top quality imaging at competitive prices, and with consistently short turn times.

To achieve this goal, we embrace the latest in technology that has proven to be effective in our industry. We seek out and employee qualified professionals who understand the importance of our mission, and who will provide us with the skills necessary to achieve our goals.

From the very inception of our company, the fundamental principle of providing a competitively priced and technologically supported quality product with a very speedy turnaround time frame has thrust us into the leading group of the companies.

We invite you to participate in our rapid growth pattern and be a part of our future, and allow us to be a part of yours.

The Best Quality at Competitive Prices

With a smart use of resources, our company can offer you unbeatable prices. The competitive nature of the market makes us strong. Our efforts are focused in satisfying our customers. Best prices and dependable quality give us and our customers a clear advantage.

We don't sacrifice quality using cheap materials. Quality is a key for us, and has built our reputation for being reliable.

Fast Turnaround

We have earned our clients confidence through our reliability and sincere efforts to go above and beyond to ensure timely and accurate delivery of their orders.

Knowledge is the key: our well trained team is capable of completing your order fast and with quality results.

Our manufacturing and logistics location being in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia & Continental Africa, provides us a convenient and reliable gateway.

Large Quantities and Short Deadlines: We are specialists in managing both at the same time.

In a rush, we’ll do the job for you without you having to pay extra.
Our investment in leading technology and operator training gives you the advantage of quality results on time.

Keys to our Success

Naming just a few doesn’t tell the whole story. Here are some of the more significant reasons we feel we have been successful.

  • Customer Service - Customer service and a high-quality product is our top priority. We achieve that through a strong relationship with our employees and a loyal commitment to our customers. This, along with a strong partnership with our suppliers, has allowed AKLESS to stay in the forefront of technology and has distinguished us from the competition.
  • Our employees - Without a doubt, we owe our success primarily to   AKLESS plc loyal employees, who work together to continuously provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality products. We have been fortunate to attract many great people over the years. Our employees make up the whole of AKLESS plc and are what make our company exceptional. We are very fortunate to have such a strong team. Our company accommodate 50 of employees and pay the necessary tax on monthly basis to the intended party.
  • Our culture - We are an open book company, are inclusive in our decision-making, and we try hard to treat everyone equally.The passion for delivering a high level of customer service is in our culture (from the general manager to the front line). Our employees believe in this philosophy and practice it daily. Performance is what our clients expect from us. Everyone within our organization has the same expectation. As a result, we consistently achieve high levels of operational performance
  • Our experience - Another factor is the experience we’ve gained from being in the business for 4 years. We offer customers an in-depth knowledge that we believe is unrivalled in the industry. We also make a super-sized effort to listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback to improve product quality and customer service.
  •   Our superior quality works – AKLESS has been successful over the years because of our passion for providing our clients with the best possible solution to their needs.
  • Our loyalty towards our customers - Our employees are a team that works day and night striving to get the job done right. Our clients place a great deal of trust in us and are loyal in an industry where they don’t have to be. We take that to heart and do everything we can to recognize their loyalty and show them our appreciation. Any business should recognize that they cannot be successful on their own… clients, employees, families they all play a part in the success of our business.

Business undertaking

Produce & distribute different kinds of thermal and normal paper:

  • 38*70 NORMAL PAPER
  • 57*60 NORMAL PAPER

The company has a new product that will be launched in the coming month that will able to promote the consumers logo or emblem in the back side of the cash register paper.

The company is equipped with high-tech Machines.

Organizational Structure

Organizational structures of the company comprise the following departments & Division.

  • General Manager:- The ultimate decision maker of the company, the General Manager is responsible for the coordination and control of the overall activities of the company. The Business Development, Audit Service, Legal Service, Management Information System and Quality control are supportive staff rendering expertise and professional services to the General Manger office.

Four major departments and two Divisions are subordinate to the General Manager

  • Marketing Manager:- Comprising three main division-Sales and customer handling, promotion, market research organized to accomplish the marketing and sales activity of the company.
  • Finance Department:- Coordinate the financial activities.
  • Production & Technique Department:- is responsible to coordinate and control the designing and producing of the products.
  • Purchasing & supply manager:- undertakes the production process and control purchasing decisions.
  • Administration Department:- Coordinates Human resource development.
  • Legal Service:- Advises the owner and the management before decision is reached & follow up any legal cases.

 Staff Organization

 Currently the company employees over 50 permanent and casual workers

 The composition of the employee;

  •  Professional and sub professional in the field of Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Information Science/ Technology, Art and Design
  • Vocational and Technical Qualified in the stream of Auto, Electricity, Electronics, General Mechanics etc
  • Non Professional – Drivers, Guards, Janitors etc

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