Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC

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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC

Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC is a privately owned company in Ethiopia operating in the trade of industrial tyres, agricultural tyres, OTR tyres, trucks tyres, PCR tyres, and Nexen tubes, mainly engaged in import of such items. As an importer, Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC is the only supplier of a variety of BKT agricultural tyres, OTR tyres, industrial tyres, Genco tyres, trucks and PCR tyres, as well as all sizes of Nexen tubes in Ethiopia.

In response to the rapidly changing and continuously growing business environment, the company must be in a constant state of growth and transformation. At Sherifa Sayed General Trading, we are devoted to this idea and are continuously evaluating the way we do business with our customers.

Our objective is customer satisfaction through sales of quality products. Our commitment to achieving this ultimate objective is by focusing on providing quality assured products and timely product delivery.

We work systematically to achieve continuous improvements by critically examining our methods, making changes where necessary, setting clear objectives, and measuring progress while adding value.

We believe paying attention to these beliefs and our ethics is critical to our success.


Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC is an Ethiopian private company that is the only authorized dealer of (BKT) tyres (Indian Brand) in Ethiopia.

  • We also Distribute (GENCO TYRES) (Chinese Brand Japanese technology),
  • Distributor of (NEXEN) Korean Tube.


Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC has a commercial background backed by qualification and experience. It started its business activities at the beginning of 2003. Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC, based on deep understanding on the growing demand for Agricultural, Industrial and OTR tyres generated from the accelerated industrial and agricultural development, aside from that an international relationship with, "Moroz Co. Ltd." is now a focal point for the international market network. Clearly, the company is founded on strong, clear business principles and an ethical philosophy.

Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC is committed to growth in both existing and new business, whilst aiming at the highest operating standards and this focus on quality will ultimately lead to improved financial and operation excellence. Equally important is the company deep commitment to building lasting relationships with its customers, business partners, and even end-users through technical support services, aftersales services and ability to deliver additional value. As responsible corporate citizens, Sherifa Sayed General Trading P.L.C., measures the success as much through actions and conduct as it does the quality of products and services.


Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC's business activities are in the following fields:

  • Distributing a wide range of tyres of Agricultural, Industrial, OTR, Trucks, and PCR.
  • Distributing a wide range of Nexen tubes.
  • Provide technical consultancy for customers


  • We believe in working and living according to strong ethical values. As a company and employees, we hold our sales to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.
  • We promise only what we expect to deliver.
  • We strive to meet our commitments.
  • We do not agree in activities that create conflict between us and our clients.
  • We are honest and fair, dealing with integrity with those with whom we do business and we expect the same in return.


Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC's company staff are expected to live by and act on the following beliefs:

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility 
  • Reliability
  • Ethical values for customers and staff
  • We lead the way for quality and will select and evaluate our suppliers according to those who will offer high-quality products, as well as we will set best-in-class standards;
  • We are ruled by the law of Ethiopia and follow the county’s we do business with
  • We consider employment and reward/ bonus to be dependent on merit and competence only, regardless of the gender, religion and ethnicity;
  • We are only as good as our people. We value our staff and have a duty to take care of them;
  • We will not encourage in activities that harm people, customers or the environment.



Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC is a national trade and investment-oriented company with a vision of nationalizing and globalizing its capital and business. We strive to add value by developing and operating business to international standards. To achieve this we will:

  1. Be the leader in providing the best quality product ranges, distribution, and value-added services for customers;
  2. Grow profitable by pursuing growth and profit opportunities that use expertise and operational excellence;
  3. Provide our employees with a working environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork, learning, sharing of knowledge & experience, development and offer challenging, satisfying work opportunities with recognition and rewards/ bonus for outstanding performance.


Sherifa Sayed General Trading PLC's company mission is

  1. To be the leading importer and distributor of high quality agricultural, industrial and OTR tyres, Trucks, and PCR.
  2. Enhancing the company’s business profile through the periodic system and performance analysis which brings clients satisfaction in quality of products, services, delivery within the agreed and promised time.
  3. To optimize staff capacity to effectively meet business challenges, attaining a high level of staff performance efficiency through friendly and individual professional work environment.


Since our business commencement we have had business relations with the following organizations:

  1. Ministry of Defense
  2. UNDP
  3. Sugar Corporation
  4. Oromia Region Mining and Energy Bureau

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