SASCO Industrial Trade & Transport Company

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Business Type Private
LocationPiassa/ Old Atkelt Tera, Kelifa Building, 8th floor/ #812, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySewing /Tailoring Machines & Accessories
SASCO Industrial Trade & Transport Company

SASCO INDUSTRIAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT is an importer of various machineries such as garment machineries (sewing machines like JACK), wood working machinery, spare parts, bakery machnery, leather machinery, construction machinery, metal working machinery, flour mill processer equipment,lab equipments and Tyres in Ethiopia.

SASCO INDUSTRIAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT is one of the most leading importers, supplier of various machineries, equipment, including capital machineries and providing efficient transport service in Ethiopia established in 1995 G.C. with the name AYSHA WORK SHOP & GENERAL IMPORTER, located in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company has countrywide experience of advanced administration successfully for 19 years. Our company has been in tight contact with both governmental and non-governmental entities. Above all, seeing our punctuality in delivery of their demands and our reliability in handling and caring for our customers, we are able to win the hearts and minds of our customers with in short period of time.

The structure of the company is as follows: It comprises 2 technical centers and 2 business offices. It has around 60 workers and staff members’ collection of many talented persons.

As a result, many of local established government organizations ,Universities, Vocational Colleges ,Ethio telecom, Capital goods finance S.C. , ministry of agriculture, Ministry of health, Ministry of education and many other local and foreign NGO’s are our dearest associates in the business.

In regard with our foreign business relations, we are able to establish a strong-bond with celebrated manufacturers and entrepreneurs in England, USA, Germany, china, India, Pakistan, and many other countries elsewhere in the world.
The people of the company are warm and sincere, and we believe as long as one has a true friend, he is close even when far away. We honestly welcome friends from all over the world to come to our company for business.



  • JACK Inter lock sewing machine
  • JACK Overlock sewing machine
  • JACK Button attaching Machine
  • High Speed lockstitch sewing machine
  • Over lock 5 thread sewing machine
  • Over lock 4 thread sewing machine
  • Inter lock sewing machine
  • Button attach machine
  • Buttoning hole machine
  • Zigzag/sewing machine
  • Straight knife cutter
  • Single needle post bed sewing machine
  • Double needle post sewing machine
  • Single needle, lockstitch, Flat bed sewing machine
  • Double needle, moccasin stitching machine
  • Single needle, Unison feel, Cylindrical bed sewing machine
  • Leather skiving machine
  • Feed off the arm
  • Mulit-needle cylinder type double chain stitch machine
  • Handle operating chain stitch Embroidery machine
  • Handle operating chain stitch Embroidery machine

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