SASCO Industrial Trade & Transport Company

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Business Type Private
LocationPiassa/ Atkelt Tera, Kelifa Building, Floor 9, Room No - 909, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryIndustrial Raw Materials/ Machineriy & Parts
SASCO Industrial Trade & Transport Company

SASCO INDUSTRIAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT is one of the leading importers, technical supports and suppliers of various items; we have been delivering efficient transport service in Ethiopia for more than two decades.

We supply automotive and truck spare parts, heavy duty machines and their spare parts, garage tools, technical education training equipment, medical equipment and laboratory chemicals and apparatus, mechanical machines, wood working machines, agricultural equipment and hand tools, surveying equipment and many more.

Our products in detail

    1. Automotive and Truck Spare parts for different vehicles We are the sole supplier of "FORCE" Brand suspension spare parts for automotive. These are reliable and quality parts at affordable prices. We are well stocked. We are a sole agent for distributing and retailing LIFAN spare parts in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia. Spare parts for trucks such as: SCANIA, IVECO, NISSAN, DAWOO, NISSAN UD, DAF, VOLVO, MERCEDES, etc
    2. Heavy duty Machineries and their Spare Parts 
        • Komatsu
        • Mitsubishi
        • Caterpillar
        • Daewoo Genuine or replacement (OEM) parts
        • Dresser
        • Ingersoland
        • etc
    3. Garage Hand Tools, Engine analyzers, Different Engine Testing Equipment
    4. Technical Education Training Equipment
    5. Laboratory Chemicals and Apparatus
    6. . Mechanical Machines such as:
        • Welding Machine
        • Comprossers
        • Electric Hoists
        • Hydraulic Fork lifts
        • Lathe Machine
        • Milling Machine
        • Shearing Machine
        • Punching / hammering Machine
        • Wood work Machines
        • Combination Machines
        • Circular saw
        • Planner
        • Thickeners
        • Planning and thickening
        • Cross cut saw
        • E T C
        • Boring Machine
        • Honing Machine
        • Crank shaft Machine
        • Plastic injunction Machine
        • Plastic extruding Machine
        • Blow molding Machine
        • Poly bag making Machine
        • Rubber Machine
    7. Electric and Household Appliances
    8. Building materials
    9. Various machineries
    10. Surveying equipments
    11. Garage equipments/ tools
    12. Medical equipments
    13. Agricultural equipments
    14. Agricultural hand tools electric and house hold appliances
    15. Surveying Equipments
    16. Soil testing equipment

Our Clients:

In the year 2004 EC (2011-12), we suppplied the following:

  • Supply of teaching equipment to SNNPR TVET Bureau worth of 14,746,268.72
  • Supply of teaching equipment to SNNPR Education Bureau worth of 18,753,707.65
  • Supply of teaching equipment to Oromia TVET Agency worth of 22,000,000
  • Supply of GPS to SNNPRS Agriculture Bureau worth of 10,000,000
  • Supply of Spare parts to Federal Police Communication worth 5,000,000
  • Supply of Spare parts to National Intelligence & Security service administration for refugee returnee affairs 3,127,015.16


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