Cawter Office Materials & Accessories Supplier

Mobile +251 91 1423244
Mobile 2 +251 93 0078096
Sub City Bole
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryOffice Machines
Cawter Office Materials & Accessories Supplier

Cawter Office Materials & Accessories Supplier is a supplier of office furniture, computers, computer accessories, electronics and stationary Cawtermaterials for different business companies and other organizations in Ethiopia.

If you have any need for the following products you can contact us with addresses provided


  • Office, Stationery, Engineering Drawings Equipments and Materials
  • Office Equipments, Display, Conference and Teaching Equipments
  • Binding, Lamination Equipments & Materials - Sports Equipments & Materials
  • Pens, Refill, Pencils Files, Envelops and Copier Paper
  • Writing Pads, Scissors, Adhesives, Printing and Packing Materials
  • All Types Of Calculators, Computer  Accessories and Storage Materials
  • Cartridges,
  • Drawing Boards, Drawing Tables, Mini Drafters T Scales Engineering Boxes Set Squares Protractors
  • Rotring Pens, Inks Compasses, Dividers, Drawing Pencils, Binding Equipments And Materials
  • Filing Trays, Filing Cabinets and Filing Racks
  • Paper Cutters & Trimmers Paper Shredders, Laminators & Film Trays
  • Storage Equipments
  • White Boards, Magnetic Boards, Pin Boards and Board Stands
  • Tripods, Speakers and Amplifiers
  • Duster And Magnets Markers
  • Globe Spiral Binding Machines, Wiro Binding Machines, Document Lamination Machines and Paper Trimmers,
  • Hot Binders, Spiral Rings, Wiro Rings,  Lamination Pouches and Binding Strips
  • Chess Board


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