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Meqrez Consultancy and Training Services

Meqrez consultancy and Training Services is an Ethiopian company involved in consultancy, training, programs such as Preparation of business plans, Corporate Rescue/Turnaround, investment Advisory Services, Portfolio Management Services, Private Management Training, and many more consultancy, training, program and project evaluation and recruitment services, employment agency service, and many more.

A. Organizational Works

We build organizational structures, position classifications, job measurement and evaluations, pay scales, staffing plans and the likes at a very minimum charge.

The organizational aspect of our services helps organizations to work effectively by

  • Assigning the activities to specific positions and people.
  • Clarifying employee’s responsibilities and how they should mesh using job descriptions, man specifications, organizational charts and lines of authority.
  • Letting employees know what is expected of them through procedures and operation manuals
  • Measuring the value of a particular job and the mental and labor demand to carry it out
  • Preparing a pay set up that provides similar pay for similar job, and that reflects the varying degrees of the importance of various jobs.
  • Preparing a staffing plan that is commensurate to the goal and objective of the organizations.
  • and the likes…

B. Employment Agency

We recruit and employ professional and semi professional workers for private and public organizations.

C. Asset valuation and revaluation

We have highly qualified professional workers who have rich experience in the field.


  1. Preparation of business plans- this service is for business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business or expand an existing one. We are able to prepare bankable business plans of international standard, either to use them to get funding or attract investment opportunities. This will enable the dream of our clients to become true. We also have abundant professional skills to help our clients implement any business or industrial project no matter how delicate or complicated it may be.
  2. Corporate Rescue/Turnaround- This service is for business owners that are striving to give life to their dying or already died businesses. With our wealth of experience and the availability of a cream of well-informed professionals, your business (es) will not only come alive, but will thrive successfully in the market through our corporate rescue strategies.
  3. Investment Advisory Services – The objective of this service is to increase the financial capability of investors. Investment opportunities abound everywhere, but information is the central key to accessing them. Therefore, information as to where, when, and how to invest will be made available to the investors to ensure best returns.
  4. Portfolio Management Services- this is a service to help investors manage their investments to attain a target yield. We will assist in deploying your hard earned income to investment outlets that will match your investment profile and maximize the yield in terms of security, yield, spread, etc.
  5. Private Management Training- this programme is designed for individuals who have skill gaps in specific area of their business endeavor and would want personalized attention in acquiring such skills. The programme is on one- on- one basis usually over 20 to 40 credit hours using a schedule convenient to the individual involved. The programme is usually of interest to those who may be able to spare time during the week. Aspiring business people and existing ones alike may find this program beneficial to gain insight into critical concepts in Developing viable Business Ideas, Result oriented Marketing, Raising Capital, Book keeping and Financial Management, Negotiation skills, etc.
  6. Other Financing Needs – we are able to help you access funds to finance general trading.

Training and Manpower Development
Group training programmes

With Meqrez consultancy and training services you can choose the field and level of study and training to suit your current needs, your career aspirations and ambition for the future.

Certificate courses

  • Supervision, management and business
  • Effective salesmanship in a market economy
  • Purchasing and resources management
  • Property management and inventory control
  • Management of people
  • Book keeping and accounts
  • Communication in business and management
  • Office management

Our primary focus, however, is on marketing and salesmanship because we are very well aware of the fact that success of a business mostly depends up on the quality of its sales personnel.
In the modern competitive market no business can prosper, or indeed survive unless its products are sold, and at a profit. Only proficient sales personnel can sell those products and keep on selling them.
Modern and more sophisticated customers require the employment of modern techniques and skills of selling, and those come only from expert training and experience, which are provided by the training wing of our consultancy and training services.

a) Financial independence seminars. This seminar is chiefly designed to expose people to investment opportunities and the art of money growing, and to imbue them with financial intelligence to make and manage their money to attain financial freedom.

b) Management development courses. The management team of any business organization is the lifeblood of that organization and the engine room that supplies stability and functional power to that organization. Our development courses in this regard are designed to equip top and middle level managers with the requisite skills to aid performance and make these managers almost indispensable to their organizations.

c) Management retreat: our management retreat programme is designed to refresh top and middle management staff of the stress, hassles, burnouts and brownouts of everyday work. It is a time to refill, refuel and relaunch their psychology and achievement drive so that they can perform better at their duty posts.

d) In–house customized trainings. Our in house customized trainings are structured to train top and middle managers, junior staff etc in their familiar environment, i.e. office complexes or factories. The sponsoring organization is given the leeway to choose where it wants the training to be conducted.

e) Entrepreneurship development programme- this programme is meant to help participants to acquire entrepreneurship skills, to enable them start a business in the most stress-free way and teach them how to raise capital without resonating to the banks etc. We also hold executive entrepreneurs’ development programme, which is meant to enable experienced entrepreneurs to help them facilitate the attainment of their business goals.

f) Raising capital for small business – This seminar is second to none as it is designed to teach budding entrepreneurs and business owners as to how to raise capital for their businesses. It is designed to expose participants to various legitimate ways through which they can raise funds to execute their business ideas.

g) Retirement planning seminar – This seminar is designed to teach workers both in the private and public sectors what to do while active on their jobs so that retirement becomes a delight and not a burden. It is also to expose retirees to the steps they can take while in retirement, so as to be able to boost their finances and live comfortably without recourse to depending on others or deprivation after retirement.

If you’re interested in any of our services, or if you want to come for free general business advice, we would like you to give us a call on any of the following numbers: 615982, 09047170, 09622401

Research and performance evaluation

Meqrez  is not involved in fundamental/ pure/ research that seeks to extend the boundaries of knowledge in a given area. It is rather concerned in applied or decisional research that attempts to give solution to some given problems or set of problems by finding out facts and information related to the matter. Included in our activities are the local provision of quality research training and workshops, seminars and other events. We also do evaluation as a systematic acquisition and assessment of information to provide useful feedback about some project.

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