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MEDI Advertising Studio is a graphic design company in Ethiopia specialized in doing artworks, animation and various forms of design. Understanding visual design elements such as space, colour, and shape is key to creating good design. Yet, for the design to be considered good, this understanding must be supported with precise business objectives, wisely identified target audience, and other practical and effective marketing tools.   

We welcome you to Medi Studio, the home of creative artwork, design, and artistic advertising rooted in the above understanding andplastic bag printing its underlining principles. We offer you the opportunity to explore and enjoy fine art in an authentic domestic or public setting – an inspiring and rare privilege.

We now have an extensive web of exceptionally gifted craftsmen and women, covering all ranges and skills. It is our knowledge of sculptured arts and stance that has united such a great team of versatile artists, carvers, model makers, sculptors, and architects with far-reaching experience of countrywide sourcing of crafts and materials, along with 15 years of comprehensive experience.

Medi Studio’s projects range from fine artworks to billboard advertising. Our company offers the services of Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation (2D and 3D), Printing (with a focus on Plastic Bag Printing), Story Boarding, and Customized Paintings (we decorate hotels, guesthouses and residential with a genuine painting based on clients’ specific demands).

We have one objective: to enable our clients meet their business goals through creative artworks!  

Artworks (Mosaic, Sculpture, and painting)

From the vast collection of Medi Studio’s projects, the Hawassa City Hall (all the sculptures and mosaic arts), The Hawassa Main Square Mosaic (the name of the work), the Hawassa Culture Centre (all the sculptures and mosaic arts), the hallmark of Wolayta Sodo’s Sculpture and Mosaic Art (Wolayta Sodo Cultural Center), and Wolde-Amanuel’s Portrait Sculpture in Hawassa are some of our featured works, other than the various art projects our company has brought to completion.

Animation and 3D Services

Our animation production services serve for TV series, feature films, commercials, corporate marketing materials and more. Our full services include concept art, illustration, storyboarding, 2D and 3D animation, 3D Modelling and texturing, rigging, 3D effects, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

Graphic Design

Ideas have always been a valuable asset in any business. In the 21st century, their value exceeds all other forms of resources. How well a company communicates its ability to generate powerful ideas is a measure of its core strength, its future, and its position in an often crowded marketplace.

Our team of experienced graphic designers works to create an effective design that will reflect your company’s innovative ideas. We work efficiently to frame your messages artistically within your budget. At Medi Studio, we believe ideas can change the world.  

Website Design and Development

We design websites based on usability: websites that are simple to use, easy to navigate, and that can guide the user to find your information and products quickly. Our designs are elegant and timeless. We can frame great art intended for a worthy purpose which you can call proudly, ‘Our Website’.

Billboard Advertisement

When it comes to outdoor advertisement, Medi Studio is your reliable choice! We offer advertisers a variety of billboard, interstate logo and transit advertising formats, helping both local businesses and national brands reach broad audiences every day.  


Medi Studio has a strong reputation in the printing business and we specialize in custom printed plastic bags and printed polythene packaging. We are committed to supplying innovative, value-adding advertising products to our customers across many industries. We stretch the limits of your marketing team to a wider audience through our calendar printing, plastic bag printing, poster printing and other innovative printing services.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Fine Artworks (Mosaic, Sculpture, and painting)
  • Customized Painting
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Billboard Advertisement
  • Printing

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P.O.Box 17466, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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