GM Furniture S.C

Phone +251 118 962283 / +251 113 720145
Phone 2 +251 114 660796 / +251 118 337295
Phone 3 +251 118 353082
Mobile +251 930 077617
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryCustom Furniture
GM Furniture S.C

GM Furniture S.C is a large modernized office and household furniture manufacturer in Ethiopia with a history of more than 25 years. Its brand GM has been unique and reputed in the industry for pioneering, quality manufacturing as well as excellent in sale and after sale services.

The company is a large office and household furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and marketing of modern furniture. GM Furniture has advanced wooden and metal furniture production lines with machines imported from Europe.

We're in the 21st century and we will keep close pace with the times; we will as always peruse the principle of high taste and high quality, and create tides of national industry development together with you.

Our Vision

GM thrives to help people live better lives through the concept “Live Simple”, by providing quality furniture at the most affordable price possible, so that as much people as possible could afford to own them.

The Company

The company was founded in 1991 and has been serving for more than 25 years. The brand GM has been unique and reputed in the industry for its fair, creative and sustainable business approach. The head office is found in Alemgena.

People in GM

GM is comprised of diverse professional Work force, with various set of skills that come to work every day with great passion and inspiration to change the lifestyles of Ethiopians.
We believe that it’s the collective effort of employees who have truly understood GMs core culture and value that make all this a reality.

The showrooms

GM has built a state of the art furniture shopping mall and with a total show space of around 1800 m2 located
in Alemgana, 5 minutes drive from Jemo. Designed to offer the best experience in furniture shopping, the showroom incorporates a restaurant, café, panoramic elevator, material lift and various functions that took furniture shopping experience to a whole different level.
In addition to this GM have 4 showrooms in Addis Ababa

      • Show Room 1 Bole Olompiya - +251 118 962283
      • Show Room 2 Beklobet In Front of Global Hotel - +251 114 660796
      • Show Room 3 Alemgena next to Noc fuel station - +251 118 353082
      • Show Room 4 Kera - +251 113 720145
      • Show Room 5 Gurd Sholla - +251 118 337295

Inside the showroom

A mass variety of furniture products and complementary goods are displayed in a way that customers could feel like they are walking in actual living space.
The journey throughout inspires creativity and imagination for our customers to grab the concepts of the simple lifestyle.

Come Visit!
GM's mall is very well worth visiting before considering any purchase of furniture products. It’s in our company’s belief


GM has 4 advanced furniture production plants divided in the following categories:- 

      • Solid wood processing
      • Sheet metal production
      • Board processing and
      • Chair manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities

The factories use state of the art machines that have huge capacity, and our products in the near future will have a quality that match European standard and will compete with imported products with their quality and price. GM’s factories are believed to be the best in the industry having the capacity to produce in mass with precision and high speed.

Our Products

      • Bar Table and Chairs
      • Cafeteria Table and Chairs
      • Dressing Tables
      • Swivel Chairs
      • Guest Chairs
      • Sofa Guest Chairs
      • Student Chairs
      • Managerial Tables
      • Secretary Tables
      • Conference Tables
      • Computer Tables
      • Coffee Tables
      • Dixon Shelf
      • Super Market Shelf
      • Storage
      • Locker
      • Filing Cabinets
      • Book Shelf


Our factory is loacted in Alem Gena city, 10km West of Addis on Jimma Road and we have show rooms in different parts of the city.

Show room phone numbers:

+251 11 5531424, 5533565, 4661063, 4660796, 3870209, 3720144, 3720145

Exchange Rates

USD 48.9491  47.9893 
GBP 62.2475  61.0270 
EUR 55.4544  54.3671 
CHF 50.8278  49.8312 
CAD 34.7361  34.0550 
AED 12.0591  11.8226 
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