Sky Industries PLC "POLYTANK"

Phone +251 11 6461080
Fax +251 11 6461122
Mobile +251 91 1406991
Mobile 2 +251 91 1669384
Sub City Bole
Kebele Gerji
House Number New
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPlastic Water Tankers
Sky Industries PLC

Sky Industries PLC "POLYTANK" manufacture all types of plastic goods like Water tanks, Ropes, Box Strapping, Suction Hose Pipes and Garden Hose Pipes, Kettles, Jerry Cans, Flower Pot, Buckets and all other essential plastic household items. Our Brand name is POLYTANK that is synonymous with quality and exists in several countries around East and West Africa. We have more than 35 yrs of experience in manufacturing water tanks. Our solid technical teams are working 24 hours to ensure that the quality and name of our brand is upheld. It’s a POLYTANK promise. Our products are of global standards and are offered at most competitive prices.

The features of our tankers are as follows:-

  1. Manufactured from the best quality food grade material approved by WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION.
  2. Strong and Hygienic.
  3. Pilferage Proof Threaded Covers.
  4. Anti Rust Plastic Fittings and UV protected.
  5. Larger capacity than specified.
  6. 5 years guarantee in case of any manufacturing defects.

Exchange Rates

USD 29.4523  28.8748 
GBP 35.7044  35.0043 
EUR 33.2929  32.6401 
CHF 28.5234  27.9641 
CAD 20.2125  19.8162 
AED 7.2559  7.1136