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Sub City Bole
LocationBole Medhanialem, Adika Building adjacent to Saro-Maria Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryHotels and Restaurants, Tour and Travel

Adika Tour & Travel PLC is an Ethiopian based tour and travel service provider engaged in the tour and travel, car rental, wedding car rental, event orgnanization, air transport ticketing, hotel development and meter taxi services in Ethiopia. The company is established in November 2004 by two Ethiopian shareholders with initial paid up capital of Birr 5,000,000.00 (Five million) by taking the business rights of the sole proprietorship’s of company’s General Manager, Ato Awad Mohammed who has been in the business since 2000 G.C. Meanwhile, company’s capital increased to Br 20,817,000.00 in 2013 G C. Name of shareholders along with their share.

Company's Objective


  •  To engage in tourism and hospitality Industry,
  •  To engage in car rental business,
  •  To engage in wedding car rental and event organization,
  •  To carry out air transport ticket sales, To engage in service delivery,
  •  To take part in other endeavors that would enhance Company’s business objectives which are in accordance with the law and contribute to a better return on company's assets.

Services and Amenities

ADIKA Tour and Travel PLC has been a pioneer and leading private company in tour, travel and car rental business in Ethiopia. The company is a well established, experienced, reliable and efficient service provider. We work round-the-clock for our customers’ satisfaction and development of the tourism sector. Ethiopia, being one of the oldest African states and cradle of human beings, the country’s potential for tourism is enormous.  From its inception in 1999, our company earns reputation in providing a first-class tour, travel and car rental services with reasonable price for international and domestic based corporate and individual customers.
The  company  provides  an  extensive  service  with a  range  of  amenities  fully  tailored  to  meet customer’s interests:-

  1. Tour packages for historical sites, Cultural sites, Natural attractions, Coffee Farm Tour, Bird watching ,Rafting, festival occasions and many more
  2. We organize various sightseeing and short tours, handle hotel reservations and air ticket sales
  3. Rent  car  for  office  use,  personal  use,  meetings,  conferences,  tourist  attractions, historical tours, wedding ceremonies or/and any other occasions
  4.  All our vehicles are covered with valid comprehensive insurance policy
  5.  For chauffeur driven vehicles, our company will provide experienced English Speaking polite drivers
  6.  We have a fully equipped garage with skilled and experienced mechanics
  7.  All our vehicles are in excellent condition, and we have the capacity to replace rented vehicles in case of breakdown
  8. We are experienced in camp management for either long or short term projects owners

Tour operation

Adika   engages   in   tourism   industry   cognizant   of   Ethiopia’s   tourist   resources   and   potentials. Our company renders tour services with well qualified and professionals to our customers to help them explore and experience the wonders of Ethiopia and thereby contribute to the development of the country’s tourism industry. We are ready all the time to show our customers the country’s historical, natural and cultural heritages that will make them remember the great time they spent in Ethiopia.nenene.jpg

Adika assists its customers in selecting trips based   on their:

  • Interest
  • Time to travel
  • Budget
  • Activities sought
  • Destination preferencedestinations to visit from a wide range of options we offer and that include historic route, culture and nature routes, coffee farm tour, trekking, caving tours and festival tours for groups and private tourists.

 The intention is to provide customers with access to exclusive travel destinations through information packages, not just sight-seeing, and access to special interest travel according to tourist's preferences.

N.B: Currently we are working hard to attract more tourists to Ethiopia focusing particularly on the following countries/regions; Japan, USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel and many more tourist generating countries.

Air Ticket Sales

Our travel service offers different airline ticket sales and booking of airlines operating in Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Yemenia, Qatar Air, Fly Dubai and Gulf Air) at competitive prices.  Although we sell the above mentioned airline tickets we always try our best to convince our clients to use our National career the Ethiopian Airlines.

Car rental     

    1.    Office use
    2.    Meetings and conferences
    3.    Historical and cultural tours
    4.    Ceremonies and special occasions
    5.    Convoy and Escort
    6.    Camp use
    7.    Field trips
    8.    Weddings


As a result of our vigorous move to render a one stop tourism product service through our company, we have recently started to provide lodging services through a chain of Adika Lodging properties.

  •  Adika buildings    
    1. Mixed Use Adika building Addis Ababa Bole, Edna Mall Area
    2. Mixed Use Building-Bloom Tower Addis Aaba- kazanchis next to Intercontinental Hotel

Adika Taxi Services

Adika Taxi Services PLC is established in October 2013 by visionary Ethiopians to serve the residents of the city, tourists, diplomatic community and others by filling the ever increasing demand for modern taxi services with quality services and standardized operations using its brand new vehicles and trained man power.

Adika Taxi Services in organized in a way to capture, maintain and uphold the trust of our customers through courteous, prompt and efficient services and to build a brand name that characterizes modern and quality taxi services in the country and the region in general. This will be ensured by a continual improvement of our services to provide safe, convenient, reliable and soothing comprehensive taxi services by friendly and knowledgeable professionals to meet your taxi needs. We, at Adika Taxi Service, have a pledge to provide you with a world class taxi service 24/7 for all your business and social occasions.

 Additional Phone Numbers

  • +251 116 722667
  • +251 913 314453

Exchange Rates

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GBP 54.6098  53.5390 
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AED 10.1044  9.9063 
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