Hake Trade & Industry Enterprise

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Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryOil seeds (sesame, etc)
Hake Trade & Industry Enterprise

Hake Sports is a manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel for Ethiopia market for over Thirty years.   All Hake Sport's equipment and apparel like Balls, Garments & Weaving, Table Tennis Board and Basket Ball Board, Collapsible gates and Chains are manufactured in Ethiopia and is distributed almost throughout the country. Hake Sport maintains specifications and performance standards to attain the highest performance and aesthetics value.

Teams and athletes choose our products because they perform better.  Our mission is to remain competitive in all the above mentioned sectors of production that we are engaged in deploying more modern equipments and well trained expertise to satisfy the demand in the local and the international market, by which we can save the hard currency our country would spend on imported products. In doing this we believe we can contribute much to the development of the country’s national economy.   


  • Weaving & Knitting
  • Garment
  • Wood & Metal Workshop  (Sport Equipment & Other Workshop Product
  • Printing & Advertising
  • Ball Products
  • Imported Sport Materials  


  1. Balls : Basket Balls, Hand Balls, Foot Balls and etc . . .
  2. Garments & Weaving
  3. Equipments: Table Tenns Board, Basket Ball Board
  4. Collapsible gates
  5. Chains

Structure of the Company  

Hake Trade & Industry enterprise is a well structured enterprise having skilled expertise in all its departments, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Material management & purchasing & Production. Each department is headed by well trained & skilled professionals in the respected fields. The general manager heads the company presiding over two deputy managers, marketing deputy manager & production, administration & finance deputy manager. Each of the deputy managers have middle level managers, lower level managers, supervisors, technical professionals and laborers respectively working under them for the common goal of satisfying the customer needs. 

Manufacturing Power  

Hake Trade & Industry enterprise is a private limited company pioneered by an exemplary hard worker Ethiopian Ato Berhanu Hake around thirty years ago. The company is engaged in sport wear manufacturing and distribution business in all these thirty years. Back in days, it started only with a vision and courage to manufacture quality sport wear products locally. But its sticking to its vision made it to achieve much in the area and be active competitor in the market after 30 years of continuous commitment and strenuous efforts. Now the company has reached at the position of manufacturing quality sport wear using modern technological equipments both for local and international market. Also even if it started with producing only sport goods, now it has widened its production horizon launching six additional sectors, textile, garment, printing & advertising, wood & metal works, ball products & collapsible gates.

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