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Addis Geosystems PLC

Addis Geosystems PLC (AGS), a company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was established in 2005 to provide a range of geo-engineering services for the civil engineering, mining, environmental and water sector clients. Our client base includes regional and federal government bureaus, consulting engineers, design professionals, and private clients thoughout Ethiopia.  

Addis Geosystems PLC (AGS) is founded and run by qualified professionals with proven and extensive experience in Engineering, Geology, Hydrogeology and Mineral Exploration in Ethiopia. AGS is staffed by qualified geo-technical engineers, engineering geologists, exploration geologists, drilling rig operators and other support staff.

AGS owns a fleet of core drilling rigs with a drilling capacity ranging between 50m to 800m, support trucks, field vehicles, geophysical instruments, in-situ testing equipment and soil, material and water quality testing laboratory facility.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have successfully and professionally completed many projects and are proud to say that we have gained the confidence and goodwill of many. Our aim is to provide dependable, customer-specific professional services and be the geotechnical services provider company of your choice.

The major projects for which AGS provided geo-engineering services include Light and Multi-Story Building Projects, Express Ways, Wind Farms, Various Industrial Projects, Industrial Parks, Irrigation Projects, School and Hospital Projects, etc.


The main services provided by AGS are Geotechnical Investigation including Soil and Material Testing Laboratory Services, Geological and Engineering Geological investigation, Ground Water Survey, Mineral Exploration, and Environmental Impact Assessment.


  • Soil/Geotechnical Investigation and preparation of factual or interpretative reports for light and multi-story Buildings
  • Soil/Geotechnical Investigation for Industrial projects (Buildings, machinery, access roads, etc)
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Infrastructure projects (Road, Railway, wind power, Irrigation projects, Hydropower projects, etc)

Our Geotechnical Service comprises:

  • Core drilling and soil/rock sampling
  • Borehole tests (SPT, Permeability, packer)
  • Plate load tests
  • Geological and Engineering Geological mapping,
  • Preparation of factual, interpretative and engineering reports
  • Geophysical survey for engineering, groundwater and mining application


AGS owns Soil, Material and Water Quality Testing laboratory equipped with modern and calibrated equipment. The major index and engineering tests on soil and rock samples can be performed in our laboratory (see detailed description under 3.2)


Under this service are:

  • Geological and Engineering Geological Investigation
  • Engineering Geological Mapping for various applications (Engineering, Mining, land use, etc)
  • Geo-hazard assessment (Landslide, Subsidence, Expansive soils, etc)
  • Geological and Geotechnical database production in standard or client-specified format


AGS's mineral exploration service includes:

  • Exploration and Feasibility study of Construction material including ESIA study
  • Basalt aggregate,
  • Building stones (Marble, Granite, Limestone, Ignimbrite, etc)
  • Exploration and Feasibility Study of raw materials for Cement (Limestone, Gypsum, Pumice, etc) including ESIA study
  • Exploration and Feasibility study of Industrial minerals (Silica sand, Bentonite, etc.)including ESIA study
  • Core Drilling Services


Project and Location




Brewery and Related projects

Meta Abo Brewery, Sebeta


Geotechnical Investigation for Various Structures

Heineken Brewery (Kilinto, Harar, Bedele)

Heineken Breweries

- Geotechnical Investigation for Buildings, Water Treatment plant, etc

St. George Brewery (Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Kombolcha)

BGI Ethiopia plc

Geotechnical Investigation for Buildings, Water Treatment plant, etc

Habesha Brewery, Debre Berhan

Habesha Brewery S.C

Geotechnical Investigation for Buildings, Water Treatment plant, etc

Zebidar Brewery, Wolkite

Zebidar Brewery S.C

Geotechnical Investigation for Buildings, Water Treatment plant, etc

Dashen Brewery, Debre Berhan

MH Engineering plc

Geotechnical Investigation

Soufflet Malt, Kilinto and Bole Lemi-2 Industry Park

Souffllet Malt Ethiopia plc

Geotechnical Investigation


Soft Drink


Pepsi   Cola, Gonder

Zias Design International/Moha Soft Drinks

Geotechnical Investigation

Coca Cola, Bahir Dar

East Africa Bottling

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Electrical Resistivity Test



Cement Projects


Rayan Investment,Cement Project, Goha Tshion

Rayan Investment plc

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Limestone Resource Exploration and Core Drilling

- ESIA for Limestone Resource

Dangote Cement, Muger

Dangote Industries Ethiopia plc

- Geotechnical Investigation for plant site and Crusher plant

- Limestone Exploration and Core Drilling

- ESIA for Plant and Quarry

MYK Cement, Gebre Guracha

MYK Cement Ethiopia Ltd

- Geological Exploration for Limestone Resource and Core Drilling

- ESIA for Limestone Resource

Bed Rock Cement, Muger

Bed Rock Cement plc

Geotechnical Investigation

Pioneer Cement, Dire Dawa

Pioneer Cement plc

Core Drilling for limestone Exploration


Textile Projects


Itaca Textile, Mekelle

Calzodonia Garment Factory (Mekelle)

Geotechnical Investigation

Kanoria Africa Textile, Bushoftu

Kanoria Africa Textile plc

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Ground Water Survey


- Surveying


Industry Parks and Other Industrial Projects


Eastern Industry Zone, Dukem (Pharmaceutical Industry)

Eastern Industry Zone plc

Geotechnical Investigation for industrial buildings

Eastern Industry Zone, Dukem (Garment)

Rainbow Garment

Geotechnical Investigation for industrial buildings

Edible Oil and Soap Complex at Dima (Sebeta)

Repi-Wilmar Industries S.C

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Plate Load Test

- Electrical Resistivity Test

St. Gloria Industrial Park


- Plate Load Test

Nekemte Steel Making and Melting Industrial project

Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise

Plate Load Test

Sentinel Steel Factor, Bushoftu

Sentinel Steel plc

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Ground water survey

- Electrical Resistivity Test

- Surveying

Industrial and office Building (Techno Mobile)

Transsion Manufacturing plc

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Ground water survey

- Topographic Survey

ICT Park Management Office and Data Center Building, Kilinto (Yerer Ber)

Ministry of Works and Urban Development

Geotechnical Investigation

Diary Project, Chancho

Velocity Diary

- Geotechnical Investigation

- Ground Water Survey

Farida Tannary Project, Modgo

Farida Tannery

Geotechnical Investigation

Wenji Sugar Factory, Dodota Ethanol plant

KBK - Chemicals

Geotechnical Investigation


Glass and Bottle Projects


Glass and Bottle Factory, Chacha

SID Bottle plc

- Geotechnical Investigation

- ESIA for Silica Sand

Glass & Bottle Factory, Debre Birhan

Hemera Capital Management LLP/GT Consulting Engineers plc

Geotechnical Investigation

Juniper Glass, Glass and Bottle Factory, Debre Berhan

Juniper Glass plc


Hospital Projects


Wello Tertiary Care & Teaching Hospital, Dessie

Wello Tertiary Care & Teaching Hospital Project   Office

Geotechnical Investigation

Land Mark Hospital, Addis Ababa

Land Mark Hospital

St. Paul Hospital, EPHI Building, Addis Ababa

Zias Design International

Alert Hospital, Addis Ababa

AMPC International Health Consultants B.V

Millennium Medical School, St Paul Hospital

Millennium Medical School


School Projects


Geotechnical Investigation

Catholic University of Ethiopia (ECUSTA), Addis Ababa


Hope University, Addis Ababa


Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa


Training College, Gen. Mullugeta Buli Technical College, Holeta

German Armed Forces Technical Advisory Group (GAFTAG)

Twenty One Elementary and Secondary School Project in SNNRS


Geotechnical Investigation


Wind Farms


Aysha II - Wind Farm, Somali Region

Dongfang Electric International Corporation

Detailed Geotechnical investigation for Wind turbine and Substation foundation

Aysha II - Wind Farm, Somali Region

Dongfang Electric International Corporation

Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation for Wind Turbine and Substation

Adama - II Wind Farm, Adama

HydroChina - CGCOC JV

- Geotechnical Investigation for 102 wind turbines and substation

- Electrical Resistivity Survey at Substation and Transmission Line

Debre Berehan Wind Farm

Terra Global Energy Developers LLC

- Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation



Road & Bridge, Airport and Railway


- Meki- Zeway Toll Motor Way (Lot-2)

EJ-Tech Ltd/ Daewoo Engineering & Construction - Ethiopia

- Geotechnical Investigation for Sub-grade soil

- Construction Material investigation

- Water Well Drilling

Addis - Adama Toll Motorway Project


Geotechnical Investigation for sub-grade and bridges

Wendogenet, Shenkora Bridge

Shine Construction plc

- Geotechnical Investigation for Bridge foundation

Gedo-Bako Road Project

China Highway Ltd

- Geotechnical Investigation for Landslide study

Mega - Moyale Road Project

JMC Infrastructure India Ltd

- Geotechnical Investigation for One-Stop Border post at Moyale

- Quarry Investigation and Core Drilling

Cargo Terminal Project

Addis Ababa, Bole Int Air Poert

ZIAS Design International

- Geotechnical Investigation for Buildings, Airport Apron and Parking Lot

- Ethio-Djibouti Railway Rehabilitation


- Geotechnical Investigation at Metehara (Underwater)

- Construction Material investigation between Dire Dawa and Lasarat


Water Supply Projects


Hargeisa Town Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project

Hargeisa Water Agency.

Geotechnical Investigation for 30km pipeline, pump station, and Reservoir

Fifteen Towns Water Supply Project

Mattioli JV

Geotechnical Investigation for Reservoir and office buildings in 15 Towns of 4 regional states

Mekelle Water supply project (Giba Dam)

Tigray Water Resources & Mines Burea

- Geotechnical Investigation for Dam site, Reservoir and pump station

- Borehole Tests (Packer)




Irrigation Projects


Nile Irrigation Project ( Megech, Beles & Negesso )

Halcrow Group Ltd

Geotechnical Investigation investigation at Dam, Weir and Reservoir sites

Ribb & Megech Irrigation Project, Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd

Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd

Geotechnical Investigation investigation at Pump Station sites and Cannel sites

Errer Irrigation project (Babille)

Concert Engineering plc

Geotechnical Investigation

Dinger Bereha Irrigation Project (Dedessa Valley)

Metaferia Engineering plc/ BRL

Geotechnical Investigation

Awash river basin flood control and water shared management project, (Dire Dawa, Abadir and Nura-Era)

Halcrow Group Ltd

Geotechnical Investigation


Scientific Drilling


Climate and environmental change research project (Pleistocene Desiccation of Lake Tana)

Lake Tana Drilling Project

Underwater Drilling in Lake Tana (96m) and recovery of continuous core sample

Chew Bahir Drilling (Our way to Europe: Culture-Environment Interaction and Human Mobility in the Late Quaternary)

Chew Bahir Drilling Project

Core Drilling and recovery of Sediment core sample

Lake Haromaya Drilling

Lake Haromaya Drilling Project

Core Drilling and recovery of Sediment Core samples


Light and Multi-Story Buildings


More than 550 Light and High and Multi-Story Buildings

Individuals, Real Estates, Federal and Regional Government offices.

Geotechnical Investigation

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