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Ethiopian Railways Corporation Developing Standards

Ethiopian Railway Corporation announced preparations to develop a national railways standard document. A workshop on the preparation of Ethiopian Railways Standard was held in Addis Ababa yesterday, April 02, 2013.

Corporation Infrastructure Division Deputy Executive Officer Debo Tunka said taking important lessons from international experiences and adapting it with domestic conditions, the Corporation would prepare.

The Corporation will prepare its own railways standard taking international best practices and adapting it with domestic conditions, according to  Debo Tunka, the Corporation's Infrastructure Division Deputy Executive Officer.

“Every country has its own standard, and we need to have a new and our own standard for railway development,” Debo said.

The Corporation is also finalizing negotiations with Brazil and Russia to launch new railways construction projects in addition to those already underway, said Debo.

Transport State Minister, Getachew Mengiste on his part said, alongside the construction of railways, it has become important and is the right time to develop the necessary technical standards and specification for railway norms of design, construction, maintenance, operations and safety.

Ethiopian, Chinese and Russian scholars has also presented research papers, sharing the experiences of their respective countries to workshop participants.

Source: Walta