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Ethio-telecom Names New CEO

Ethiopian telecom named Mr. Bruno Duthoit as its new Chief Executive. The telecom provider also made public its performance report for the last Ethiopian fiscal year at the same time.

Telecommunication is not a luxury but a necessity for development in this age of information technology and interconnection noted Jean Michel the outgoing CEO of the telecom.

With this in mind Ethio telecom has managed to make some headway in meeting the targets the country has set for the sector he said.

The company has been able achieve several things in the past year including establishing an international standard management system, a full range of coherent products and services, recurring programs to insure quality of service and network and the first call center in Ethiopia according to Michel.

Ethio telecom has also launched a range of services and tariff packages in the last fiscal year he added. The new services and tariff rates are more affordable and offer a better quality and more diversified range or services said Michel.

The company is committed to improving network quality as well as expanding network coverage to meet the ever increasing demand it was said.

The new CEO Mr Duthoit is a graduate of the Municipal Poly Technique and has more than 21 years of professional experience with France Telecom. He previously served as the CEO of Orange Moldavia and Orange Armenia as well as serving on the board of Orange Poland.

Source: The Daily Monitor