Ethiopia Drafting New Diaspora Policy

Ethiopia is preparing a new Diaspora policy conferring special rights and privileges for the Ethiopian Diaspora. The policy is being drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

High Level government officials will take part in a national council addressing Diaspora issues and returnee Diaspora will form an advisory council to support the formulation of the policy according to sources. Opportunities to form advisory councils will also be offered in various parts of the world through the Ethiopian Diplomatic Missions while regional offices will have Diaspora offices supervising and supporting the investment activities of returned Diaspora under the administration of the regional states.

MoFA also intends to coordinate forums to be managed by the ministry and to be supervised by regional and federal offices.

The policy being drafted will offer particular privileges to Ethiopian Diaspora who return to Ethiopia for good although the exact benefits are still being worked out.

One of the perks to be made available by the new policy is to make low cost housing available to individual and collective members of the returned Diaspora in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa cities.

The policy document will be presented to the MoFA board in the next few weeks and after taking on board relevant amendments and changes it will be presented to the Council of Ministers for final approval according to Mulugeta Kelil, Director General of Diaspora Engagement Affairs with the ministry.

Source: Capital

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