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SUPREME Consult PLC is a private firm in Ethiopia that aims to make a difference by producing quality services coupled with professional integrity through facts and figures. We mainly focus on the areas of survey planning; coordination and management; conducting of socio-economic studies and researches; monitoring, reviewing and evaluation; human resource management and development through training; and advisory services of structures and systems.

The firm is associated with high-level consultants in various fields such as agriculture and rural development, nutritional and health studies, economics, labour studies, law, sociology, business administration and urban planning.

Vision: To see transformed and dignified communities in Ethiopia.

Mission: To contribute to people-oriented development through studies and research while targeting findings of pertinent issues of social, economic and health concerns based on evidence.

The services of the firm span over five major areas,and are detailed below.

Our Services

1. Survey planning and management

  • Provide easy access to survey guidelines, indicators, definitions, interviewer's instructions and classifications.
  • Ensure that cost-effective data collection methods are implemented.
  • Avoid duplication or conflicting activities of surveys including evaluations of questionnaires (reviews for ambiguity, over-loading of concepts, upsetting and leading questions).
  • Selection/employment of enumerators and supervisors
  • Monitoring of survey activities, data processing of surveys, and acquisition of survey materials.

2. Socio-economic studies and research.

  • The improvement of survey methods/designs and harmonize with international guidelines, in partnership with subject matter experts, specialized task force, lead agencies and stakeholders.
  • Data management/processing, hypothesis testing of indicators, presentation of comparative results and reporting of results.

3. Human resource management and development.

  • Effective training of survey participants (enumerators, supervisors, data operators and analysts)

4. Feasibility studies.

  • Determine if a business opportunity is feasible, practical and viable to make a realistic view and make the right decisions on a given project.

5. Monitoring, evaluation, impact and assessment of projects.

  •  Measure quality of response to interventions by using quantitative and qualitative assessment tools with relevant criteria to projects.

6. Strategic planning.

  • The major steps of the process of strategic planning such as preparation for strategic planning, strategic analysis; setting of strategic direction; developing strategic plan document and implementation modalities; and setting strategic monitoring and evaluation framework will be thoroughly considered.
  • To guide the overall process of the strategic planning, the general framework for the strategic planning will be examined through discovery, dream, and gap analysis and design phases.
  • Collect primary and secondary data, document review; individual and group interviews; and conduct opinion surveys to enrich strategic planning process focusing on the target stakeholders.
  •  Use different analytic tools to identify internal and external determining environment factors.

7. Training. 

7.1 Trainings in support of research activities on:

  • Data management
  • Data analysis using up-to-date data management and analysis software.
  • Research methods (quantitative and qualitative)

7.2 Trainings in support of organizational leadership on:

  • Leadership development (mid-executive managers level)
  • Team leadership
  • Organizational culture
  • Reframing leadership
  • Personality and leadership
  • Etc…..

Our Experience

Some practical experiences of the SUPREME Consult include:

  1. Project Concern International (PCI). Guide Focus Group Discussions (FGD) regarding the impact of loan provision to organized Women’s Group in the project areas. January 2016.
  2. Entoto Mekane Yesus Development and Church. Salary Scale Construction and Benefits Package Preparation. September 2015.
  3. Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF). Terminal Evaluation of the “Enhancing The Capacity of The Road and Hydropower sub-Sectors Towards Climate Resiliency”. June 2015.
  4. Consulting services on methodological issues on Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) Survey financed by Ethio-Canadian Cooperation Organization (ECCO), VERITAS, August 2015.
  5. The Assessment of Government Initiated Sanitation Related Business Models in Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and SNNP Regions of Ethiopia (in partnership with NEXUS), World Bank Project, June 2015.
  6. Terminal Evaluation of “Enhancing The Capacity Of The Road And Hydropower Sub-Sectors Towards Climate Resiliency” Project, Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF), May 2015.
  7. Midterm Evaluation of Jeldu Community Education Project, Woord en Daad (a Dutch Company), March 2014.
  8. Business Plan Preparation for Entoto Beth Artesian, January 2014.
  9. Concise Assessment of the Ermon Academy for the Scaling Down of its Operation, March 2013.
  10. Public Procurement Survey of Private Sector Suppliers’ of Goods and Services in Ethiopia. (In Partnership with Life Consult for AACCSA, February 2013).
  11. Community Impact Assessment of the Nile Development and Services (NDS) Project in Nonno Woreda of the Oromia Regional State. (NDS, July 2012).
  12. Save the Children Sweden, Training of staff on Interview Skills, June 2012.
  13. Assessment of the Educational Sector Responses to HIV and AIDS: Learning from Good Practices in Ethiopia. (UNESCO-Addis, April 2012).
  14. Impact Assessment of Dairy Promotion Campaign for Land O’Lakes-Ethiopia Dairy Development Project (EDDP), (February 2011).
  15. Dairy Business Planning and Dairy Farm Management Manuals for Land O’Lakes-Ethiopia Dairy Development Project (EDDP), (January 2011).
  16. Strategic Planning for the Joshua Multipurpose Ltd Liability Cooperative Society which includes Salary Scale Survey, (January 2011).
  17. Country Program Evaluation for Plan International-Ethiopia (December 2010).
  18. Feasibility Study of Eco-Lodge Centre in BahirDar, (June 2010).
  19. Human resource management for Copy Cat Ethiopia IT plc including recruitment, salary scale negotiations and employment, (October 2010).
  20. Mid-Term Review of the HIV/AIDS Thematic area (for UNAIDS, June-July 2009).
  21. Nutrition and Health Survey of Children and Mothers in four major regions of rural Ethiopia. (UNICEF, Dec. 2007 – April, 2009).
  22. Data Analysis of Baseline Survey of Socio-Economic Conditions of Hadiya Administrative Zone (Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS), August-October, 2007).
  23. Baseline Survey of Children Living on the Streets of Addis Abeba (BoSCA, BoFED and UNICEF, December 2006– June 2007).
  24. Feasibility Study for establishing a Medical & Business College (Odaa Bulluq Sept. 2006).
  25. Consultant to the Management of EBISCO, a business company (April 2006 – July 2008).
  26. Design and analysis of “Positive Change: Children, Communities and Care - Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in 7 cities of Ethiopia.” (May, 2005).
  27. Studies of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes in three different regions (Oromia, Tigrai and Gurage) of Ethiopia. (IFAD, July – August 2004).
  28. Training on statistics and statistical package (SPSS) for researchers in Hawassa University (April 2004).
  29. Data Analyst for Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practice (KABP) and Socio-economic Baseline Survey. (February, 2004). (Please see team members’ brief profile).
  30. Salary Scale Survey assessment for NGO Schools of Joshua Youth Academy and Beza Community Development Association at different times.


The staffing composition of SUPREME Consult PLC varies from time to time depending on the volume of work we are engaged in. Under a minimum level of operation, we run the office with 5 basic staff of the Lead Consultant, Finance Officer, Research Associate, Office Manager and a Cleaner. Under conditions of heavy workload we manage to employ freelance specialized consultants, field supervisors and enumerators, data entry clerks and coordinators. During such times our staff members sometimes extend from about 20-40 fixed time employees. The specialized freelance consultants we employ include economists, sociologists, psychologists, strategic planners, food security and livelihood researchers, public health researchers, statisticians, data managers and survey planners.

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