Abget General Trading PLC

Phone +251 11 4674324
Fax +251 11 4674325
Mobile +251 91 1224788
Business Type Private
LocationFrom Dembel to Meskel flower Road B & H bldg. 202, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryEthiopian Service Providers
Abget General Trading PLC

ABGET General TRADING (AGT) PLC is a TRANSPORT, MACHINERY RENTAL, LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS DISTRIBUTOR AND  Multidisciplinary Company of  Engineers,  Designers, Marketing Specialists and Technicians in the field of Construction Machinery Trading, Construction Materials Sales, and Transportation with its office in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

AGT was founded in 1998 with the aim to serve its Clients’ needs according to a state of art operational system that ensures the highest standard of professionalism in the industry.  Effectively, AGT started its operations in the field of Construction Machinery Trading, Transportation and General Commissioning along with a very high determination of its staff towards the achievement of the highest quality services, with the most optimized cost.  Currently, AGT trades with reputable first class Contractors, public institutions and private firms along with a very noticeable presence in the construction industry.


The various activities of AGT are undertaken by the following operational departments:

  1. Machinery Trading Department (MTD).
  2. Transportation and Logistics Department (TLD).
  3. International and Local Sales Department (ILSD).
  4. Commissioning and Outsourcing Department (COD).

Our company, ABGET G/TRADING PLC, is a firm which, mainly engaged in transportation and freight services. As we have an experience in the business, we comfortably move your goods, materials with appropriate vehicles of any kind. We are proud to inform you that we have recently launched a construction machinery rental department to lease construction machineries for international Contractors carrying out sensitive construction projects in the country.

We have been regarded by our clients as a reliable partner in the fields of Construction Machinery Trading and General Commissioning for carrying out their resource outsourcing for their construction projects. All of the machineries at our hand are new world-class reputable brands including CATTERPILAR, KOMATSU, DYNAPAC, FIAT-HITACHI and many more.

ABGET General TRADING (AGT) PLC is a sole agent for Total Ethiopia LPG delivery.

LPG is an environmental friendly energy source used by a wide range of consumers, from households to hotelsAbget for heating and cooking, to agriculture and industry. They are also increasingly used and available as road fuels, for fleets, passenger cars and buses. LPG is versatile, fast, clean, powerful, portable and most importantly, very safe. It is used in a wide range of applications: cooking, heating, refrigeration and lighting. LPG is a modern, affordable alternative to electricity. Since it comes in a bottle, it can be moved from room to room, or taken outdoors. In addition, LPG is an energy that responds instantly. There are no power cuts with LPG. It is non-toxic (not poisonous), clean-burning and non-pollutant to the atmosphere.

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