Phone +251 11 1562007/1572483/1572485
Fax +251 11 1552691
Mobile +251 91 1209845
Sub City Kirkos
Kebele 02/03
House Number 466
Business Type Private
LocationInfront of Arsho Medical Laboratories PLC, mid way between Meskel flower and Dembel City Center., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryLab & Quality Control Equipment/Supplies
Valdes Pvt. Ltd. Co. is engaged in the business of import and distribution of Diagnostics, Medical Supplies and Equipments in Ethiopia. The company was established in 1996, We import wide range of products from well known and reliable manufacturers found in Europe, USA and Asia. Valdes found in the main business center of Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia. We distribute the products we import through out Ethiopia, and we give deliver service for our entire existing and new customers found in Addis Ababa and surrounding towns. Valdes is continuously striving to expand the range of products it imports, and we distribute quality proven products at a very competitive and attractive price, with which every one of our customers are satisfied. We supply also innovative and cost effective medical equipments with sufficient guaranty period and enough stocks of spare parts. 1. Diagnostic Reagents * Clinical Chemistry

Exchange Rates

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GBP 41.8424  41.0220 
EUR 38.9979  38.2332 
CHF 34.6786  33.9986 
CAD 23.3697  22.9115 
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