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Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation

SINTEC ETHIOPIA  PLC in Ethiopia is established in 1989 engaged in the study, design mechanical/electrical engineering projects, fabricate, construct metallic products for general use or special  requirements, contracting the installation, supervision, commissioning and maintenance of industrial plants, workshops, specialized plants, etc and also engaged in import business and commission agency to foreign suppliers.

Its main line of specialization includes:

  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Metal working machinery
  • Welding equipment and consumables
  • Construction materials
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Telecommunication accessories

Some of our clients are:
We have worked with airlines, regional productivity centers, sugar factories, food  industries, beverage industries, road construction authorities,
telecommunication corporation and building material industries. Some of them are listed here:

  • Kombolcha Brewery     
  • Dashen Brewery
  • Danbrew            
  • Ethiopia Airport Enterprise
  • Kharaffi            
  • Harar Brewary Jos Hanson GMBH
  • JEMA (Plc)        
  • Electro Commercial Plc    
  • Leggio Plc    
  • East Africa Bottling Co.
  • STAR Soap (Plc)        
  • META Abo Brewary    
  • ETC        
  • EEPCO        
  • ADAMA Development    
  • Ethiopia Road Authority
  • EDNA Mall   (Elevator) 
  • Mafi City Center (Elevator & Escalator)  
  • Ethiopian Airport Enterprise (Elevator & Escalator)
  • META Abo Brewery        
  • Abuare Oil Mils        
  • Alem Steel plc        
  • National Museum        
  • Dawit Project        
  • Meta Abo Brewery        
  • Krones Meta Abo Brewery        
  • KBK Chem Engineering        
  • B.G.I    Ethiopia
  • Nani Building (Elevator)
  • African Union ( AU) Building (Elevator)
  • Saro Maria Hotel (Elevator)


1. Design

  • Design and fabrication of ducting and structures to a Ceramics factory.
  • Design and installation of steel structures to hotels, factories, workshop, etc.
  • Design and fabrication of Microwave antennae towers, solar array structures, etc.
  • Study and design of heat treatment plants, food processing plant, paint manufacturing plant, photo processing and color printing projects, shoes manufacturing plant.

2. Commissioning

  • Commissioning of a multimillion Birr coffee processing complex.
  • Installation and commissioning of Mechanical and Electrical workshops.
  • Commissioning of a major expansion project of a tyre manufacturing  factory.

3. Maintenance & Installation

  • Specialized maintenance of storage     tanks and boilers to Breweries
  • Installation of edible oil mills
  • Major maintenance of Silos to a flour mill complex

4. Fabrication

  • Fabrication of oil/water tankers for above and underground installations
  • Fabrication of metallic products, parts and pieces for industrial and domestic use.

5. Commercial Services

  • Import of industrial machinery, workshop equipment, instruments, generators, steel hardware, etc.
  • Local representative to selected suppliers, from USA, Europe and Asia.
  • An annual import of 7000 MT of industrial products is transacted. SINTEC enjoys an excellent relationship with its customers; public and private

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