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Sub City Kirkos
Business Type Private
LocationLegehar (Tewolde Building) 1st Floor Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryVehicles and Spare Parts

KAKI PLC, in Ethiopia, was initially set up as a single business entity in 1997 engaging in freight transport sector as a sole proprietor owned by Mr. Kahsay Kidanu, now a major Shareholder of KAKI PLC. Later, it was incorporated as a plc in 2003 by Ethiopian family shareholders with a registered capital of ETB 13 Million. Since its establishment the company has been making continuous growth and expansion by engaging in diversified business.
Currently, KAKI is providing high quality products that are mainly tailored to import and export trading, manufacturing of dry land cargo bodies and parts, sesame, and cereal cleaning services, and dry Cargo transport services in Ethiopia.

Kaki Selected


To become the best importer, exporter and automotive engineering company in East Africa by 2025.    


To provide brand new vehicles and spare parts, locally manufactured dry cargo body, heavy truck trailer fabrication dry land freight service and parts, assembled vehicles with the motto of quality customer  service, and, export best quality organic coffee, sesame, pulses, grains and other oil seeds and thereby promote Ethiopian products in the international markets by establishing a partnership with our clients to understand, agree and meet their changing business requirements through our competent workforce and managerial skills.


  • Creating satisfied customers: Our primary responsibility is to our customers and forwards impeccable services and quality products at competitive prices with professional competence and integrity.
  • Investing in people: We would be investing in our people in professional development, motivating talent, creating diversity in a team, appreciating effort and rewarding results.
  • Reputation and good will: being legally responsible and long lasting relationship with stakeholders.
  • Driving the market: Through frequent innovation, creating products with unique selling points and approaches in marketing our products through entertaining promotions.
  • Open and transparent management style: We strive to create an empowered management and workforce with a high sense of ownership.
  • Learning organization: we are open to accept new ideas since we believe in that there is always better way of doing things. We value most opinion of our customers since they are critical to our success.
  • Environmental friendly: we care for the society welfare while doing our business.


The company has been showing a notable growth for the last years in terms of sales volume, profit, magnitude of business, capital and human resource. Thus, its total capital, asset, annual revenue, net profit and number of employees has reached ETB 343 Million , 525 Million, 879 Million, 37 Million and 202 respectively, ended of June 30, 2015.

Tax payment status

The company has paid a total of ETB 850 Million tax for the last 5 years.

Other Investment

The company is a shareholder of 8 Banks namely:  Co-operative Bank of Oromia, Zemen Bank, Enat Bank, Berhan International Bank, Buna Bank, Abay Bank, Addis International Bank and debub global Bank. In addition to these Banks it has been working as partner with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Dashen Bank, Lion Bank, Nib Bank, Wegagen Bank, Abyssinia Bank, Awash International Bank, United Bank and Oromia International Bank. It is also share holder of East west transport and Aleltu Dairy Farming companies.

Office and other facilities

  •  Head office: Four story building located around Megenagna-Gerji at Bole sub city with full office facility and sesame and cereal cleaning and processing plant and warehouses;
  • Sales office: located in Legahar area at Tewolde building first floor;
  • Legahar branch:  located in Legahar area with facility of  bonded ware houses, spar part warehouse,  Dry cargo fabrication and after sales workshops;
  • Alemgena branch:  Car assembly and metal manufacturing plant having sales office, manufacturing shops, warehouse and after sales service is under construction.
  • Kality branch:  located at Akaki kality sub city with full facility of spare part and vehicle sales office and show rooms;
  • Humera branch:  located in Northern region of the country with full facility of sesame cleaning plant and warehouses.
  • Offices abroad: We at Kaki have office and vehicle storage yard in Djibouti.
  • Branch offices:  We are accessible in 17 major towns and has 5 branch offices at regional cities: Mekele, Hawasa, Diredawa, Bahir dar and Adama.

Human resource

The company has 210 well qualified employees and 50 casual labors.

The table above shows that more that 52% of the employees have educational level of Diploma and above. This indicates that the company has given due attention to human capital.

Other Technical capabilities: The Company has sound organizational structure supported by modern management tools and ICT. As indicated in below the company is run by the General Manager, appointed by the shareholders, with full responsibility and power to direct the overall activities of the company. A deputy general manager, accountable to the general manager, is the next person responsible to look after the six functional departments: Marketing and sales, procurement & property, operation, Finance & accounting, HR & Administration .  

Our Services


We import different brand new heavy duty vehicles and machineries such as:

  • Isuzu( FSR, NPR, NQR, FTR, FVR,CYZ, FRR)
  • Sino (Cargo, Tipper)
  • Iveco,  (Tracker)
  • Toyota (land cruiser single and double cabin)
  • Construction machinery (loader, Roller, grader)
  • We also import reinforcement bars, spare parts , stationary materials, ceramic tiles,  tyre, etc.


We export sesame, coffee and other oil seeds and pulses.

Transport service

We provide dry cargo transport service.

Dry cargo body building

We have integrated metal fabrication workshop to build and assembled cargo body for the new vehicles. 98% of our FSR customers and 90% for NPR customers has chosen our workshop for cargo body work.  We have equipped our workshop with modern machineries and employed experienced and qualified employees. This has helped us to add value for our customers. Currently, we have started producing dry cargo boxes (trailers).

After sales service

We have warranty policy to cover expenses raised due to warrantable technical problems. We have also integrated maintenance workshop to provide after sales service to our customers. Currently we are providing pre- delivery inspection service, warranty period service and preventive and break dawn maintenance services. We are working towards improving the facilities and equipped our workshop with modern machineries. For reliable performance of vehicles and machinery, our trained & experienced maintenance staffs are always on standby to exert the necessary effort to avail the vehicles and machinery on the road. We have been supporting our customers by providing genuine spare parts to all brand vehicles. We have opened three out lets and building additional sales out let in Addis Ababa. This has helped us to build long lasting relationship with our customers.

Warehouse facility

We have 2 bonded houses (Alemgena and Legahir) used for imported vehicles and machineries and 3 warehouses using for storing spare parts and other merchandize items.

Sesame and other oil seeds and pulses cleaning service:

We have two sesame cleaning plants having capacity of 16 MT/Hr. at Addis Ababa and Humera.


  • KAKI plc imports Isuzu truck, Iveco truck, Sino truck, Toyota pickup, Xcmg construction machinery, BPW axle and triangle Tires. As indicated in the above table it has imported 6,249 different brand vehicles in the last 7 years. Out of the total sales 79% (4,956) are ISUZU brands.  Among the ISUZU brands, NPR followed by FSR is the most preferred model in Ethiopia for the past years.  KAKI plc has been leading the Isuzu vehicle sales in Ethiopia.
  • From 2013-2015 we have imported vehicles and machineries having value of USD 66,023,792 and EURO 2,868,602.07.
  • KAKI generates 85% of its income from vehicle and machinery sales.


  • We are exporting agricultural products such as Coffee, Sesame, Soya beans, Red kidney beans, White pea beans, Pinto beans, Green mung beans, Niger seeds, Chick pea, Ground nuts, Oil seed.
  • From 2014-2015 we have earned USD 9, 252,468 by exporting exported sesame and coffee.

Our Strength

  •  Brand strength

Kaki plc has been in the distribution of ISUZU Brands from last ten years. Being one of the oldest and having reputable name in the market, customers do visit KAKI before making any decision of purchase of Isuzu vehicles.

  • Strong customer relationship  (integrity)

We have been creating close relationship with its customers. We have created data base and conduct annual customer satisfaction survey on our service delivery quality. This system has helped us to improve our performance.

  •  After sales service

We at KAKI have started providing to our customers after sales service which has enabled us to increase our revenue from the service as well as parts. Our service center also provides service facilities to customers who have not purchased Isuzu vehicles from us.

  •  Technical Support

We are  indulged in manufacturing of trailers and cargo bodies on ISUZU, FSR and NPR chassis. This activity has increased chassis sales of ISUZU FSR and NPR.

  •  Sound strategies

We at KAKI currently established extended strategic plan for the coming five years which will enable the company to continue its contribution to automotive industry. This strategic plan consists structural and operation plan in the area of sales and marketing, finance, import, production and human resource departments. The existence of this plan secures how the company wants to continue as influential figure in the automotive industry.

  • Strong financial position

KAKI is a very liquid and financially health company. It has developed a good relationship with all banks.

Our future plans

  • Dealer network: Appointing new sub dealers for sales in Country regions.
  • Country wide branches: Opening of new branches in other major towns of the country.
  • Adding new products: importing new additional products of ISUZU like Recovery vehicles / fire fighting vehicles / Water and Fuel Tankers.
  • Promotion: Adding more advertisements in TV and hoardings.
  • Car assembly and metal manufacturing: Assembling vehicles and producing metal products used for different industries.
  • New business: Entering in to agro-processing and chemical industries through conducting feasibility study.


1.    ዋና ቢሮ (Head Office)
ካኪ ኃላፊነቱ የተወሰነ የግል ማኅበር
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2.    ሽያጭ ቢሮ (Sales Office)
ካኪ ኃላፊነቱ የተወሰነ የግል ማኅበር
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Fax:-       +251 115 50 78 90
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Address: Legehar (Tewolde Bldg) 1st Floor

3.    Export (የወጪ ንግድ)
ካኪ ኃላፊነቱ የተወሰነ የግል ማኅበር
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4.    Import (የገቢ ንግድ)
ካኪ ኃላፊነቱ የተወሰነ የግል ማኅበር
Mob: +251 -911 -20 18 88 +251 -911 -22 52 76

Tel: +251 -116 -67 06 14 Fax: +251 -116 -67 08 67
Email: info@kakiplc.com
Web: www.kakiplc.com
አድራሻ፡ መገናኛ ከቀለበት መንገድ በአምቼ በኩል ገባ ብሎ፡፡

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