Phone +251 11 4340110
Phone 2 +251 11 4340387
Phone 3 +251 11 4340162
Fax +251 11 4341013
Sub City Kaliti Akakai
Business Type Public
LocationAddis Ababa Administrative Region Akaki-Kaliti Sub-city Kebele 09, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySteel Products

Kaliti Metal Products Factory in Ethiopia, produces structural and furniture hollow sections, door and window frame profiles, EGA and ribbed sheets for roofing & wall cladding, pressed and plain sheet metal products and other job order metal products.

The objective of the factory is to design & manufacture various cold formed profiles and sections, such as Hollow sections, Door & Window profiles, EGA & pressed sheets, welded structures, and other products as per customers design and to sell its products in domestic and foreign market directly or through agents and to render services like cutting, slitting and press work in Ethiopia.

Types of Products:

  • Trailers and cargo truck bodies
  • Fuel Tanker
  • Black Square, Rectangular and Circular Hollow Sections.
  • Secco and LTZ Door & Window Profiles.
  • Pressed Products.
  • EGA sheets for roofing and wall cladding.
  • Plain & Fine Corrugated sheets.
  • Dixon shelves, formworks and industrial cable tray.
  • Truss, Purlin , Door and Window.
  • Water, fuel and garbage tanker.
  • Mobile field cooker.
  • Assembling/Erection of products on site
  • Other Products as per customer's design.

Kaliti Metal Products Factory (KMPF) was established in 1968 by an Italian Investor Mr. Riso Sporando,  as major share holder jointly with other share holders with an initial capital of birr 500,000. In 1976, KMPF was nationalized by the Derg regime and became part of the National Metal Works Corporation (NMWC). The factory was re-established as a public enterprise by the Council of Minister's Regulation No. 54/1992 effective from November 10, 1992 in accordance with the provisions of Public Enterprise Proclamation 25/1992. Total working capital of the factory is more than  birr 250 Million.

Telephone Numbers

Factory (Head Office) 

       + 251-114-340162     Chief Executive Officer
      +  251-114-340110     PBX
       + 251-114-340387     Supply and Facility Management Executive Officer 

       + 251-114-342410     Sales
      +  251-114-341013     FAX
       + 251-114-340355     Finance & Accounts Executive Officer
       + 251-114-341058     Marketing Executive Officer 
       + 251-114-340509     Human Resources Management Executive Officer
    + 251-114-349749Quality Assurance and System Improvement Executive Officer
      +  251-114-343943     Internal Audit Executive Officer
   + 251-114-340110  Planning, Information & Information Technology Executive Officer

      + 251-114-343904  Enginered Products Executive Officer


   + 251-111-570785     T/Himanot
   + 251-462-206203     Hawassa
   + 251-582-205330     Bahirdar

   + 251-221-126061     Adama

   + 251-472-110486     Jimma

   + 251-116-375505     Debre berhan


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