Ethiopian National Food Items

This category of the business directory contains the list of companies who are engaged in the preparation, packing and distribution of Ethiopian National Food Items or cultural foods (Doro Wot, Minchet-àbish, Meser Wot/ ዶሮ ወጥ፣ ምንቸት አብሽ፣ ምስር ወጥ፣ የወጥ ቁሌት and so on) in Ethiopia. 

Exchange Rates

USD 34.6266  33.9476 
GBP 40.5054  39.7112 
EUR 37.9645  37.2201 
CHF 34.0595  33.3917 
CAD 22.5203  22.0787 
AED 8.5306  8.3633