AZ Pipe Manufacturing is a Private Limited Company

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Location1. Akaki Kality in front of St. Gabriel Church, 2. Bole Atlas Showroom 3. Bulgaria Mazoria Dimple Building 6th floor office no 601, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPipes and Fittings/polypopylene
AZ Pipe Manufacturing is a Private Limited Company

AZ Pipe Manufacturing is a Private Limited company established in Addis Ababa based manufacturer of various pipes, with the paid of capital 13,000,000(Thirteen million thousand) in the year 2014 to Manufacture quality UPVC & HDPE pipes following extensive training of staff by top Chinese engineers.

AZ Pipe Manufacturing is one of the leading UPVC pipe manufacturing companies in the country with two Production lines capable of manufacturing UPVC pipes ranging from 50-250mm and HDPE pipes ranging from 16-63 mm.

We are a modern offshoot of a business group that has been active in the Ethiopian construction and trade sectors for over 40 years.

Our pipe manufacturing business draws on this extensive experience, while also propelling the local manufacturing sector forward with the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce.

As proud and longstanding members of the Ethiopian business and manufacturing community, we aim to fill a critical gap in the local pipe industry.


The factory is located in Akaki Kality, Industrial zone.

Our project site is located in one of the most industrial areas of the country and top priority areas of the city of Addis Ababa with ideal proximity to the most important customers, important offices, and main roads.

Sales office

Our warehouse is conveniently and centrally located in the hub of Addis Ababa, between Ureal church and Atlas Hotel, ensuring quick and easy pickup


The company's Vision is to make AZ pipe manufacturing a dominant supplier of UPVC & HDPE pipes for water supply, irrigation, drilling, and building products in all parts of the country and become a competent exporter of diversified UPVC &HDPE products.


The company's mission is to become a supplier of choice by providing high-quality pipes for government infrastructure property, Construction companies, and private home builders.


AZ’s Human resources accommodates professional management members and technical personnel who have extended years of experience in UPVC Pipe manufacturing. This helps the company to boost the overall quality of pipe production.


AZ Pipe Manufacturing Plc is equipped with the highest technologically available machinery convenient for making different sizes or dimensions of high-quality pipes in ISO and DIN standards suitable for water supply, irrigation, drainages, etc.


The market share of AZ pipes lies for the time being in the local country market i.e. governmental organizations and private investors, but in the future, we have a plan to export to neighboring countries.

The potential customer groups for our products consist of:

        • Governmental institutions and NGOs are involved in the construction of water supply and sanitation, Irrigation, and construction activities.
        • Private institutions and individuals who build commercial and business buildings and residential houses
        • Real Estate Developers
        • Factories and Industrial customers
        • Construction Equipment Suppliers


        • AZ Pipe Manufacturing plc is dedicated to producing high-quality pipes of different sizes at a competitive price to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.
        • In due course, we give special attention to all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.
        • We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers by giving due attention to teamwork, a good working environment, and building participatory cultural values.
        • To do so the management provides the right and all necessary resources.
        • AZ believes in the importance of internal communication and a common understanding of company objectives in order to fulfill customer expectations.


        • To establish a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 in the company in three months.
        • To produce quality pipes that comply with ISO 9001:2015 and customer requirements and finish the customer order on contract deadline.
        • All employees will have quality management system awareness and training on relevant procedures /work instructions within five months’ time.
        • To reduce scraps that were made due to some operational and technical problems by 50%.


Water is our most precious resource and vital to our life.

Providing convenient and clean transportation is the most important factor that AZ plays a huge role in, providing the most applicable pipes using well-advanced technology that is applicable to any use. 1aphoto 2024-04-16 14-55-28

AZ pipes are used for different purposes:

        • Paper mill installation 
        • Drainage installations in domestic & industrial
        • Power station screening plant pipelines
        • Power station chlorination plants
        • Sewerage main and Drain lines
        • Slurry Lines
        • Water mains and potable water supplies
        • Brewery pipelines Installation
        • Corrosive Fluid pipelines
        • Chemical plants lines
        • Coal washing


        • Suitable for portable water Nontoxic 1a1photo 2024-04-16 15-01-46
        • Light weight ratio
        • High strength-to-weight ratio
        • Rigid and high-impact resistance
        • Smooth internal surface for reduction of friction loss
        • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion
        • Not subject to electrical conduction
        • Impermeable to gas
        • Suitable for temperatures from 0 to 60 oC


The nominal working pressures are calculated to give continuous use for over 50 years. UPVC pipes are not recommended for operating at a temperature of 600c or 1400F.

The operating pressure is for temperature at 200c as temperature increases the pressure rating of the pipe decreases.


AZ will supply a full range of fabricated fittings from 50-250mm.

The Orders for fittings and accessories can be placed simultaneously when the pipe is ordered.

General Properties

        • Permitted for foodstuff and potable water 1aaphoto 2024-04-16 14-57-38
        • Excellent stress-cracking resistance
        • Very good chemical resistance
        • High weathering resistance
        • Very good abrasion resistance
        • High-pressure load (impact) resistance
        • No conductivity (Very good thermal insulating property)
        • Neither deposits nor overgrowth
        • Very good frost resistance
        • Very high resistance to root
        • Very high resistance to rodents Very high resistance to any microbial corrosion
        • Work for a wide temperature range
        • Very good weldability
        • Easy, clean, rapid, and safe installation
        • High radiation resistance

Pressure Reduction coefficient for PE 80&PE100
According to ISO 4427, reduction factors for the nominal pressure rate depend on the operating temperature. (For other temperatures between each step, interpolation is permitted (see also ISO 13761).

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Address:- Akaki Kality in front of St. Gabriel Church, Bole Atlas Showroom, Bulgaria Mazoria Dimple Building 6th floor office no 601
Mobile no:- +251 927 820 228, +251 966 832 904 and Office Phone 011-5-30-60-74

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