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LocationAyat, Infront of Lemikura Subcity Yamer Building 3rd Floor office no. 302,304 & 305, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Falcon Consulting Architect and Engineers PLC

Falcon Consulting Architect and Engineers plc is a multi-disciplinary engineering, architectural, construction, and management firm specializing in engineering and project management services.

The company is 100% owned and managed by Ethiopians emanating from an engineering and construction background.

Our office is a state-of-the-art office with project management systems containing advanced solutions for 3d rendering and design. All of our works are done using CAD visualization and presentation programs for a fully integrated system.


Falcon Consulting Architect & engineers plc was established at Kombolcha Town, Amhara region 7 years ago on 01 June 2009 e.c it is an organization that is currently working with its head office in Addis Ababa.

The founder and owner of this company is Mr. Riyad Demse. When they first established the company on 01 June 2009 e.c, they used their own name. On 12 October 2011 e.c, this company, which was under its own name, was announced as 'Koteck Consulting Construction' and remained under this name until 30 September 2012 etc. after that, the company changed its current name to 'Falcon Consulting Architect and Engineers plc' and is still operating under this name.


To be a company that our clients can see as a partner who will continue to deliver solutions.


To offer value-added services, which are, at all times, guided by the requirements of clients and users.

Our services

Falcon Consulting provides professional services for all and has successfully designed and supervised many buildings and structure types.

Our projects range from small domestic to major projects of multi-story design.

The company offers professional services to institutional, corporate, public, and private clients.

  • Design commercial building
      • Design commercial building (mixed-use apartment, mall office & retail, banking)
      • Design industrial (workshops and warehousing
  • Design residential building
      • Adding our knowledge and experience to the type of home design that our customers choose and want, we create and deliver beautiful and attractive works.
  • Interior design
      • Areas used for different uses, for example: for residences, companies, shopping areas & entertainment areas create interior designs that are visually appealing depending on the function and the space it serves.
  • Prepare construction project proposal
      • Preparation of a well-researched and professional proposal is one of the requirements of land management, municipalities, and banks to carry out construction works. Our company prepares and delivers this work in a suitable manner.
  • Prepare takeoff sheet & bill of quantity
      • Preparation of materials and prices for construction specifications required for bank loans, tenders, and purchases.
  • Site supervision
      • To our customers; without wasting time, energy, and money, we fully supervise and control the construction work.

Recent Works

To list a few of our work include Building Design, Modification Building Design, Supervision, and conversion projects from initial feasibility and appraisal, evaluation and acquisition, thorough planning and construction to successful completion.

1. Residential Complex

      • Containing one G+12 Apartment Building and other G+2 Villas
      • Project Type- Design
      • Project Cost- 2,000,000,000 Birr
      • Plot Area- 28000 m2


2. 3B+G+19 Mixed Use Building

      • Project Type- Competition Entry
      • Project Cost- 1,774,974,202 Birr
      • Plot Area- 2672 m2

1 2b

3. 2B+G+17 Apartment Building

      • Project Type- Design
      • Project Cost- 277,093,250 Birr
      • Plot Area-469 m2


4. 12 Block B+G+17 Apartment

      • Project Type- Project Proposal
      • Project Cost- 3,283,992,000 Birr
      • Plot Area- 10,160m2


5. B+G+20 Apartment Building

      • Project Type- Project Proposal Design
      • Plot Area- 4532 m2


6. B+G+20 Apartment Buildings

      • Project Type- Project Proposal Design
      • Plot Area- 22,045m2


7. B+G+6 Commercial Building

      • Project Type- Design
      • Project Cost- 1,774,974,202 Birr
      • Plot Area- 441 m2


8. KG+G1-G12 School

      • Project Type- Project Proposal
      • Project Cost- 290,694,250 Birr
      • Plot Area- 10,500 m2


9. General Hospital

      • Project Type- Project Proposal
      • Project Cost- 1,137,222,754 Birr
      • Plot Area- 20,400 m2


10. B+G+2 Modern Residential Building

      • Project Type- Design
      • Project Cost- 21,145,000 Birr
      • Plot Area- 294 m2


11. G+4 Apartment Building

      • Project Type- Modification
      • Project Cost- 22,465,000 Birr
      • Plot Area- 500 m2


12. Interior Design


13. Supervision Work

      • Project type-Development Bank of Ethiopia Project Supervision


Our clients

      • Gigar Trading and Technical Center
      • DATD Family Real-estate & Trading
      • P.L.C (Hand Made)
      • Big Africa Trading P.L.C.
      • Algebra Import and Export
      • New life Real-estate
      • Riders trading and manufacturing S.C.
      • Jaleco Real-estate
      • Addis Life Real-estate
      • Tamrin Motors
      • Naol Real-estate
      • Development Bank of Ethiopia
      • Dalol Oil Share Company
      • TWH tour operator and import-export
      • Darema trading P.L.C.
      • New chapter sport center
      • Crown Group P.L.C
      • Kan Academy
      • Diaspora city real-estate
      • Ebba Motti P.L.C
      • One line L.L.C



Contact us
Address:- Ayat, Infront of Lemikura Subcity Yamer Building 3rd Floor office no. 302,304 & 305
Phone No:- +251 913 03 8801, +251 920 331 264
Email:- falcon7582@gmail.com
Website:- https://Www.falcon4plc.com

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