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Hydrogen Pharmaceutical PLC

Hydrogen Pharmaceutical Plc is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies compatible with importers and distributors and import trade in human health supplies and equipment, wholesale of medicines & medical equipment and accessories, wholesale of veterinary drugs, medical equipment, and accessories of Ethiopia representing the leading largest pharmaceutical company.

Hydrogen provides high-quality products and good service, HYDROGEN would like to establish win-win business cooperation with distributors all over the world

      • Hydrogen Pharmaceutical
      • Medicine and Medical Products

Medicine and medical pharmaceutical products are essential for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

These products are used in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, and pharmacies.

Some common Medicine pharmaceutical products include reagents, test kits, and diagnostic equipment.

These products are used to detect and diagnose diseases such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes.

Medical pharmaceutical products include prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and biologics.

Prescription drugs require a doctor’s prescription and are usually more potent than OTC drugs.

Biologics are a type of drug that is made from living organisms and are used to treat a variety of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases.

It's important to note that Medicine and medical pharmaceutical products should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Improper use or abuse of these products can lead to serious health consequences.

Our products

      • High-Quality Medicine
      • Medical Device & Equipment

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      • Spectrophotometer
      • chromatography
      • Centrifugeincubator
      • Lab Freeze Dryer
      • Autoclave
      • Digital Viscometer
      • Clinical Equipment
      • Laboratory Balance Scale
      • Melting Point Meter
      • Homogenizer
      • Mixer Shaker
      • Fluorescence Microscope
      • Monitor
      • Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analayzer
      • Soxhlet Extractor
      • Rotary Evaporator


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