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GMAS Electro Mechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC

GMAS ElectroMechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC. is an Ethiopian-based Electromechanical contracting company offering HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, and Firefighting systems and delivering designing, installing, maintaining, testing, commissioning, and manufacturing mechanical and electrical projects and machines as per the customer's requirements.

Designs can be created or simply choose any of our large range of fascinating designs.

Our services are a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness, top-notch quality that’s on par with industry standards, and time-bound EM engineering that is matched with our state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Our company department teams are well experienced, trained, and skilled and believe in working closely with our clients striving for their satisfaction and making sure every detail of the project is taken care of.

We have come up with problem-solving and result-oriented and process-driven services which we believe will fill the vacuum seen in the construction and engineering field in the country.

The diversity of projects constructed by GMAS ElectroMechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC is a testament to our versatility and ability to deliver projects. These projects range from:

      • Residential, Real Estate, and commercial buildings
      • Hotels, Restaurants
      • All Purpose Malls
      • Supermarkets
      • Offices
      • Hospitals
      • Factories
      • University Campuses & Schools
      • Airport terminals
      • Industrial parks
      • Government structures
      • Financial institutions
      • Government Structure

GMAS ElectroMechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC. has sustained steady growth and expansion which is attributed to the ability to undertake completed projects that reflect technical strengths.

It will strive to deliver a full package of engineering in one, this trend will continue to involve the best construction methods to maintain Ethiopia’s rhythm of growth.

We are proud to present GMAS ElectroMechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC. Whose mission is to provide quality engineering and provide our customers with fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing.


To become a reliable and prestigious MEP contractor company in Ethiopia and Africa, for the design, installation, and maintenance of electromechanical systems and be the best manufacturer and supplier of electromechanical equipment and systems.


          • To ensure the reliability of our company through experienced business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including satisfactory finishing, attention to detail; timeliness, safety, and environmental compliance.
          • Creating endless possibilities by engineering solutions to the households, governmental and nongovernmental sectors of Ethiopia and beyond;
          • Drive the company’s technological innovation and transformation endeavors;
          • Provide customers with a broad range of industry and engineering solutions.
          • To bridge the gap between the demand for a reliable contractor in the area of the ever-increasing electromechanical engineering works in Ethiopia.


          • Strategic Concepts for Evolving Businesses
          • Quality& innovation
          • Speed& on-time service
          • Honesty& integrity
          • Customer satisfaction
          • Broad range Possibility

WHY GMAS ElectroMechanical Engineering & HVAC PLC.?

      • Well Structured & firm management system
      • Internationally qualified and experienced engineers and technicians
      • Quality work output as per requirement
      • On-time project completion and warranty
      • Updated technology approach




GMAS ELECTROMECHANICAL ENGINEERING & HVAC PLC. PLC. Specializes in the following fields of activities:

      • HVAC,
      • Garbage Chute,
      • Electrical and Mechanical engineering,
      • Fire fighting


HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It usually uses various systems, techniques, mathematical calculations, standards, and technologies to control the temperature, humidity, and purity of air in an enclosed area.

Simply it deals with air quality to ensure the thermal comfort of humans wherever they are.

Nowadays the need for an HVAC system in Ethiopia seems to be increasing, though no sufficient research to refer so far.

The development of construction all over the country, and especially the competition to show standard buildings tends the HVAC system to be desirable.

For this purpose, a code was drafted as, Ethiopian Standard Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning in buildings (EBCS 11), in 1995.

Generally, we provide Design, supply, installation, Consulting, commissioning, and service of all mechanical works. Cooling and heating load calculations according to ASHRAE, and machine selection.

      • Chillers, Cooling Towers, and water reticulation systems.
      • Fan and Pump Selection and Installation
      • Duct Designing and Installation
      • Data Centre AirConditioning
      • Cold room
      • Electric/gas boiler systems and associated plant maintenance
      • All Air handling units, fan coil units, and ventilation fan maintenance
      • Heat exchangers
      • VRF/VRV system maintenance
      • Water cooled Package units
      • Package units and Split systems
      • Refrigeration maintenance
      • Full-function fire testing
      • Fire damper and smoke control damper maintenance and inspections.
      • Car parking Ventilation installation

Heating is adding Heat or warmth, to a specific space if the temperature of the space is less than the standard temperature (25 0C or 76 0C). As we observe, it is not famous in our country Ethiopia.

Furnaces are the most common form of central heating system used in North America. A furnace is an appliance that heats air and blows it through the ducts via air registers or grills. A furnace can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil.

Boilers heat homes the same way that furnaces do. But instead of heating air, boilers heat water. The hot water is then distributed through a radiator or another device throughout the home. Most of the boiler systems found in homes are powered by natural gas, heating oil, or fuel. There are either water or steam types. And are configured as fire tubes & water tubes.

Heat Pump
A heat pump is simply an air conditioning unit operating in reverse. In the summer, heat pumps or AC units cool off homes by removing the hot air from the home and pushing it outside. In the winter, they heat the home by removing the cold air from the home and pushing it outside.

The two most common heat pumps are ground-source heat pumps which use the heat from the ground, and air-source heat pumps which use the heat from the outside air. All three central heating systems come with a list of pros and cons. Some of them can be used more efficiently in certain areas, while others can't.


Ventilation is the process of providing fresh air or replacing air in an internal space to maintain a sufficient amount of oxygen by exhausting or removing carbon dioxide or smell, odor, smoke, etc. given off by people and other internal components and equipment. Simply it is maintaining the quality of air.

A. Toilet Ventilation

B. Kitchen Ventilation

C. Car Parking Ventilation

As buildings and real estate are the key firms in the economy of the country, the need to fulfill the comfort of the residents as per international codes and standards is essential nowadays.

In the car parking areas, it is crucial to remove vehicle exhaust fumes containing dangerous gases that can be removed by introducing mechanical ventilation using jet fans and axial fans. We are here to design and install the issue.



Air Conditioning is the provision of cooling as well as humidity control and, the process of treating the air to establish and maintain required standards of temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, motion, & distribution of air and noise level.

According to ASHRAE, it is the condition of air in which the human mind should feel comfortable with the thermal environment.

A.Window AC, Single AC, or room AC

B. Split AC (High Wall Type, Cassette Type, Free stand or tower type)
High wall type

Cassette type

Free stand/Tower type

C. Ductable Split AC System

D. Package Air Conditioning

E. Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigeration Volume (VRV)

F. Chiller (Air Cooled and Water Cooled)

Air CooledWater Cooled


Garbage disposal in smaller homes is relatively easy: take the trash out by hand and dump it in the common dumpster in the vicinity.

But is it equally simple in high-rise buildings where people together produce tons of waste every day and can't manage to take trash all the way down to a receptacle? For such structures, it is essential to have a proper garbage disposal facility in place.

Having a centralized trash chute in high-rise buildings and buildings taller than the average has a lot of benefits.

But before we get on to that, let's understand what a garbage chute is:
A garbage chute is a long vertical dumpster or bin in buildings that passes by each floor and has openings on each or alternate floors.

Openings are located in a separate space or a small room inside the building and are covered with lids.

The garbage dumped in the chute collects at the bottom in a dumpster or a compactor.

Garbage chutes are available in Circular, rectangular, and spiral.


3. Electrical and Home Automation

Design, supply, installation, commissioning, and service of all Electrical works include:

      • Thermal imaging of switchboards, motors, and plant as required
      • Lighting and lighting control systems
      • Lighting protection and earthing
      • Cable laying and termination
      • Thermal energy metering/systems
      • Electrical energy metering/systems
      • RCDtesting.
      • Smoke alarm testing and replacements
      • Lighting and power maintenance including switchboards and metering
      • BMS/EMS maintenance and monitoring services
      • Access Control, CCTV, and Other Security Systems

Smart Home (Home Automation)

With the rapid advancement of smart technology, remote-controlled home automation systems have become a vital component of smart technology.

Nowadays traditional home appliance control systems haven’t been able to fulfill people's requirements for the convenience of lifestyle, therefore, demands for remote-control home automation systems are increasingly high.


Home Automation will enable the user to simply control electric equipment using a smartphone, which will help residents to easily control wherever they are which can save time, power, and energy.



4. Mechanical Engineering

Our company is ready to deliver a variety of mechanical and electrical machines designed and produced as per customer’s requirements for different purposes.

      • CNC milling
      • CNC lathe
      • Plasma cutter
      • Hydraulic press machine
      • Construction machinery
      • Agricultural machines



Design, supply, installation, commissioning, and service of all Fire Fighting works.

      • Passive and Active fire Protection, including fire extinguishing, fire stopping, and fire suppression systems.
      • Smoke/heat extraction and natural ventilation systems.
      • Fire Alarm systems including detection and control devices.
      • Fire Alarm & High Sensitivity Smoke Detection(HSSD)
      • Firefighting systems
          • Water-Fire Fighting systems
          • A. Sprinkler firefighting system: Wet pipe, Dry Pipe, Precaution, Deluge
          • B. Stand Pipe
          • Gas-fighting systems
          • Foam systems
          • Powder systems


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