Praetor Training and Consultancy Service Center

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LocationAddisu Gebeya, Sheger Grand Mall, 4rth floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConsultancy/ Business and Investment
Praetor Training and Consultancy Service Center

Praetor Training and Consultancy Service Center, which paved the way for the establishment of Pretor Business College, was established in 2004 by the visionary owner Manager, Dr. Girma Gizaw to enhance the consultancy culture in Ethiopia.

The Center, during the past 18 years, accumulated ample experience in offering hands-on and practical training as well as providing implementable consultancy services for organizations ranging from federal government offices down to kebeles’ levels, for profit-making organizations ranging from huge share companies down to small businesses, and NGOs.

Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center is now well organized and aims at narrowing knowledge gaps noticed in the industries (Banking, Insurance, and Construction), focusing on structures and strategies of the corporations, companies, and SMEs actively participating in such industries and those planning to start a business in such sectors

Vision Statement
The vision of the Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center is to be one of the leading domestic Construction and Business Training & Consulting firms by way of sharing expertise and knowledge in the modern industry

Mission Statement
The mission of the Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center is to provide advanced professional training to top, middle, and operational level business actors; to render consultancy services to Governmental and NonGovernmental (both profit and non-profit seeking organizations); to enable them to be efficient, effective & prosperous; to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and careers; to build a great firm that not only attracts and excites but also develops, and retains exceptional people; to properly discharge social responsibilities in providing training & consultancy services to the community

The Goals of Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center are to make itself a highly valued, demanded, and reputable firm in Ethiopia; to become the preferred employer of highly qualified consulting professionals, and to be a financially strong and sustainable firm in Ethiopia.

The objectives of Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Centers are:

      • Have 25 permanent professional employees by 2025;
      • Offer training and consultancy services to not less than 25 corporations by 2023;
      • Make the center financially strong & sustainable by increasing its total revenue to 50% by 2025
      • Be on the list of the five top Training & Consulting firms in Ethiopia by 2030.


      • Adhere to the professional standards Put client interests ahead of the firm’s;
      • Observe high ethical standards;
      • Preserve client confidence;
      • Manage client and firm resources cost-effectively.

Improve clients’ performance

      • Use the global network to deliver the best of the firm to all clients;
      • Bring innovations in management practice to clients;
      • Build client capabilities to sustain improvement;
      • Build enduring relationships based on trust.

Our Center Offers Training and Consultancy Services on:

  1. Domestic Claim Handling Procedures
  2. International Construction Claim Handling Procedures
  3. Construction Business
  4. Feasibility Study
  5. Advanced Project Management
  6. Construction management
  7. Contract Framing and Management
  8. Construction Risk Management
  9. Construction Insurance
  10. Business Planning and Controlling
  11. Entrepreneurship, Business and Business Ethics
  12. Formation of Business Organization
  13. Taxation with Special Preference to the Ethiopian Taxation System
  14. Rule of Law and Governance
  15. Innovative Change Management
  16. Construction Productivity
  17. Domestic and Global Business Opportunities
  18. Advanced Software Application in the Construction Industry
  19. Research and Development
  20. Leadership
  21. Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Management
  22. Budgeting and Financial Management
  23. Procurement and Property Management
  24. Management Communication (Communication Skill)
  25. Customer Service/Handling
  26. Creation, Adoption, Adaptation, and Transfer of Basic Practice
  27. Coaching and Mentoring
  28. Basic Management Skills
  29. Scheduling, Monitoring, and Evaluation with the Application of Soft Ware
  30. Property Valuation
  31. Building Modeling
  32. Architectural and Detail Engineering Design
  33. Estimating and Quantity Surveying with Application of Software
  34. Design Review of High Rise Buildings.
  35. Insurance: Its Role in the Emerging Economy.
  36. Advanced Construction Project Management
  37. Defect Liability in Construction Practice
  38. Modern Accounting System
  39. Banking and Insurance as Emerging Industry in Emerging Economy.
  40. Contract Administration Vs Contract Management
  41. Strategic Management
  42. Advanced Research Methodology (with a special focus on SPSS)
  43. Trainers of Trainers (ToT)
  44. Change Management
  45. Supply Chain Management.
  46. Agile Project Management.
  47. Business Intelligence and Reporting
  48. Excel analytics
  49. PM practical (PMBOK) areas
  50. Qualitative data analysis
  51. Academic writing for post Graduate students
  52. Capital marketing and security analysis
  53. Market research and analysis
  54. Digital Marketing
  55. Software Development
  56. Data Sciences and Business Analysis
  57. Business and Leadership
  58. Project Management and Agile
  59. Project Management and Six Sigma
  60. Quality Management
      • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
      • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

61. Cloud and Development
62. Cyber Security
63. Data and AI
64. Qualitative Data Analysis
65. Advanced Security Analysis and Investment Management

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Address:- Addisu Gebeya, Sheger Grand Mall, 4rth floor
Mobile no:- +251 911 405 386
Phone no:- +251 011 812 3463
P.O.Box.:- 21192

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