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Tubal Cain Building Finishing Services

1sercTubal Cain Building Finishing Services is one of the most versatile and high-quality end furniture manufacturers and interior designers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We are dedicated to creating a conducive and cozy environment for offices, residents, and entertaining places.

We especially excel in interior design and interior works of offices, Hotels, boutiques, residential houses, and cafes.

We value quality and time. We deliver high-quality end products that remain simple within a given time frame.

Our staff are diverse in their field of expertise and are highly skilled and experienced technicians.

That made the company clear, effective, efficient, and highly coordinated to handle large and complex projects.

We begin then we finish. We believe in starting with purpose, a proper plan, and thoughtful coordination.

We also believe in creative and disciplined progress and finally, we strongly believe in finalizing projects within the planned time frame.

We have vast experience in the renovation of interior works which is an opportunity to exercise reuse quality spaces from the past to the present. And working on new construction developments helped us to look ahead and work towards the future. Both perspectives gave us high inspiration to solve problems of all aspects and made us all-rounded and creative.

Quality is the sum of skills, discipline, and conscious decisions.


To see spaces that make customers’ Life and work easy and comfortable.


A significant contribution to the national economy by provision of high-quality products and services.


Our core value makes us sustainable, stable, and preferable.


We offer rational prices while we give priceless services and products.


To work in a given time frame is a key factor for customer satisfaction.


      • We believe in relationship-based business.
      • We build a community in which customers, workers, and partners are core stakeholders.

Our services

Interior design
We design the interior of our projects with talented architects and designers.

Renovation works
We restore spaces. We work on interior spaces and exterior of buildings to give a contemporary design look.

Furniture design and production
We meticulously design furniture that exactly fits the space we are required to provide and produce exactly as per design with high precision and quality

Our approach

How we work


      • The space we provide should be related to the occupants in all aspects; cultural, workflow type, emotional… etc So, we communicate with clients to study their interests and needs and give professional solutions.
      • The final user of our product should be familiar with what we provide; hence they should be part of the design and production process. We communicate in the ‘language’ of the client and express their feelings in our
      • professional expressions.
      • Hence usually the client gets a full picture of what is going to come beforehand.


We don’t just design. we design following the concept that exactly expresses the interest of our client. We follow professional phases of design. We go through the details of developing 3Ds, floor plans, fittings, etc.

We consider material types with respect to the function of the space. All parameters for creating a conducive environment such as Heat, light, color, and material type will be considered scientifically.


All stakeholders of a particular project are involved in starting progressing and finalizing the job. Clients, advisers, professional staff members, and partners work together in excellent coordination.


The job that demands open communication, design development, and collaboration should end in the realization of the objective. We reach the ground safely. All parties; project managers, builders, craftsmen, technicians, and designers work toward the same goal --- that is delivering a high-quality end product. Everything will be double-checked to the best possible details, Acoustics, lighting, air conditioning, and so on.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise
Revolving restaurant interior column cladding, Beam cladding 16meter radius round table


Chamber Printing plc.
Office wooden interior work


KAFDM trading plc
Supply of furniture


NEWDay hotel
Hotel renovation work


Oromia president office
Wooden louvered Ceiling cladding


Residential houses
Interior design and all interior works, Supply of furniture, Wooden handrail, Wooden entrance, Main gate, Rooftop wooden cladding


Interior design, Wooden Cladding work, Furniture design, and furniture supply


Ardent coffee export
Furniture supply


Home-Office interior work
renovation work, furniture supply


Chamber printing plc

November 11, 2019 

Interior design: T square architects

Office renovation and interior cladding works: Tubal Cain building finishing services


New day hotel

July 20, 2018  

Interior design: Netsanet interior design

Hotel renovation work: Tubal Cain building finishing services


KAFDM trading plc

April 5, 2019 – June 3, 2020 

Furniture design: Tubal Cain building finishing services

Furniture production and installation; Tubal Cain building finishing services


Oromia presidential office

December 8, 2020

Interior design: shangi furniture

Louvered wooden ceiling: Tubal Cain building finishing services

Ethiopian shipping and logistic services enterprise

21st August 2020 

Interior design: Zias architects

Wooden cladding and furniture supply: tubal Cain building finishing


Home-office interior work

June 20/2021 to August 10 /2021 

Interior design: Tubal Cain building finishing services

Renovation work: Tubal Cain building finishing services

Furniture supply: Tubal Cain building finishing services


Residential houses


Interior design: tubal Cain building finishing services

Furniture design: tubal Cain building finishing services

Furniture production: tubal Cain building finishing services

Space renovation works: tubal Cain building finishing services


Ardent coffee export


Furniture supply

Furniture design: tubal Cain building finishing service

Furniture production: tubal Cain building finishing services



August 20/2020 to September 15, 2020  

Interior design: Tubal Cain building finishing services

Office renovation work: tubal Cain building finishing services

Furniture supply: tubal Cain building finishing services


Safety, health, and environment

      • Tubal Cain Building Finishing Services has an overriding commitment to achieving zero harm to people and the environment.
      • To achieve this, the organization undertakes all reasonable and practicable steps to prevent and eliminate any risk of incident. It is committed to:
      • Developing, implementing, and maintaining a system for the effective management of safety and health, environment that drives continuous improvement.
      • Ensuring continual improvement in the management of safety, health, and environmental performance by setting and reviewing clear objectives, plans, and measurable targets.
      • Identifying and eliminating or mitigating hazards and potential hazards to the safety, health, and environment arising from its activities.
      • Complying with all relevant legislation and standards and, where appropriate, applying industrial best practice standards.
      • Protecting, promoting, and maintaining the health and safety of all stakeholders in its area of operation.
      • Protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and ensuring rigorous controls of environmental impacts.
      • The meeting agreed customer requirements and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction with its products and services.
      • Providing necessary resources, training, standards, equipment, and support to ensure compliance with this policy: and
      • Being guided by Tubal Cain Building Finishing Services’ values and, where appropriate, engaging with key stakeholders on relevant matters.

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