Etabeal Trading PLC

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LocationJemo 3, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding and Finishing Materials
Etabeal Trading PLC

Etabeal Trading Plc is a construction and trading company, that provides five years of reliable e-service to the Ethiopian market.

Our company is engaged in construction, import and export, and Agriculture Engineering in Ethiopia.

Our Vision is to become the best real estate building and import and export In Ethiopia.

Our mission is to develop a highly successful and profitable manufacturing, import, and export business with state-of the art facility and with highly skilled business professionals and staff who are equipped with information technology;a business that will not only meet the needs of our clients but also supersede their expectations while maintaining sustainable growth for shareholder.


  • Construction

1etaConstruction materials like ;

      • Reinforcement rebar
      • cement
      • electric wire and electric cable,
      • ceramics
      • marble and granite
      • nail
      • Black wire
      • Sand
      • Aggregate (01 & 02)


      • Agriculture farming, fishing

Some of Our Projects

  • Project: Etabeal Trading plc, established a construction business company in December 2022.

Client: Ayat share company, Amibara Properties.

  • Project: Etabeal Trading plc, supply rebar, and cement for

Client: Dugda Construction plc,

  • Project: Construction

Client: Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority Water Supply and Sanitation.

  • Project: Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Submersible Mixers at 13 universities

Client: GIZ

Why Us?

      • Our suppliers are reputed companies from the USA, Europe (Italy, Germany) and Turkey.
      • We are experts in Energy systems, Irrigation systems, Laboratory systems, and Water supply.
      • Fifteen years of experience and reliable service.

Contact us
Address:- Jemo 3, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile no:- +251 976 809 090, +251 912 654 454

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