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LocationOlompiya, Merkeb Plaza, 5th floor, 502, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryTransportation/Freight Transport
Seregela PLC

Seregela PLC is a Private Limited Company incorporated in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa by its shareholders, all of whom are Ethiopian citizens.

The Company has started its business with the e-transport services – Seregela Ride Taxi Services and now diversified to an e-commerce business with a digital platform to sell and distribute fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) which is highly consumed daily by consumers.

Seregela PLC’s FMCG products are available to consumers through and in mobile apps.

Make the online store navigable with diversified product selection in FMCG categories synchronized with vendor management and logistical efficiency with competitive prices at consumers’ doorsteps.

Create a convenient digital marketplace in Ethiopia - home, workplace, schools, etc. promoting efficiency in time, cost, and delivery

The primary objective of our Business-to-Consumers (B2C) e-commerce platform is to reach the consumer directly through our e-commerce channel of distribution with optimized value and affordable prices at their convenience.

Segment potential customers based on their consumption preference and income bracket with special emphasis is given to women in the household and workforce. Integrate all relevant e-commerce channel members in the supply chain for smooth and hassle-free delivery of its services.

Partner with financial institutions to facilitate consumer loans and use their payment Gateway. *Offer more payment options – consumer’s loan facilities through “Buy now, Pay later

for such often bought and consumed household consumables – home care products, personal care, foodstuffs, and hygienic products such as toilet soap, pasta, rice, powdered detergent, tissue paper, baby diapers, feminine care, toothpaste, etc.

Offering varieties and choices in different FMCG categories whether it is food, beverage, personal care, or household.

Through its loyalty program of Seregela, customers will get enhanced customer benefits from price discounts to seasonal

Offers competitive prices compared to the prevailing consumer price in the market depending on the value of the unit product.

Save time and associated costs spent for shopping such as traveling time and shopping for such frequently bought and consumed household consumables.

“Buy now, Pay later”: Consumer loan in the form of revolving lines of credit to buy FMCG products which has a considerable impact on the monthly budget of a household expenditure.

Currently, our product section is comprised of 7 FMCG categories ( Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Home Care, Stationery, Bed and bath, Electronic and Home appliances).

Particular emphasis on basic items that a household consumes on a daily basis which include freshly packed food items (pasta, rice, edible oil, wheat flour, teff, fruit & vegetables, etc.), household care items (fabric care, kitchen care, toilet care, etc); and personal care and hygienic products (beauty soap, hair care, oral care, feminine care, infant care, etc); and many more.

The main supply source for those products will be local manufacturers as well as importers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) with a particular focus on the basic necessities.

The major manufacturers and producers include those who are involved in the production and distribution of house and personal care products such as Unilever Ethiopia, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, and regional players such as EvyapSabun, DalanKimya, Godrej, Dabur, etc; and Repi-Wilmar Soap and Detergent SC, Shoa Wheat Flour Factory, AHFA PLC, Horizon Plantation, Upper Awash Agro-industry, Ethio Agri-SEFT PLC, 54 Capital, Faffa Food Complex SC, etc.; importers such as AL-SAM PLC, Mulege PLC, Petram PLC, Tracon Trading, etc.

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Address:- Olompiya, Merkeb Plaza, 5th floor, 502
Mobile:- +251 972 383 838, +251 115 573 640/43/44

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