Gediondaba Trading Private Limited Company

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Gediondaba Trading Private Limited Company

Gediondaba Trading Private Limited company is one of the private companies that import various types of cars, tires, furniture, and car batteries.

We present this type and quality, and our address is in front of the Mercato Teklehaimanot or Garad building, and all of which we have incorporated or maintained in our vision, mission, and values are integral elements of our institution.

By 2020 it will be one of the leading companies in the field to deliver quality and standard rubber, furniture, and battery products to all countries in the country.

To take part in the implementation of the country’s growth and transformation plan by providing quality service that gains interest based on credible service and to our customers in various locations.

More than anything the survival of the organization is our customer, so we create satisfaction by working tirelessly to meet their needs.

Service Description
Going above and beyond having the willingness to give putting others' needs first being responsive and responsible doing it right the first time.creating relationships that last. committed to making a difference and providing attention.

Product Description:- Furniture consists of large objects such as tables, chairs, or beds that are used in a room for sitting or living on or for putting on origin. each piece of furniture in their home suited the style of the house. Care battery inside car batteries.

There are cells comprised of lead dioxide./pbo2/plat and a lead/PB/place .atyre is a thick piece of rubber which is fitted onto the wheel of vehicles such as cars, buses, and by circles.

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