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Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy is a specialized consulting water resource firm with a well-developed practice in Ethiopia. It provides a preliminary study, reconnaissance study, feasibility study, detail design, contract administration and construction supervision services on water resource projects.

Expert Consultancy is committed to providing quality professional engineering services to enhance the communities where our clients live and work. Our approach combines exceptional design, innovative solutions, and proven performance.

Our vision is to evolve from a firm that is internally service-focused to one that is externally market-focused while increasing the customer base in Africa and being our client’s first choice for engineering services. We will honor our company values and maintain the financial health and stability of our company.


      • Clients – Our goal is to develop enduring business relationships that are built on trust, integrity, effective communication, and delivering quality services on time and within budget.
      • Employees – Our employees are the fabric of our company. They determine our reputation, capability, and ultimately, our success. We provide a work environment that encourages self-improvement, teamwork, and innovation.
      • Quality of Work – Our reputation is built on a tradition of providing services with a high level of technical competence and attention to detail. We continually train and educate our staff to provide quality work.

Our Services and Facilities
EC is a specialized consulting water resource firm with a well-developed practice in Ethiopia. It provides a preliminary study, reconnaissance study, feasibility study, detail design, contract administration and construction supervision services on water resource projects.


The Scope of the services that EC provides includes but is not limited to:


The office is equipped with computers (Desktop & Laptop), computer software, printers, scanners, copiers, an A0 plotter, a professional camera, a deep meter, a water quality tester, GPS, Geophysical investigation, total station, leveling, and others


Financial Standing

      • Expert Consultancy is continuously in good growing financial progress.
      • EC has continuously shown a profitable record since its establishment, despite different challenges like COVID-19 and security issues in the country.
      • EC has good achievement in project completion as per the satisfaction of the client and gets paid as per the contract shown in the below figure


We were undertaking projects throughout Ethiopia and we have a plan to work across the borders. EC is proud to be associated with some large and very successful companies in Ethiopia and also takes pride in addressing any magnitude of project that is challenging and can result in the optimization to the benefit of our client

Some of Experience
1buk1. Bulk water supply for Wolkite 7000ha Sugar Development Irrigation Project
Client: BARAN International-Isrial company Construction Project Cost: 230 million Euro Surveying work, Design, and Construction supervision

      • Two intakes in Tekeze River
      • 62km GRP pipe (dia 1500-600mm) line
      • Four earthen reservoirs capacity of 100,000-45,000m3
      • Construction of six pumping stations
      • Access road and service road
      • 7000ha subsurface drip irrigation

2. Preparation of water Allocation Plan /WAP/ for Ziway-Shalla Sub Basin
Client: Ministry of Water and Energy

      • Review existing water potential and demand data for WAP
      • To identify the detailed activities that will take in the WAP planning from start to end following water allocation planning steps and ultimately leading to implementation on the ground.
      • To develop WAP data using the WEAP model.
      • To formulate a comprehensive water allocation plan for the development of WAP in the Meki River, Lake Ziway, and Bulbula Area.
      • To design mechanisms/management options for rational use of water resources between sectors and competing users within the sub-basin.
      • To design ways of WAP implementation strategy in pilot area (Bulbula, Ziway Lake, and Meki)

1isClient: Islamic Relief
The objective of the consultancy is to conduct a feasibility level study, prepare a topographic map, detailed design and tender documents, review and finalize environmental assessment, social assessment and
Environmental and social management plan (ESMP) report Identification and recommendation of an appropriate site for hair dam, river intake, and shallow hand-dug wells and develop site specification technical designs for seven schemes and prepare a detailed bill of quantity and specification

4. To assess the feasibility of Institutional Biogas from a Waste Water Treatment Plant as a Business Showcase at Adama Science and Technology University.
Client: Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

      • To observe and assess the technical aspect of the water treatment plant and evaluate its relevance for biogas production
      • To assess the technical aspect of the treatment plant and evaluate its relevance for biogas production, the output of the plant
      • To assess the organizational aspect by discussing with the administration of the University to examine the readiness, ownership affordability, demand, and other pertinent aspects of biogas energy.
      • To assess current energy consumption for cooking by the University.
      • conduct economic analysis, financial analysis, gender perspective of the project, and environmental analysis in terms of reduction of GHG emission.


5. Consultancy service for study, design, and construction supervision of groundwater supply system

      • Hilton Hotel
      • Ras Amba Hotel
      • Azzeman Hotel
      • Ada'a District East Shoa Zone of Oromia Regional State
      • Lemuel Real-estate
      • Kibre Aregawuyan Migibare Senayi
      • Mars Building-Merkato
      • Amen General Hospital
      • Getachew Alamayehu Hospital
      • MeQurez Hospital
      • Mars Building-Merkato
      • Adama Presson
      • Gambella Hospital

6. Consultancy Service for conducting Borehole study for 10 Government schools in Bahir Dar city administration
Client: Splash International
Scope of work: preparation of the feasibility study by studying geophysical and hydrogeological investigation, detailed design, bill of quantities, and cost estimate for Boreholes in 10 schools of Bahir Dar City Administration


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