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Elegas; It designs, manufactures, and assembles elevators with its highly experienced engineering staff for all kinds of projects, in Ethiopia and also provides service opportunities. It has a wide range of solutions from 2-stop, high-speed group systems to escalators and moving walks.

Our customers' demands during production, assembly, and maintenance are answered with products that comply with European Standards (CE, ISO 9001-2015, EN 81-1, EN 81-20) and Russian Standards ( EAC ).

Elegas completing its 16th year in the industry, Elegas Elevator has accomplished numerous projects in Ethiopia and abroad.

Our company, which aims at technological development and innovation with our young and dynamic staff who closely follow the developments in our country and the world, continues on its way with the vision of becoming a world brand in the sector with its customer-oriented service approach.

Our products
Passenger Elevator
Passenger elevators are manufactured with a capacity between 320 kg (4 people) and 2500 kg (33 people) and at speeds between 0,6 m/s and 2,5 m/s. Passenger elevators must have international safety and comfort standards at production, installation, and post-installation use stages, and must be subject to periodic maintenance and servicing with the same quality standards throughout their lifetime.


Patient/Stretcher Elevator
Stretcher elevators are designed to transport patients on stretchers. The main objective of stretcher elevators is comfort. Stretcher elevator oscillation should be less than other types of elevators.

Even a minor oscillation can be a risk factor for a patient on a stretcher. Moreover, an anti-bacterial environment is required. Stretcher elevators have a stainless-steel finish.

They are designed to prevent any discomfort for the patient. Both factors play an important role in the elevator cabin interior.

It is important to equip stretcher elevators with holding bars, lighting systems, and other automatic systems as well as an aesthetic design for the comfortable transportation of a patient on a stretcher. Cabin interior sizes are optional. Carrying capacities can be 1200, 1350, 1500, 1600, 2000, and 2500 kg.


Freight Elevator

These are the elevators manufactured for carrying freight. Comfort and speed of passenger elevators may not be sought. They are designed in 630 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1600 Kg, 2000 Kg or over 2000 Kg weight capacities to be used at warehouses, shopping malls, factories, etc., where goods are carried often.

They are redactor or hydraulic type with 1/1 or 1/2 special drive assembly. Freight elevators allow heavy-duty operation.

Door types can be customized according to requirements to provide desired net opening width and heights, with a semi-automatic double door or fully automatic.


Vehicle Elevator

Vehicle elevators with carrying capacities varying between 3.000 Kg and 10.000 Kg allow top floors and basement floors of buildings as car parks; saving space losses caused by roads, and ramps in buildings.

The button system ensures ease of operation by allowing the driver to select the desired floor without getting out of the car after driving into the elevator cabin.


Service Elevator
Service elevators are often used at multi-story restaurants, villa-type houses, dorms, and dining halls to carry service materials such as dishes, trays, etc.

Cabin sizes are smaller than other elevator types in line with the purpose of use. Automatic, guillotine-type doors are used in general. Cabins must be completely stainless steel due to the nature of the materials carried inside the cabin.

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Panoramic Elevator
Panoramic elevators that fit perfectly into modern architectural designs are preferred for their technical specifications as well as their aesthetic look. Panoramic elevators are mostly preferred at shopping malls, plazas, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers.

The most significant characteristic of panoramic elevators is the complete glass cabins, allowing passengers to see the environment while in the cabin. Technically, elevators can be designed and manufactured with carrying capacities between 4 people to 21 people and 0,63 m/s to 2,5 m/s speeds.


Machine Room Fewer Elevators
Machine Room Fewer Elevators are the elevator systems used in housing and commercial buildings with many or few floors.

They are often preferred in cases where there is no machine room or unsuitable for a machine room.

They provide higher energy-saving compared to normal elevators and have longer service life.

The advantages of Machine Room Less Elevators are as follows;

No machine room is required

      • Provides energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional engines
      • Longer service life due to the absence of a gearbox in machine engine assembly.
      • The non-lubricated system eliminates environmental pollution.
      • Unique control sensitivity thanks to superior control techniques.

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Hydraulic Elevator
Hydraulic elevator is a solution that can be used in buildings without machine room, low traffic density, and a maximum traveling height of 25 meters.

A suitable ground for hydraulic unit installation is sufficient instead of a machine room. It can be used to carry people, freight, and vehicles depending on the needs; and the hydraulic drive system can be used in lifting equipment designed as a freight platform in areas such as stores, warehouses, and factories.

As the name speaks for itself, hydraulic elevator cabins are driven via pistons, using hydraulic oil pressure. The weight of the cabin itself is used for the downward movement of the elevator cabin, and hydraulic oil pressure is used for the upward movement of the cabin.


Our services

      • Package elevator
      • Elevator Installation
      • Elevator Maintenance
      • Revision and Modernization
      • Escalators and Conveyors
      • Elevator Installation

Elegas Elevator gained a significant place in the sector with its reliability proven by references as well as after-sales services and guarantee terms.

The installation team is composed of engineers and technicians having expertise in their fields. Our service team projects installation works according to customer needs, completes the installation process within projected timeframes, and delivers the elevators to the final inspection team.

The final inspection team verifies the conformity of the elevator with the project and delivers the completed elevator to the customer. Our priorities in this entire process are customer satisfaction and elevator safety and comfort.

Elevator Maintenance
No matter how good an elevator is, it cannot be safe and efficient without regular maintenance. Elevator maintenance; is to ensure sound operation of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. Maintenance must be performed by companies having required legal authorization certificates for the procedure.

The benefits of regular elevator maintenance are as follows;

      • Ensures continuous and safe operation of elevators.
      • Reduces malfunction risk.
      • Ensures diagnosis of materials that may malfunction due to normal use in advance, preventing possible accidents.
      • Extends the lifetime of expensive components such as elevator machines, control panels, etc. by regular inspection, preventing high-cost failures.
      • Extends elevator lifetime.
      • Ensures more comfortable and efficient operation.

Revision & Modernization
Elevators in your buildings complete their economical and technical lifetimes just like other machinery in time.

Elevators that are worn and posing danger in time can be both visually disturbing and dangerous in terms of safety.

Therefore, the installation must be renewed to maintain the quality of all elevator components and to prevent loss of building value.

The advantages of elevator revision can be listed as follows;

      • A safer operation is ensured by increasing safety standards.
      • More aesthetic appearance is achieved with new products on the market.
      • More comfortable elevator operation is ensured.
      • A high level of energy savings is achieved.

Escalators & Conveyors
Escalators are moving stairs used in multi-story buildings with high human traffic. Steps are installed on a rotating assembly for continuous movement.

They can carry a higher number of people compared to elevators. They are often preferred for shopping malls, plazas, business centers, metro and train stations, hotels, airports, hospitals, and convention centers.

Escalators can be manufactured with 30-35-degree angles and 600 mm, 800 mm, and 1.000 mm step width.

Conveyor bands which have a structure similar to escalators are flat, moving platforms used to transport people or light freights, often used in structures with low inclination. They may have bandwidths up to 1.000 mm and are mostly preferred in structures with high human traffic such as metros, train stations, airports, and shopping malls.

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