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Sky Printing and Advertising

1WHSky Printing and Advertising was established in 2006 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Sky Printing and Advertising is a private company operating in diverse areas of printing and advertisement.

Sky embarked on its business and professional journey as a small firm holding on to its bigger dream of finetuning and developing its service and corporate capability to a higher level; to the extent of being a trendsetter in the
industry. Throughout its development Sky has undergone eventual signs of progress which are significantly accounted to its status.

It has acquired the necessary machines, built a highly competent workforce, integrated its workshop well, and above all could maintain a strong customer base that believes in the quality of Sky’s products and its reliability.

On the other hand, Sky Printing and Advertising has produced quality products that prominently showcase its commitment to excellence and quality. As a result, our company has achieved notable acceptance among its esteemed
customers as the most reliable printing and advertisement firm.

Hence, given our achievement in our products and acceptance in the market that has become a powerful driving force to our endeavors, we could set up our workshop and office at our place.

We hold a strong commitment that this current corporate status will further gear up our relentless efforts toward greater production, customer service, and corporate success.

To become Ethiopia’s most recognized and trusted Print and marketing Solutions provider.

We will use our talents to become widely recognized for our innovation, client loyalty, and unwavering integrity. We build our business by challenging the traditional norms of print and marketing media.

We will provide fresh ideas and creative solutions for our clients, earning the privilege of being their trusted advisor.


The Sky is a printing solutions provider dedicated to offering a single source for all printing needs with a priority on earning and maintaining our customer’s trust. We will maintain a consistent and reasonable margin while providing
customers with a fair price and exceptional service. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment that respects new ideas and hard work.

Sky aspires to be a true one-stop operation by being able to accommodate all of a customer’s printing needs from consulting and design assistance to printing, binding, and distribution. Our goal is to eliminate the need for our customers to source any printing outside of our scope. Moreover, we look forward to operating at a 50%+ margin to be arrived at through historical rates from the previous six years of data.

1TECSky Printing and Advertising is equipped with modern machinery and technical organization in a way that an ideal professional printing and advertising firm is expected to be.

It can be boldly asserted that Sky holds fit and complete machinery enabling an effective production of paper printing, Digital Printing, Apparel, Material Printing, and Signage Production along with highly skilled employees who have amazing craftsmanship whetted by experiences tested through years.

Regarding paper printing, we have an MO Printing Machine size (42x60) Korse Machine (52 x 72), GTO (two units), Mo (two Units), and Letter Press, coupled with a full set of sewing, perfect binding, sewing, perforating, cutting, and laminating machines. Besides, having the required machinery and equipment sets in apparel and material printing our embroidery and puff printing machines are the notable ones. Moreover, our state-of-the-art sublimation, digital printing, CNC, UV & laser printing machines set us at the forefront of the market coupled with our other technical capabilities.

Furthermore, we undertake all our managerial and technical operations in our custom-built workshop constructed on land owned by the company.


Quality is at the heart of our operations we never compromise!


1PAPEROur integrated paper printing service delivers high-quality paper printing with complete in-house printing, lamination, sewing, binding and packaging processes.

      • Magazines
      • Books
      • Flier
      • Agendas
      • Calendars
      • Notepads
      • Business card
      • Poster
      • Certificate
      • Envelop
      • ID cards ... and others.

1MATERWe provide apparel printing with silkscreen, Heat transfer, Puff print, Sticker, Cutout, and Embroidery along with any material printing services.

      • T-shirt & Cap
      • Pens
      • Flag & Logo
      • Mug & Crystal Awards.
      • Bag & Umbrella
      • Key chain
      • Embroidery ... and others.

Sky delivers high-quality Digital printing services on various digital print machines including Sublimation CNC, UV & laser coupled with fitting and installation services.


Why did you choose us?
because we have advanced experience and capability in our engagements

Signage production is a field in which we honed remarkable competence. Our signage works in the southern region and the capital are standing testaments of how we are the ideal firm for the engagement.


Car branding has already become a signature advertisement field associated with Sky Printing and Advertising. It is because, during years of our participation in the industry, we have attested that we are masters of the craft.


1ETHIOTSky has been privileged to be chosen by Ethio Telecom to handle its various big projects. In the year 2022/2023 Sky Printing and Advertising has undertaken several Ethio Telecom projects among which standout the following.

Big billboards at town gateways
We produced and installed extra large Ethio Telecom advertisement billboards at the gateways of more than 18 Ethiopian towns from Debre Zeit to Moyale. Sky has proven its capacity by completing and delivering this billboard project within 22 days.

Service centers’ external lightbox signage In another project, Sky produced and installed high-quality standard lightbox external signage for Ethio Telecom service center shops located in 28 towns across the country. We completed and
handed over the project within 20 days.

Direction sign advertisements
Sky successfully accomplished the production and installation of direction sign advertisements in over 70 towns found in Southern, South-Western, Oromia, and Central regions, completing the project in just 30 days. Besides, the
production and erection of about 370 pole advertisements are another achievement that needs to be mentioned here.

1HEISky Printing and Advertising is proud to be Heineken Ethiopia’s trusted advertising partner for its key projects. To mention a few of Heineken’s projects in 2022/23:-

Car Branding
Sky Printing and Advertising has given over 50 Heineken trucks a fresh new look with car branding in Bedele and Harar beer brands within several Ethiopian towns such as Hawassa, Arbaminch, Dilla, Adama, Dire Dawa, and Mekele towns.

Billboards & outdoor signages
We carried out the production and installation of Alcohol-Free billboards of Heineken’s products on gateways and buildings in several towns. Moreover, Sky delivered more than 2300 outdoor signages of hotels and sale points in different towns including Hawassa, Adama, Mekele, and Bahir Dar.

Refrigerator branding
Sky Printing and Advertising was also tasked by Heineken Ethiopia with rebranding over 1,100 refrigerators in the Northern and Eastern Ethiopia regions, which we successfully completed.

1AIREthiopian Airlines is another reputed client of Sky Printing and Advertising that forged a strong business relationship with us to date.

In this regard, Sky has beautified the new local terminal, and gates of the diplomatic and Sheba Miles passengers with a standard wall and glass branding of the airline’s corporate identity.

In another instance, we have fully branded Hawassa’s aviation training academy and have continued our partnership with the printing and advertisement work the airline commissions us to do during its various events

Our quality work, On-time delivery, and reasonable price have granted us the privilege of working with respectable big brands and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our continuous and consistent business partnership
is attributed to our sustainable quality, managerial efficiency, and unwavering principles. Here we have tried to list some of them. We are honored by their recognition.


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Address:- Addis Ababa Arat kilo area, Dink Sira bldg, 2nd floor/Hawassa, Past South Star Int. Hotel in front Omo Microfinance Hawassa Headquarters
Mobile No:- +251 916 60 6060/ +251 916 85 0386

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