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Welland Plastic Factory

Welland Plastic Factory is the first plastic factory in Ethiopia that came up with HDPE carbon corrugated pipes and has a manufacturing plant in Addis Ababa, Kality Gabriel Industry Zone. Welland Plastic has been working in Ethiopia for the last fourteen years, investing in various types of plastic materials, and has been manufacturing carbon corrugated pipes in various diameters for the last few years. We also started manufacturing plum flower pipes and semi-flexible pipes.

Who We Are?
We are a professional plastic manufacturing Company Serving Ethiopia for the past 14 years in plastics and plastics-related needs and services. We Have been producing and distributing Corrugated Pipes produced with the latest technology in HDPE protection and carbon composite extrusion and unique rotary molding technology. And also now we are manufacturing Flower pipes and semi-flexible electric pipes.

Our Vision
To become the most competitive and leading company in Africa by providing advanced technology with great quality conduit production focused on improving customer service carbon composite extrusion and unique rotary molding technology and delivery systems, minimizing material costs, and having a great role in the economic stability of our country, Ethiopia, by 2030.

Our Mission
To become the leading conduit manufacturer in Africa by providing safe and reliable customer service, growing the company's capital, creating job opportunities and ground services whose quality and price "value proposition" is always better than its competitors, employer of choice to its employees, and an investment of choice to its owner, to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of Ethiopia.

Our Products
Corrugated Pipes
These pipes are mainly used in the most developed countries like the USA, Germany, China, and Europe, etc.


Plum flower pipes
The raw material of the product is a specially selected combination of polyethylene (PE), which has good low-temperature resilience, flexibility, compression resistance, and impact resistance.


PE Semi-Flexible Electric Pipes
Easy to install PE Semi-Flexible Electric Pipes



Contact Us
Address:- Kality Gebriel, Gebriel building,6th floor
Mobile no:- +251 938 00 4168, +251 911 41 1797
Email:- wellandplastic@gmail.com
Website:- https://www.wellandplastic.com/#/

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