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Archi Partners Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC

Archi Partners Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC Is established and registered in accordance with the Ethiopian Law Ministry of Infrastructure in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After its establishment, Archi Partners Consulting Architects and Engineers plc. Entered into the sector of consultancy and construction industry using the founder’s rich and long experience in handling small to large design and construction supervision projects.

Through the great effort of its staff members, the company has attained its developmental objective and is registered and operates as a class I consulting Architects and Engineers.

Future Prospects
Archi Partners Consulting Architects and Engineers plc. is determined to achieve and expand its mission by recruiting more qualified personnel in the future. It always looks forward to exceeding its client’s expectations with quality engineering products under the given budget limit.

Archi Partners Consulting Architects and Engineers plc. deals with the architectural design of various projects, supervision, interior design, restoration works, technical reporting, and preparation of specifications:


      • Valid trade license indicating the stream of business in which the Consultant is engaged; 
      • VAT registration certificate issued by the tax authority ;
      • A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the tax authority
      • Business organization registration certificate or trade license issued by the country of establishment; and
      • Relevant professional practice certificates.

Our services
Technical and economic feasibility
We follow e projects from conception to realization. We begin all projects by identifying any jurisdictional requirements that may be placed on a project, including any public hearings that may be required for zoning, special use permits, and zoning adjustments that may be desired or required. We define the capacity of the site, setbacks, zoning requirements, and limitations.

Practical and admission documents
We prepare and present administrative documents relating to architectural, urban, and landscape projects. We coordinate, prepare, and submit administrative documents relating to structural, plant engineering, fire prevention, safety, and energy practices.

Evaluations, estimates, and expert opinions
We value artistic, architectural, urban, and landscape assets. In particular, we value the appraisal of experts, transactional or related to damage suffered; more generally, we make assessments relating to all requests for estimates required by law on real estate.

Site management
We manage the architectural and artistic works;
we assist the clients in the whole realization process. We always guarantee, at least, the supervision or artistic direction of a construction site and all relations with clients, technicians, companies, and suppliers. We carry out quality control visits of the works.

Sustainable design
We design, study, and propose biosustainable projects, to ensure human and environmental well-being. In each project, we study the correct orientation - the appropriate use of materials, techniques, and building elements for healthy environments; the enhancement and care of water usage; rational and efficient energy management; and development programs aimed at the self-sufficiency of settlements.

Architectural design
Based on respect for and the renewal of the classic building tradition, on sustainability, on the close relationship with the environment and the landscape. The way we design does not follow a rigid formula or mold. We work with the client in a collaborative effort to meet their needs and achieve their goals, in a creative workshop relationship for the improvement of every design aspect.

Urban design
We develop projects of urban design, with particular attention to the aspect of quality, both in conservation, redevelopment and in the design of city areas. We try to combine the architectural quality of urban design projects with the needs of the social fabric.

We are convinced that the integration of the natural and formal aspects of cities - an essential condition for true urban quality - is indispensable for the conservation and transmission, through memory, of living images, of the genius loci, of the feeling of belonging to a city.

Landscape architecture
We study rural and urban landscape solutions.

We propose projects for the knowledge and use of landscapes (on a local scale and for a “slow mobility”), to promote a new and more conscious relationship between man and the environment according to the European Landscape Convention (Florence, 2000).

CSA-Classica is also active in the study and promotion of historical landscapes (rural, urban, and wild) and in designing programs and structures for landscape archaeology.

Garden Art
CSA - Classica plans and follows the creation of gardens, parks, and green areas both public and private: condominiums parks, urban restyling of plazas, facilities for children, structures for aged care, and for the natural pursuit of longevity. We take care of the choice and planting of vegetation, irrigation, and maintenance of the projects carried out.

Interior design
We design and requalify elements, objects (pergolas, balconies, internal stairs, grilles, balconies handles, lamps, etc), and interior furnishing spaces. we collaborate with clients in defining the image and how to achieve it in the selection of colors, lights, fabrics, furnishings, and various equipment and appliances, always in strict compliance with the principles of sustainability. We constantly seek, in the projects, the
relationship with all forms of artistic expression.

Events and exhibitions
We have always been interested in the relationship between architecture and other arts, figurative and performing, both indoors and outdoors. We take care of exhibitions, we create cultural paths for the enhancement of artists, works of art, and landscapes. We study and design specific exhibition spaces and environments for every need.

Visualization and representation
We use different illustrations and representation techniques for our projects, depending on the proposed purpose; from conceptual sketches to highly detailed and realistic renderings, we always try to illustrate the work completely and satisfactorily, with an eye also to the artistic aspect of the drawing.

Sample Projects

      • Walia Investment Group
      • 5-star Hotel
      • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


      • Nest Apartments
      • Apartment
      • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


      • Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research H.Q
      • Research Institute H.Q
      • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


      • Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture H.Q
      • Minster Office H.Q
      • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


      • Ramada Hotel Plc.
      • Four-star Hotel
      • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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