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Safety Always Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy Service

Safety Always Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy Service is a prominent safety consultancy and training center rooted in Ethiopia, with a legacy spanning over ten years. Since our inception, we have been steadfast in our commitment to elevating safety standards across diverse industries, playing a pivotal role in creating secure work environments. Our track record stands as a testament to our dedication to ensuring the safety of workplaces throughout Ethiopia.

Our Mission

Become a preferred firm through Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety awareness creation among workers and employers to further reduce the high level of diseases and accidents.

Our Vission

"Strive to be the foremost choice in fostering Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety awareness among both employees and employers, with the ultimate goal of significantly diminishing the prevalence of illnesses and accidents."

Why Choose Safety Always

    • Decades of Experience: With over ten years in the industry, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project we undertake.
    • Tailored Solutions: We understand that every workplace is unique. Our solutions are customized to address the specific Environmental Occupational Health and Safety concerns of each client.
    • Comprehensive Approach: From consultancy to training and provision of safety equipment, we offer a holistic approach to safety enhancement.
    • Regulatory Compliance: We stay updated with local and international safety regulations, ensuring that our clients are always in compliance



Working Environment Parameter

Benefits of implementing working environment monitoring

    • The working environment can strongly affect the employees’ health, quality, and efficiency. Working environment monitoring is an obligatory task and an activity that brings businesses much practical benefit.
    • Implementing working environment monitoring helps businesses establish and maintain a healthy & safe workplace, reduce risks of affecting health, and prevent occupational diseases for employees; thereby, helping employees be more satisfied, engaged, and devoted to the business, as well as increasing efficiency and productivity.
    • Through monitoring of the working environment, elements of the environment are examined and evaluated scientifically and objectively; thereby the businesses can determine existing or potential harmful factors to provide solutions and take timely corrective and preventive actions.
    • Besides, carrying out monitoring of the working environment can help businesses comply with the law.

Among the Monitoring services that we provide:

    • Physical factors include light, noise, vibration (Hand-arm and Whole body), radiation, temperature, humidity,
    • Suspended dust includes the silica content in dust, metal dust, coal dust, and cotton dust,
    • Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5)
    • Chemical elements include NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds/VOC (benzene and homologs – toluene, xylene)

Consulting And Document Preparation

Undertaking workplace hazard identification and risk assessment, job safety analysis, safe work method statement,

    1. Prepare Occupational health and safety manual, Occupational health and safety plan, risk treatment plan, work permits etc
    2. Conducting an audit of environmental, health, and safety.
    3. Undertaking Fire Audit
    4. Environmental impact/Performance Audit
    5. Consult the implementation of OHS-MS (ISO 45001:2018)
    6. Develop a set of procedures for Environmental, Health, and Safety.
    7. Work at height procedure
      • PPE procedure
      • Emergency preparedness and response procedure
      • Excavation work safety procedure
      • Lifting work safety procedure
      • Demolition work safety procedure
      • Safely working with electricity and electrical equipment procedure
      • Fire safety procedures
      • Housekeeping procedure
      • Incident investigation and reporting procedure
      • Manual handling procedure
      • Chemical handling procedure
      • Physical Security procedure
    1.  Consultancy Service on General STD and HIV/AIDS Alleviation and Prevention.
    2.  Consultancy Service on Gender and Gender based violence (GBV)

Training Service

    1.  Concepts, Definitions and Legal Aspects of ESH
    2.  Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
    3.  Basic Electrical safety
    4.  Fire hazard and prevention
    5.  Work at height
    6.  Ergonomical Hazards
    7.  Occupational health and safety Management System
    8.  Physical, Psychosocial and Biological Hazards
    9.  Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals and Prevention Methods
    10.  Accident Investigation and Reporting
    11.  Types of Emergencies and Emergency Procedure
    12.  Fire hazard and Fire prevention
    13.  Workshop Safety & maintaining good Housekeeping
    14.  Personal Protective Equipment use and Application
    15.  Workplace hazards controlling hierarchies

Provision And Sale Of Personal Protective Equipment

    • Safety shoe
    • Gloves
    • Helmet
    • Eye goggle
    • Safety harness
    • Hearing protection (Ear muff and Ear Plug)
    • Fire extinguisher/Fire blanket

Projects Undertaken By Safety Always

At Safety Always, we believe that partnerships are essential to our success. That's why we're proud to partner with some of the leading companies and organizations in the world. Our partners help us to provide our customers with the best possible products and services, and they help us to stay ahead of the curve in our industry.

  • CCECC: Consulting for the Implementation of General STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention Measures in Road Construction Project
  • MOENCO: Working Environment Monitoring Consultancy Service, Preparation of Emergency Evacuation Plan and Environmental Performance Audit:
  • VARNERO: Consultancy Service for the Provision of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety at the National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) Share Company (NTE) - A Member of the Japan Tobacco International Group of Companies (JTI) Factory Building Project.
  • GIZ: Providing Social Compliance and Occupational Safety and Health Training for the Textile and Garment Industry Research and Development Center (TGIRDC), formerly called Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI) Experts.
  • Solidaridad: Providing Occupational Health and Safety TOT Training for Textile and Garment Factory workers.
  • Habesha Breweries: Working environment monitoring consultancy Service,
  • ERA: Consultancy Service on the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management system (OHS-MS)
  • Telecom: Provision of Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • AA Abattoirs: Provision of Occupational Health and Safety inspection and consultancy service.
  • Siltun Balemuya: Preparation of EHS Policy, Preparation of Work at height procedure, Preparation of Chemical Handling procedure, Preparation of manual handling procedure, Preparation of Housekeeping procedure, Preparation of Security procedure and Provision of work at height Training

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