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KIHLOT ENGINEERING was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to contribute to technological and industrial advancement and change in the Electro-mechanical Installation, Consulting, Construction, and Engineering services in the Nation.

Company Objectives
The main objective of the company is to contribute to the process of industrialization, technology, and know-how transfer with standard quality that takes into consideration not only local resource utilization but conditions of function for the achievement of national and international development with environmentally friendly technology.

Scope of Services
The following are a few examples but not limited range of services.

Erection / Installation

KIHLOT Engineering undertakes the Installation of Cargo and Pallet Handling Equipment, Brewery and Co 2 plant Machinery and equipment, Assembly and Installation of Silos and their accessories, Continuous Hot Dip Galvanization Line equipment including Overhead Cranes, Pipe Line Installation and welding with TIG, MIG and Arc welding, Insulation work, Assembling bolted Water and Waste Water Tanks, Fuel tankers, Installation of pre-engineering building structures.

KIHLOT Engineering organizes its force for the supply, fabrication, installation, and erection of fuel and product storage tanks, fabrication, erection of steel structure and cladding, machinery and all associate works for industrial plants, specializing in beverage processing industries.

KIHLOT Engineering undertakes the following erection work in the Brewery project.

Assembled Water and Wastewater bolted tanks as well as Silos with its Conveying and Cleaning, Installation of Machinery and Equipment for Brew House, CIP, Filtration, CCT and BBT, Boiler, Cooling system Compressors and Condensers, Co 2 recovery plant and KEG as well as Over Head Cranes for malt handling. Using TIG, MIG, and Arc pipe welding for Boiler, Filtration, CCT and BBT, Pipe Corridor, Water system, Cooling, and Co2 with Air systems were performed professionally including hot and cold insulation.

KIHLOT Engineering installs Supplied PEB Steel Buildings with full accessories for Factory buildings as well as warehouses.

The installation work includes Primary and Secondary steel members, Single Panels, Sandwich Panels, Power vents, Windows as well as different types of doors.

KIHLOT Engineering also performs Electrical installation works that include high-tension power supply lines, and the supply of qualified electricians for industrial electrification.

Electrical Power and lighting systems perform design and installation for Industrial and home applications on a turnkey basis.

Technologies Consultancy
Based on the needs of clients and the nation's physical situation, KIHLOT ENGINEERING undertakes the technology consultancy of design and layout review, critical review of machinery and equipment output and quality, as units or packages of technology, or as complete turnkey set-ups.

It undertakes projects in association or joint venture or as a sub-contractor of international and local companies.

In these respects, it endeavors to maximize local resource inputs through unpacking of technologies to be cost-effective and knowledge transfer.

Fabrication of local components
KIHLOT ENGINEERING takes full responsibility for the supply of components or parts that can be fabricated locally from steel materials that can fulfill the accepted standards and norms.

KIHLOT ENGINEERING has undertaken the fabrication of many steel structural units for buildings, Fabrication of fuel tanks, Partitions, Shelves, Different Structures, Pipe Racks, Doors, and Louvers.

The work includes the design, fabrication, and testing of Electromechanical products.

Rehabilitation and maintenance
KIHLOT ENGINEERING assists in major maintenance and rehabilitation works. The company can perform industrial boiler maintenance including chamber replacement and other industrial products.

KIHLOT Engineering’s area of specialization in the engineering sector among others includes:

      • Electro-mechanical plant design, consult or installed and commissioning work
      • Layout Design and Installation of Industrial Machineries and Pipelines.
      • Water, Sanitary, and Solar Systems Installation and consultancy.
      • Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Steel Structures.
      • Design, Fabrication, and Installation of AC Systems.
      • Design and Fabrication of Metal & Wood Products.
      • Maintenance of Industrial and Construction Equipment.
      • Supply and Install PEB Structures.

Equipment and Tools with Accessories
KIHLOT ENGINEERING owns a wide range of tools consisting of personalized toolboxes for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, welders, and an extensive range of common tools for electricians, mechanics, plumbers, welders, and fitters.

For site erection tools such as wrenches, ladders, safety hoists winches, and torque wrenches; two types of scaffoldings and pulleys are the majority of tools available.

To facilitate the erection work, KIHLOT has its new 30-ton crane with a 35-meter boom length, and also to transport materials from Workshop to the site, there is one 3.5-ton carrying capacity truck that is part of its property.

In our workshop, there are different fabrication machinery like TIG, MIG, and Manual Arc welding machines and workshop equipment to manufacture different engineering products.

The company has its own office located in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Lideta Subcity, Sengatera area, Sudan Street, Sengatera 40/60 Condominium Block 4, First Floor is organized with full facility and workforce to undertake electro-mechanical installation, consultancy, design, fabrication and execution of projects professionally on-time delivery.




Our Major Clients

  1. BGI Ethiopia
  2. Castel Winery
  3. DIO Hradec Kralove (RAYA Brewery)
  4. Talbot & Talbot Engineering (Meta Brewery)
  5. Star Business Group
  6. Zebidar Brewery SC
  8. Raya Brewery SC
  9. AMOVA GmbH, SMS Group
  10. Unitechnik Systems GmbH
  12. Ethio-Shewit Plc
  13. Habesha Brewery SC
  14. Advantage Industrials PLC
  16. Luci Engineering Plc

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Address:- Lideta Subcity, Sengatera area, Sudan Street 40/60 Condominium, Building 4 First Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: 251 111 260 274
Fax: 251 111 228 195
Box 42228, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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