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General Solution Engineering PLC

Welcome to General Solution Engineering PLC, a leading company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a vision to revolutionize the construction sector while upholding the principles of sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We are proud to be affiliated with Safe Con General Construction PLC, an esteemed construction company with 6 years of experience, specializing in various construction and finishing works. General Solution Engineering PLC emerges as a sister company to extend our commitment to excellence across diverse domains.

About Us:
General Solution Engineering PLC is dedicated to fostering a greener and more prosperous future through our diverse range of services. With a firm belief in the potential of our country's economy and its human resources, we focus on creating a lasting impact in the construction industry and beyond. Our services span a wide spectrum of sectors including manufacturing, trading, training, environmental solutions, and more.

Our mission at General Solution Engineering PLC is to establish ourselves as a pioneering force within the construction sector, consistently delivering products and services of exceptional quality across all our departments.

Our vision encompasses a transformed nation – one that boasts beauty, eco-friendliness, and an empowered young generation. Through our endeavors, we aspire to be at the forefront of driving positive change in various aspects of society.


1. Green Solutions:
In alignment with our commitment to environmental sustainability, our Green Solutions department focuses on preserving and enhancing our ecosystems. Services include:

    • Indoor and outdoor plant solutions
    • Garden plant selection and maintenance
    • Landscape and garden design and implementation
    • Technical advice on environmental preservation
    • Routine maintenance for built-up landscapes and gardens

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2. Solution Manufacturing and Engineering:
Our manufacturing division is dedicated to producing high-quality construction materials and chemicals, contributing to the growth of the industry. Our offerings encompass:

    • Fiberglass products, including planters and construction equipment
    • Construction chemicals for various applications
    • Epoxy products and materials
    • Construction equipment and utilities


3. Solution Consultation and Training Centers:
Empowering the younger generation and addressing unemployment challenges, our Consultation and Training Centers provide valuable knowledge transfer related to the construction sector. We offer:

    • Routine training programs to enhance skills
    • Knowledge dissemination for sustainable construction practices

4. Solution Import and Export
We serve as a bridge connecting our country to the global market by importing high-quality construction materials and chemicals while also exporting products to the world. Key aspects of this department include:

    • Importing construction materials and chemicals from around the world
    • Ensuring quality products for customers and distributors across Ethiopia
    • Exporting locally sourced goods to international markets


Solution Printing and Packaging
We recognize the significance of superior packaging and printing in promoting our products. This department is poised to provide top-tier printing and packaging solutions to both our products and external clients.


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