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Phone 0118 69 21 72
Mobile +251 968 59 8357
Mobile 2 +251 911 85 6735
Sub City Bole Sub City,
Woreda Woreda 05
LocationBole Sub City, Woreda 05, H.NO New, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAdvertising/Promotion
Marvel Advertising

MARVEL ADVERTISING COMPANY is a design, print, and advertising company, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Well even if, we prefer our works to speak about us, to put it in one sentence, we are a group of enthusiastic, creative, and workaholic professionals working under the Marvel Ecosystem. 95% of our partners have more than 4 years of professional experience in the sector.

Our ecosystem is built of Artists and business owners.

Today, more than ever, the increasingly competitive economic environment requires compliance with high standards of performance, professionalism, and efficiency. This is inherent to the successful functioning of every company.
Marvel digital advertising and printing now has three sets of modern machinery and facilities worth over 7,000,000 ETB, with 8 table workers having rich vocational experience and skills in professional design and development specialty, marketing, administration, and support.

Our vision is to be innovative enough to take our customer's imagination to the edge of the limit. We partner with you to understand your business, anticipate your needs, and help you communicate in the most compelling way possible.

Our mission always focuses on leveraging premium customer experience at non-premium prices. We love what we do. In fact, nothing makes us happier than delivering a service that helps you achieve your goal.
We promise to exceed your expectations, on time and within your budget, and we sincerely promise our customers to count on us, and we deliver.

Indoor and Outdoor Signage

      • 3D Lighting Letters
      • 3D Led Almunium Sign
      • Lightbox
      • Neon Sign
      • Gas Station Signs
      • Traffic Signs
      • Billboards
      • High-Quality Digital Print
      • Foam Letters
      • Uv Print
      • CNC Routing
      • Laser Cut
      • LED Signage design
      • Logo design
      • User experience design
      • Advertising designs

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Address:- Bole Sub City, Woreda 05, H.NO New, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile No:- 0968598357, 0911856735
Office Phone No:- 0118 69 21 72

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