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Primary CategoryConsultancy/ Health Related

SafeDay Group is located in Addis Ababa. The company operates as a standard engineering, safety, and environmental solution provider for industry gaps. The company has two wings the technical part which is O & M formed as a consulting team, Any factory operation & maintenance solutions, Any factory erection including civil work, refractory, and installing Sanitation and Sewerage line and the other one is (SHEQ) Safety Health Environmental and quality solution including handle other related aspect of human resources and capital development Safe Day Group consultancy is a company engaged in assisting giant industries like cement, sugar, metal producing industries, beverages, and others owners to mitigate their business challenges and helps to deliver production solutions as required, also guiding the client to maximize the business opportunities arisen, that can help the organization achieve its goal and objective.

Safe Day Group operation & maintenance brings the cement, sugar, metal-producing industries, and others to the maximum production capability. The objective of the company provide maximum output with reasonable input. Quality & safety are uncompromised values of Safe Day Group. Our team always rehearsed to use the best values of experience in their careers. Additionally, Safe Day Group provides refractory solutions, which is the most time-consuming job in the industry, including facilitating operation and maintenance contracts depending on the needs of the client.

The main objective of Safe Day Group is to satisfy our customers in the cement, sugar, metal producing industries, beverages, textile, construction, and others, where they need to fill the technical gap created by mismanagement and undesirable turnover of technical staff. Currently, most of the cement Plant operates with running rates much lower than the world
standard. Hence the presence of such an engineering company makes the industry focus on the core business while we focus on issues problem solving, introduction of new technologies, plant evaluation, Training, etc... Currently, the government is encouraging local as well as foreign direct investors to invest in cement manufacturing, sugar, and metal-producing industries to resolve the existing demand. Vividly, the demands for local consultancy firms appreciate the spout. Safe Day Group is to satisfy our engineering company is equipped with different professionals who have immense experience in the aforementioned industry like plant operations, refractory replacement, and mechanical and electro-automation maintenance.

The company is a profit-target business, but our main satisfaction focuses on making the industry operate at the world standards level. Consequently, contributes to the fast-growing economy of the country, which is
our dream to see Ethiopia in mid of a middle-income country within a short period. Most of the Safe Day Group staff are cement & sugar industry professionals who worked for more than 18 years in the industry in the operation and maintenance of different cement & sugar factories, also all of them have worked as expatriates where they accumulated much experience in erection, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Company Thinking
“Nothing is beyond our capacity”

It is believed that our company has stuffed of experts in any operational fields to solve any technical and operational problems and we would give a good in sight to the management regarding the problem-solving techniques.
A problem-solving methodology should be an important process to solve any problem and give permanent solutions, by understanding and using basic problem-solving techniques.


      • To be the leading integrated Service giving company and the first choice in East Africa.


      • Superior quality service
      • Serving customers
      • Striving for ensuring shareholders’ benefits and stakeholders interest
      • Caring for employees
      • Mass base ownership structure
      • Environmental friendly products
      • Working hard to run the company with 100% of its local experts
      • Due attention to social responsibility

Core Values

      • Delivering customer-focused service and Products
      • Team Work
      • Honesty and Integrity
      • Committed to Our Customers.
      • Committed for Quality
      • Caring for its Employees
      • Committed for Environmental Protection and Safety

High-performing team, that is obsessed with shared values
‘’Could create Synergy’’

SAFEDAY Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy Service PLC was established as per the provisions of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia (1960). It was registered with the Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industry Bureau and got the competence certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy service from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
Since its establishment, we have been at the forefront of the endeavor to introduce modern Occupational Health and safety and environmental issues to our country through hazard assessment measurement, training, Consultancy, research services, and waste disposal services.

We offer several training programs, including Occupational Health and Safety Audit, Workplace Hazard Monitoring, Environmental Management system ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 Development and implementation, Risk and Gap assessment, system Audit, fire training Personal Protective Equipment Guideline development annually based on the request of customers (tailor-made programs) at their premises and nearby cities Training.
in this global business and technology. The transformation involves the internal services and the type and depth of workplace hazard assessment and measurement, research, training, and Consultancy areas it provides to customers. Thus, it is our pleasure we reply to this technical and financial proposal and we believe that the redigo pro-treated barley seed we dispose of and report will benefit you a lot. Finally, we appreciate the contribution made by your company in the development of our country and your attitude towards human and environmental protection to make your workplace a Conducive environment which we hope will help you to realize your objectives and take you to your desired excellence.


  • Manufacturing and Processing Companies
  • Government Ministries, Institutions, Bureaus and Offices
  • NGO’s and International Organizations
  • Service Providers
  • Trading Companies

We are located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Bole Sub City, Woreda 08, the way to Summit, on the Figa Road Belhamsan Building 3rd floor, and our target clients are industries and generally serving in the sectors of Construction, Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Healthcare.
Our wide range of capabilities, disciplines, and services are fundamentally based on qualitative and quantitative approaches and proactively delivering advice and solutions. We do this by giving our people the responsibility and opportunity to make a unique difference in the industry.

i. Organizational Structure and Manpower
“SAFEDAY” is a nest for very competent, inspired, versatile staff working together to harness collective knowledge and skill developed through long years of experience and learning which favor wide thinking and working horizon.
“SAFEDAY” manpower and their associates have profound experiences in consultancy, training, and research in the public and private sectors and are from multidisciplinary backgrounds and of different employment natures; Permanent, long and short-term contracts, and Volunteers.

The human resources management system of “SAFEDAY” is based on standard manuals that are adopted right at the time of the establishment.
“SAFEDAY” enjoys a comparative advantage in accomplishing assignments and delivering high-quality outputs on time mainly because:

(i) The organization is founded by professionals having wide and progressive experience in consultancy, research, and training activities in varying environmental conditions including remote areas;

(ii) it is committed to working and collaborating with partners and stakeholders,

(iii) it can work and deliver quality output under pressure, and

(iv) it has a standard organizational structure, working manuals, guidelines, and policies.

“SAFEDAY” has over twenty professional and administrative manpower. The manpower is composed of postgraduates specializing in policy analysis, capacity building, statistics, rural development, Natural resources
management, economics, pastoral development, food security, environmental science, Water Resource Engineering, Agriculture, GIS, Sociology, WASH, climate change adaptation and mitigation, forestry, monitoring and evaluation, behavioral sciences, and other various disciplines coupled with extensive training and research experiences.


ii. Partnership
With roots in Public and Private companies, SAFEDAY developed relationships with varying Companies and Organizations, such as Research institutions, Universities, Consultancy and Training companies. SAFEDAY is also involved in professional, social, and business associations to promote collaborative strategies. So far, SAFEDAY developed relationships with companies and organizations that will provide publicity, marketing, and technology assistance such as the Ethiopian Occupational Health and Safety Professionals Association, University of Gondar, Motion Consultancy and Training PLC, and ISO Mate Consultancy and Training plc.

iii. Service Philosophy and Scope of Services
Based on an innovative approach and a new paradigm of thinking, SAFEDAY ideally positioned itself to foster sustainability by designing the future in the willing mind and partnering the discourse for development without, of course, ignoring the day-to-day advancement of the company as a business organization. Though the root and fruit are its own business and development philosophies, SAFEDAY is working with the objective and operational policy that coincides with local, regional, and international development agendas.

‘SAFEDAY’ provides an integrated set of temporally and spatial customized and highly harmonized Consultancy and Training services backstopped by Research and Development activities within the domain of Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health, Safety Management Systems, Environment, and personal and organizational development.

“SAFEDAY” uplifts all effort through realizing dreams by bringing need-based safety services on contemporary and emerging thematic issues that have direct relevance to individuals, organizations, and societal development. To enhance service safety, innovativeness, and integrity, we constantly review our services and facilitate Experience-sharing occasions on a wide range of topics to ensure that our services remain relevant and meet our high standards. With this principle and approach, the success and achievement track records of SAFEDAY have grown significantly over the last few years as principals and other staff developed their experience through involvement in many consulting, training, and research assignments and development projects of various natures.

iv. Experience in General
The diversity of projects it has successfully undertaken, the variety of clients it has served, and the wealth of human resources it has assembled to achieve what it has achieved so far is impressive. Over 05 Projects of varying natures and geographic locations have been executed.
Within a short period, because of its commitment to quality, work in all of the works entrusted to it by its clients; Safeday has succeeded in standing firmly on its feet as a trustworthy and reliable consultancy firm that has received recognition and appreciation from its clients.
Most of the assignments that Safeday has accomplished and is currently carrying out are those that are being implemented throughout the country, commissioned by various local, national, and international organizations as listed below,

      • Integrated Management Systems /ISO 9001, 14001, 22001, and 45001/ Development
      • Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, Manual and Guideline Development
      • EHS Training
      • Health and safety manual preparation
      • Preliminary/Initial Safety Review
      • Workplace HIV/Aids prevention and control campaign
      • Process Safety Management System Development and Implementation
      • Fire Safety Management System Implementation and Development
      • Emergency Planning and Disaster Recovery Management
      • Collection and analysis of primary data
      • Risk Assessment, Environment and Health & Safety
      • Site supervision and regular site inspections Environmental and social impact assessment studies
      • Assessment of the institutional, legal, and organizational set-up
      • Assistance to Clients in obtaining necessary approvals, permits and licenses
      • Preparation of tender documents
      • Assessment of specific training needs
      • Preparation of training documents and manuals
      • Training of Client's Personnel and knowledge-transferring administrative and operational issues

v. Our belief towards Phase of Safe and Healthy Organization
Implementation of safety measures, alertness, and conforming to health, safety, and environment is important for each process, activity, and service under existing legislation and any requirements of global standards to be known. A culture of safety and health should be promoted at all levels in the workplace.

vi. We offer Services in the Area of:

      • Preliminary/Initial Safety Review
      • Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, Manual and Guideline Development
      • Process Safety Management System Development and Implementation
      • Policy and Legislation Compliance application
      • Fire Safety Management System Implementation and Development
      • Fire Safety Risk assessment and Protection plan
      • Emergency Planning and Disaster Recovery Management
      • First Aid Training
      • Ergonomics Management System Development and Implementation
      • Workplace Hazard Measurement and Monitoring
      • Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/
      • Environmental Management Planning
      • Environmental Audit
      • Occupational Health and Safety Audit
      • Management Systems /ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001/ Development and Implementation
      • Health and Safety Data Assurance/Health and Safety Information Management System
      • Develop a Safe Operation procedure
      • Health, Safety and Environmental Research
      • Accident Investigation Procedure Development

vii. Our Services Focus Area


      • Occupational Safety and Health Service at the company level, training on workplace hazard control and its prevention mechanism, training on accident and incident investigation and prevention methods, training, and campaign on workplace sexually transmitted disease and Hiv/Aids control and prevention, advise how to implement the integrated management system in Africa Bottling Company.
      • Development of Environmental and occupational health and safety management manual for Ethiopia Sugar Corporation.
      • Consulting and training on workplace Hiv/Aids intervention for Ethiopia Occupational Safety and Health Professional Association members.
      • Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 9001:2015, 45001:2018 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 document development, implementation, internal Audit, and preparation for certification for Mesay Oli General company.
      • Occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001/2018 document development, implementation, internal Audit, and preparation for certification for Kushladder Construction PLC.
      • Detailed study and analysis of the nature of the chemical, design, and development methodology of proper handling, transporting, and Safe Waste disposal and consulting Service for Debrebirhan Industrial Park BOORTMALT Ethiopia PLC.
      • Workplace health and safety and loading and unloading three-day training and consulting for Manaye Flowering and Deluxe furniture company
      • Preparation of occupational health and safety manual, and personal protective equipment manual for Ethiopia Sugar Corporation.
      • Preparation of occupational health and safety and fire risk assessment and water testing for Ericsson Ethiopia Company.
      • Preparation of fire risk assessment and fire protection and demonstration of fire for Bole Lami Industrial Park JAYJAY Textile plc.
      • Workplace Hazard measurement (noise meter measurement, air emission, and light measurement) for Afrisky plc Factory and Adama steel factory.
      • Electromechanical work for swimming pool for wolabu construction.
      • Environmental air emission measurement and water test for Afrisky plc Factory and Adama steel factory.
      • Workplace health and safety and fire safety and safety committee three-day training for Safaricom Ethiopia company
      • Motor rewinding, electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical training for Hawasa industrial park workers.
      • Workplace Hazard measurement (noise meter measurement, air emission, and light measurement) for souffle malt Ethiopia share company.

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