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ZSecuredTech is the first Private Cybersecurity company in Ethiopia. It provides ICT/Cyber security training, digital education, ISO Standards implementation, Project management, software development, and associated ICT solutions. 

ZsecuredTech is owned by Mr. Faris Mubarek, Mr. Mohamed Kitesa, and Mr. Dereje Reta.  Mr. Faris Mubarek holds an MSc In Information Systems Management, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), IOS27001 and ISO9001 Lead auditor.

Mr. Mohammed Melki is a senior construction Professional with over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has specialized knowledge and expertise in construction project management, contract negotiations, quality control, and delivery. Mr. Dereje Reta has over 30 of business experience.

ZSecuredTech is a sister company of ZSecuredTech Limited which was founded in the UK in June 2009.

ZSecuredTech Consultancy was founded in 2020 in Ethiopia and 2009 in the UK and has since inception been led by a team with operational experience at an executive level.

Vision statement

Our vision is to become a partner of choice for cybersecurity services, data science, and data analytics solutions for clients by bringing together the three components, people, technology, and operations to form the most powerful innovation cycle in security, harnessing and implementing all aspects of data protection, and work relentlessly to make businesses cyber resilient.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help businesses to be cyber resilient and grow securely at every stage, from small start-ups to mid-market businesses, to large enterprises.

Provide our customers with superior cybersecurity software, hardware, and services that will enable them to reduce risks and costs, and increase productivity, efficiency, and profits. Provide our employees with an exceptional working environment, potential for growth, and generous compensation plan.

Accelerate the Adoption of Secure Technologies and collaborate with innovators to provide real-world, standards-based cybersecurity capabilities that address business needs.

Business Objectives
ZsecuredTech’s objective is to create 100 Entrepreneurs in the next 10 years who in turn will create 10,000 professional jobs in their businesses. In the process ZsecuredTech endeavors to achieve the following:

      • To Make Businesses Cyber Resilient, through executing a multi-pronged cyber framework to achieve cyber resiliency. These are Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover, and Educate.
      • To ensure the privacy of information, the correctness of data, and access to authorized users. And provide custom solutions with outstanding customer service– which enhances its customers’ efficiency and secures ZSecuredTech’s long relationship via contracts and recurring projects.
      • To guarantee the security of the business' online operations by protecting key infrastructures involved in the provision of these services.
      • Disseminate digital literacy to enhance the Ethiopian and African digital journey.
      • Produce Information Security professionals within the country to save foreign currency.

Products & services
ZsecuredTech provides three types of products and services.
Training – Digital literacy, cybersecurity from Cybersecurity fundamentals to top cybersecurity certifications e.g., CISSP

Consultancy – ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS (Information Security Management Systems), ISO/IEC 9001 QMS (Quality Management System Project Management

Current Training ZsecuredTech provides

ZsecuredTech Trading PLC provides the following training at its Bole Medhanalem training center.



Cybersecurity Awareness Training

$1ü  Raise Cyber resilience to protect businesses from Criminals.

$1ü  Providing Information Security awareness from the top management to ordinary employees, to keep your business safe.

$1ü  Address the weakest link in Cybersecurity – The human resources.

Cybersecurity fundamentals

$1ü  cybersecurity concepts,

$1ü  security architecture principles,

$1ü  security of networks, systems, applications, and data,

$1ü  incident management and

$1ü  security implications of the emerging technologies

ISO27001:2022 Fundamentals

$1ü  ISO 27001 Information Security Management System training gives you an understanding of all the specific requirements in the standard, how to create an ISMS, and goes through the families and operational and technical controls needed for a successful ISMS implementation.

Future Training by Zsecuredtech
Soon upon achieving funding ZSecuredTech Trading PLC becomes an authorized training center ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), which is an international professional association focused on IT governance; EC-Council, a cybersecurity certification, education, training, and services and, (ISC)²- The International Information System Security Certification Consortium.

After becoming an authorized training provider from the above-mentioned vendors, we will be running the following trainings with Certification in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Digital literacy development is a critical component of not only adult basic education but also it is important for the digital economy that is underway in Ethiopia. Digital literacy helps bank customers securely conduct their online transactions, the society makes use of e-commerce and e-business.

Implementation of ISO 27001 and certification assures businesses are serious about cybersecurity and hence customer data. ISO 27701 focuses on addressing GDPR requirements to ensure industry-specific standards that match relevant operational needs. ISO27001 allows organizations to use the standard to incorporate other privacy laws, regulations, and requirements.

Digital literacy
One of our solutions is providing digital literacy (basic, intermediate, and advanced) to empower society, youth, men, and women to access information and knowledge.
We believe there are also many potential benefits to developing digital literacy skills, especially at a young age, such as:

      • Improved academic performance.
      • Greater creativity.
      • Enhanced communication skills.
      • Increased ability to multitask.
      • Earlier exposure to important technologies and trends.

Advanced cybersecurity and IT training

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

$1ü  One of the extremely valuable

$1ü  High-profile unparallel Certifications,

$1ü  Provides wide Cybersecurity knowledge.

$1ü  Certified Professionals can implement the knowledge in their workplace.

CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

$1ü  Recognition of attainment of advanced job skills (People, Project, and security management)

$1ü  Worldwide recognition as an Information Security Manager

$1ü  Confirms commitment to the Information Security profession.

$1ü  Provides access to valuable security resources.

CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker

$1ü  Gain hands-on experience and working knowledge of security threats.

$1ü  Enables to provide appropriate responses to malicious attacks.

$1ü  Understand the approach and tactics of cybercriminals.

$1ü  Differentiate different types of hackers and hacking techniques.

Coding, Website Design, and AI fundamentals

$1ü  Basic and Advanced computer coding

$1ü  Website Development

$1ü  Managing Websites

$1ü  AI fundamentals

CCNA – Certified Cisco Network Associate

$1ü  CCNA certificate program assures that the candidate is skillful in operating the most severe and complex networking systems.

$1ü  Develop a sound methodology for understanding the core concepts of Cisco networking.

$1ü  Recognition - Once CCNA certified, the student gets entitlement and a recognition that you can include in your resume while applying for a vacant job position in the Cisco networking domain.

$1ü  Raise in Salary – As a CCNA certified the student could expect to see almost a double rise in your salary.

$1ü  A Mediating Step - Many of the Cisco certifications require CCNA certification as a prerequisite.

Cybersecurity Baseline Assessment 

$1ü  Helps to ascertain the current Cybersecurity posture of the business.

$1ü  Creates the roadmap to the ultimate cybersecurity posture based on the sector of the business.

$1ü  It provides the management what questions to address.

$1ü  Uncovers the conspicuous vulnerabilities of the business.

$1ü  Helps to create the risk register based on risk assessment.

ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS Implementation, Auditing, and Consultancy

$1ü  Developing Policies

$1ü  Information Security Policies

$1ü  Procedures and Guidelines

$1ü  Information Security Roadmap preparation

$1ü  ISMS (Information Security Management Systems) Enforcement Training

ISO/IEC 9001 – Quality Management System (QMS) standard

$1ü  QMS implementation

$1ü  QMS auditing

$1ü  QMS training

Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

$1ü  Help businesses in planning and implementing policies.

$1ü  Protect a company's information from loss, damage, or theft.

$1ü  Advise the manager on Vendor/Supplier security management.

$1ü  Advise the management on National and International Compliance

$1ü  Prepare the Cybersecurity dashboard and present it to the senior management/Board

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

$1ü  The European General Data Protection Regulation has worldwide implications. Although it is the European Data Privacy Act, the GDPR will have a significant impact beyond the European Union, and it will extend many of its data privacy safeguards to users’ data globally.

$1ü  The ZsecuredTech consultants are certified GDPR assessors and implementors as such ready to consult businesses that are included within GDPR’s scope

IT Security Design, Implementation & Management

$1ü  You must have wondered why hackers are still able to wreak havoc and attack thousands of computers despite so many “security solutions” available. The truth is many security solutions you see today only address a small part of security problems. A lot of security vendors all along have misdirected businesses and industries into thinking firewall or antivirus products are the solutions. For that reason, security is often forgotten that it's a process, not just a mere single product. We help businesses' security to be embedded in the design.

Cybersecurity Audit

$1ü  Complete a cybersecurity audit with ZSecuredTech that leverages our deep cybersecurity, technical, and compliance expertise to truly validate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity policies, processes, and procedures. while meeting the specific needs of your organization and industry

Marketing Plan
The demand for cybersecurity is increasing day by day. According to a report by IBISWorld, the business is growing at a considerable rate of 5.2% annually. More than 90% of African businesses are operating without the necessary cyber security protocols in place.

Research from a Kenyan IT cybersecurity company, Serianu, highlighted that cybercrime reduced GDP within Africa by more than 10%, at a cost of an estimated 4.12 billion USD in 2021. This research shows that there are lots of cybercrime to solve.

Marketing Segmentation
Our business has a worldwide scope; however, we will only target the companies and institutes in Africa. Our products and services are available to Africa and the Middle East and earn foreign currency for Ethiopia. ZsecuredTech Trading PLC will use its website and various social media to promote EC Council and ISACA training courses and certifications.

Our targets will be mainly financial sectors, and government and private critical structure-owning organizations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Market Analysis
The Africa Cybersecurity Market size is expected to reach USD 0.53 billion in 2023 and grow at a CAGR of 13.5% to reach USD 1 billion by 2028. Although there is no specific market research for Ethiopia, we believe the country shares a sizeable market from the figure.

ZsecuredTech has biggest competitive edge is that each member of our team is insured and licensed, besides being skilled and expert, and can develop information security policies, and resolve any issue regarding cyber-security instantly. We are offering a wide range of services to our customers. Moreover, we are in an area that is the center of small and large businesses and institutes that need their data to be safe and protected.

Customer Analysis
Our target clients are:

      • Financial sectors – Banks and Insurance
      • Critical Infrastructure running organizations - Power and energy companies, Governmental organizations.
      • Educational Institutions
      • Manufacturing
      • Entertainment Industry
      • International Customers

ZSecuredTech’s business model is B2B, business, government agencies, financial institutions, educational institutions, manufacturing, and the entertainment industries. ZsecuredTech will secure its clients and their stakeholders’ data by making sure to secure it only for authorized users.

Banks and investment firms are prime targets for cybercriminals since they hold much financial data that be used to commit fraud and theft.

Cyber-attacks are hugely felt in the financial sector; however, healthcare, education, retail, energy, and utilities can also have devastating consequences.

Healthcare organizations hold rich and sensitive data that can be targeted by cybercriminals. These data can be used to commit identity theft and other fraud. Hackers can access this data in many ways, including phishing emails and malware.

Cyber-attacks on energy and utility companies can have devastating consequences. These organizations provide critical services that everyone relies on, so if they were to be attacked by cybercriminals serious disruption would be caused to society.

Energy and utility companies are attractive targets for cybercriminals because they often have outdated systems that are not well-protected.

Cyberattacks are a serious threat to businesses in all industries. However, industries such as banks are more vulnerable than others. They also require the ISO27001 standard implemented and certified.

Government organizations are also common targets for cybercriminals because they hold lots of sensitive data, including citizen's records, financial information, and classified documents.

Our prices which are reflected in our products and service are well-researched and internationally competitive. We also save foreign currency by allowing our trainees to pay in local currency.

ZsecuredTech will establish training centers in Bishoftu, Adama, Shashemene, and Awasa.

We also provide our training products online to reach our clients from various parts of the world.

Operational plan
Production Process and Development
As mentioned in previous sections ZSecuredtech delivers the services, training, consultancy, and project management. The operation of these services can be briefly described as follows:

Training - The need for the specific training will be identified with the corporate client. Once the need identification is agreed upon contractual agreement will be completed on the details of training delivery and pricing. If the training is specific to the client’s business curriculum will be developed.

The client also can be assisted in the process of choosing their delegates.

The training delivery day and timing will be agreed upon and ZSecuredtech delivers the training.

The deletes are assessed and if the delegate has attended 80% he or she will receive a completion certificate signed by senior management of ZSecuredtech and the client’s senior management.

If the delegate wants to take an industry-standard certificate in the field ZsecuredTech will facilitate the exam voucher as per the agreement with the clients.

Consultancy – The process with the client is similar to the above details. Based on the type of consultancy required by our client necessary contractual agreement will be completed. For example, if the consultancy is to implement ISO/IEC27001 after the legal and contractual agreement is completed the ZsecuredTech will complete the following:

      • Risk Assessment of the Business
      • Assets (Risks) will be identified, and assets register will be created.
      • Asset owners will be interviewed and the risk regarding the asset will be identified.
      • Based on the risk assessment appropriate controls chosen from the 93 of ISO27001:2023 are available
      • Based on the controls chosen, policies, procedures and guidelines will be developed.
      • Training on the standard will be given to the management and all employees with an arrangement of the client.
      • An internal audit will be conducted.
      • If the internal audit is successful certifying body will be invited for the final audit for certification

Project Management – ZsecuredTech bids for a project. When the bid is successful and the project award is received from the client:

      • A contractual agreement is signed as per the country’s regulations and the client’s internal policies.
      • An initial kick-off meeting with the client’s management and ZsecuredTech’s senior management takes place.
      • Implementation consultants will be assigned, and the milestones of the project's progress will be strictly monitored.
      • The progress of the project is regularly reported to the client’s relevant management.
      • When the project is completed the final sign-off will take place by the senior management of the client and ZsecuredTech.

The suppliers and raw materials
Our suppliers are international security vendors. These are ISACA, ISC2, EC- council, Checkpoint, Kaspersky, Dell, Microsoft Systems, ITGovernance, BSI, and Cisco Systems.

ZsecuredTech has 4 permanent employees at present and planning to employ a number of professionals to deliver its products and services.

Our products and service delivery highly depend on the quality and skills of our employees.

To make sure we deliver competitive services and products we HR (Human Relations) policy based on ISO 27001 standard.

We make sure our employees are passionate about what they do; believe in what do; and have strategy; Energy; clarity in value, bonding power, and good communication.

The employee’s skills matrix is regularly checked and updated

The Team
ZsecuredTech is led by Mr Faris Mohamed Mubarak. Mr. Mohamed Kitesa and Mr Dereje Reta are co-founders and remotely support the business.

ZsecuredTech Plc is owned by Mr. Faris Mohamed Mubarak, Mr. Mohamed Kitesa, and by Mr Dereje Reata.

Development Impact
ZsecuredTech will have a very positive impact on Digital Ethiopia 2025. It will also have a major positive impact in producing Cybersecurity professionals in Ethiopia and beyond to alleviate the information security professionals shortage.

ZsecuredTech will raise cybersecurity awareness and make businesses in Africa cyber-resilient.

ZsecuredTech will help create many thousands of entrepreneurs around technology who in turn create major employment and stop people from migrating abroad to look for better lives.

Local economic impact of the business
ZsecuredTech will create direct employment for 25 Professionals and 50+ unskilled. Also, the number of entrepreneurs that ZsecuredTech creates over 10,000 high-paying jobs locally and remotely worldwide.

For investors in the business, ZsecuredTech is engaged in the right sector and no doubt it will be highly profitable.

Local social impact of the business’s products or services

      • The digital literacy (basic, intermediate, and advanced) that ZsecuredTech provides will create will:
      • Improved academic performance.
      • Greater creativity.
      • Enhanced communication skills.
      • Increased ability to multitask.
      • Earlier exposure to important technologies and trends
      • Better and healthier environment
      • Improved quality of life in terms of having the technological knowledge to produce healthy food, modern housing, and overall have a positive effect on the population and environment.
      • The digital literacy will enhance the employability of the Citizens nationally and internationally.
      • Will decrease the migration of Citizens to look for a better life abroad and make them love their country.

Company Address
Address: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Bole Oromia Building 2nd Floor
Phone: +251 96 355 5592
Website:- https://www.zsecuredtech.com/