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LocationYeab building 6th floor 601, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryLifts/Elevators, Escalators Installation
MRL Engineering & Trading P.L.C

MRL Engineering & Trading PLC is a group of companies with its head office based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and branch offices in Adama, Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dessie, and Mekelle Towns, with many of our valued clients spread across the country Ethiopia. The company is experiencing and extending with the diversification of company business, now company stands as a group of companies with vast national & international experience gearing up to play a leading role in the field of contracting services like Architectural work, civil works, electrical works, building constructions and maintenance, Consultancy and Engineering Service, Import and Logistics Services, etc. M R L Engineering & Trading is to build quality construction projects according to their original specifications, on time, and on budget. Architectural craftsmanship, engineering. integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship are what they have built their reputation over since last two decades.


MRL Engineering & Trading has deep experience in the dreamless sector of Architectural Design, civil works, electrical works, building construction and maintenance, Consultancy Engineering Services, etc. Since enterprise needs are becoming more challenging, change is more frequent and projects require a variety of skills, we operate cross-platform teams for complex projects fusing different technologies.


The Company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management, and implementation right through to support and upgrades. We are committed to best practices and professional integrity to ensure we deliver quality, Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of their commercial contractor business. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by M R L Engineering & Trading


Our vision is to bring our customers into the up-to-date innovation and technology in all Engineering and trading Sectors for both Products and Services.

MRL Engineering & Trading has a vision to build the most competitive Engineering and related professions in Ethiopia by incorporating qualified and experienced staff members with the required specialization and skill in the field to serve customer needs with the most efficient and effective precision.


      • To provide customized product and service solutions for national customers and International Suppliers.
      • To Exceed the customers' expectations with innovation, technology, passion, and professionalism.
      • Provide our employees with a stage featuring dreams come true.
      • To Create a safer and healthier environment.
      • To be an enterprise having a strong sense of social responsibility.

MRL Engineering & Trading P.L.C has a long-term plan to expand its product supply and services provision all over East Africa and the Horn as a leading Company in the area of Manufacturing. Assembling. Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Training, and other related services all under one roof and opening several branches.


      • Give priority to the quality and safety of products and services,
      • We keep on technology innovation and management improvement to enhance customer experience.
      • We stick to professional, diversified, open, and efficient principles to build our team.
      • We always bear in mind our commitments.
      • We deliver uncompromising integrity, hard work, and constant respect for each customer through which we can develop trust, customer satisfaction, and long-lasting partnerships so as to fulfill our motto which says.

Major Activities of our Company.

1. Architectural Design & Consulting.

      • Villa Homes,
      • Real Estates & Apartments,
      • Business Centers,
      • Mixed Use Buildings,
      • Office Buildings,
      • Road & Bridges,

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2. Soil Testing & Foundation Work,

      • Moisture content test
      • Waterberg limits tests
      • The specific gravity of soil
      • Dry density of soil
      • Compaction test (Proctor's test)
      • Grading plan on-site
      • Footing & Foundation plan on site
      • Erosion Control plan on site
      • Excavation, Grading, Fill, Footings, Foundation Walls, Damp Proofing/ Water Proofing, Pile Foundations, Pier Foundation,

3. Structural Material Supply & Construction,

      • Selected Material,
      • Stone for Hard core & for Masonry work, Reinforcement Bars, RHS, Cement,
      • HCB (Hollow Cement Block), Ribbed HCB, Brick,
      • Gypsum Blocks, Magnesium Boards,

4. All Aluminum Materials Supply & Installation,

      • Aluminum Curtain
      • Aluminum Cladding
      • Aluminum Window & doors,
      • Aluminum Partition,
      • Aluminum Skylight,
      • Aluminum Hand Rails,

5. Ceramic, Tiling, Sanitary, Flooring, Ceiling & Lighting Material Supply & Installation,

      • Granite,
      • Porcelain,
      • Marble, Marble Chips,
      • Parquet, Mosaic Tile,
      • Ceramic Tile, PVC Tile, PVC Skirting, Terrazzo, Adhesives,
      • Tap, Basin, Urinal, Toilet, Wash down, Drain, Floor Drain,
      • Pipes,
      • HDF Flooring, Skirting,
      • Aluminum & Plastic Ceiling,
      • Lighting, Sockets, Switches, Telephone & Internet Lines,

6. Elevator, Escalator & Car Parking System Supply & Installation,

      • MR Passenger Elevators,
      • MRL Passenger Elevators,
      • Bed /Hospital/ Elevators,
      • Villa Lifts,
      • Freight Elevators,
      • Car Lifts,
      • Escalators (30 & 35 Degree)
      • Car Parking System,
      • Steel Structures,

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7. All Construction Machinery & Equipment Supply & Rental Service,

      • Cranes, Dozers, Graders, Excavators, Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Roller, Dump Trucks, Pickups & Small Vehicles,
      • Mixer, Asphalt Cutter, Compactor,
      • Scaffolding, Forklift,

8. Generators, Pumps, AC Systems, Chiller and boilers, Sensor Doors, Security Camera, GPS System, Supply and installation.
9. Workshop & Garage Equipment, Vehicle Testing Equipment, Tools, Spare Parts Supply & Installation,
10. Tour, Travel, Transit, Visa Process, Express & Consulting Service

Major Suppliers of our Company.

1. Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd. From both GERMANY & CHINA,

      • Passenger Elevators,
      • Bed /Hospital/ Elevators,
      • Villa Lifts,
      • Freight Elevators,
      • Car Lifts,
      • Escalators and Moving Walks,

2. Car Parking System, 

VILLALTA SRL-ITALY For all Construction Materials and Equipment,


For Vibrating Rollers, Compactors, Asphalt cutters &ete


For all types of Water Pumps

5. ASE EUROPE NV-Belgium, 

For Finishing Materials Supply,

6. Huan Chang Aluminum Factory Co. Ltd. -China, 

For All Aluminum and Accessories Supplies,

7. RCG POWER, (Ruichang Gold Generating Equipment(Wuxi) Manufacturing Co. Ltd.- China, 

For All Generating Sets Supply,


For Arab Steel Fabrication (ASF) Egyptian Manufacturing & Advanced System Co. EGY LUX Electrical Industries, ELSEWEDY Electrical Equipment & Cables

Major Clients of our Company,

1. Kidist Tsegaye Real Estate,

      • Elevator Supply and Installation
      • Steel structure works and
      • All Aluminum Works,

2. Sur Construction

      • Construction material Supply and Installation
      • Workshop Equipment Supply and Installation

3. Mehal Merkato Real Estate

      • Elevator Supply and Installation
      • Finishing Material Supply and Installation

4. Hailemariam Aseffa General Contractor,

      • Sub Contract for all finishing works,
      • Supply and After-sales Service for all construction equipment,

5. Habib Construction,
6. Zamra Construction,
7. Great Commission Guest House
8. Yencomad Construction
9. Oromia Construction Works Enterprise
10. Chuchu Motel
11. Hitek Architects & Consultants,
12. Sisay Architects & Consultants,
13. Many Individual Project owners,
14. Ven Tech Engineering Solution,
15. United Construction,
16. Ageca (Ethiopia) Company,
17. Ato Assefa Argaw,
18. Dr. Getachew Alemayhu,
19. Samket Engineering & Construction PLC,
20. W/ro Birqua Teka,
21. W/ro Zelekawork Ali,
22. Ato Feyissa,
23. Ato Abd Construction PLC,
24. Ten Sisters NGO,
25. Aywa Import,

26. Abrak Hospital,
27. Ato Liul,
28. Ato Kiflu,
29. Ato Biniam Kiflu,
30. W/t Aklile Mehatsentu,
31. Afework Gidey G.C.
32. Ato Abdella Seid,
33. Ato T/tsadik Abera,
34. Ato Tadesse Bale,
35. Ato Tsegaye Aweke,
36. Ahmed & Abdu Real Estate,
37. Christmas International Brian and Spin Center,
38. Ene Zemenu Moges Kassa,
39. Sidamo Tera Building Construction,
40. Ato Nuru Sultan,
41. Kenyh Hotel,
42. Assefa Alemu B.C,
43. Abera Desalegn B.C.,
44. Mengesha Menkir B.C.,
45. Ato Seid Ibrahim,
46. Hiru Kedir.
47. Lacomenza Yegara Menoria Bet H/Y/Y.
48. Aster Mekuria.
49. Aster Mekuria
50. Kushladder Construction PLC
51. Zerihun Getachew B.C
52. Hyoon Security Systems
53. Jenboro Real Estate PLC
54. Alpha Ras Real Estate
55. Samket Engineering and Construction PLC
56. Kushladder Construction PLC
57. Azeb Tesfaye Deresu
58. Acwos Construction
59. Dr. Assefa Abera
60. Wro. Meseret Worku
61. Reyan Kedir & Baherian Shafi
62. Homestead Real Estate S.C
63. Ene Mesfin Dawit & Lulseged Sileshi Modern Building Construction Partnership
64. Mamanda Business Center S.C
65. Ato Chemeda Yabassa
66. Sidamo Tera Building Construction S.C
67. Feyessa Berecha BC

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Address:- Yeab building 6th floor 601, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone No:- +251 118 93 10 28
Mobie No:- +251 966 42 42 42
+251 967 42 42 42
+251 922 27 44 40

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