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Green Scene Energy PLC (GSE)

Green Scene Energy PLC (GSE) is a women-led company incorporated in 2016 G.C. to supply affordable, high-quality solar energy products across Ethiopia. GSE has established partnerships with retailers as agents, microfinance institutions, Ethio Telecom, and recently Purpose Black Ethiopia to distribute solar lighting & productive use (irrigation) products using the pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) model. GSE also operates a business line for the installation of larger solar solutions, including mini-grids together with a foreign technology partner.
To achieve sustainable solar energy solutions for every home, every farm, and every institution.

To become an East African and global company that develops energy-efficient, innovative, and affordable solar solutions that provide our clients with the best commercial and environmental benefits available on the market.


      • Quality,
      • Trust,
      • Integrity

Our products: Customer-centric off-grid Solutions
1. A diverse product portfolio of solar lighting products addressing the challenges faced by off-grid energy consumers
2. Affordable products that are sold on credit (PAYGo) to improve quality of life and enhance cost savings
4. Productive use of energy such as solar water pumps (irrigation kits), solar refrigerators, and cold storage to generate income
5. Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) systems; designs, installs, and maintenance of solar water heater systems
6. Mini-grid/EPC; developed a total capacity of 50+kW, 650kW project under construction
7. Institutional systems; GSE designs, installs, and maintains customized solar-powered backup systems for health centers, schools, banks, industrial parks, and urban buildings.
Off-grid solar solutions for homes and businesses

Solar Home Systems
Solar home systems and lanterns sold in off-grid areas on cash and credit through profit-sharing partnerships.
9,000+ units sold

1solar home

Productive Use of Energy
A line of irrigation solutions sold directly and through partnerships to serve the huge untapped demand for irrigation.
82+ units sold


Engineering, construction, and maintenance of mini-grid projects together with foreign project developers.
1 site completed and 5 sites are under development


Our Services
We leverage our agents and partners so we can focus on core activities:

      • Procurement & Inventory(Assembly in near future)
      • Distribution and Retailing
      • End-user Financing(PAYGo instalment)
      • EPC: Installation, commissioning, Operation & After Sales Services

A lean business to serve off-grid customers
Green Scene Energy currently works through different channels;

We think nationally, & work in all regions
With our growing team and infrastructure, we will be expanding in all regions of Ethiopia by 2027

By virtue of its business model, GSE has an impact on several SDGs. Through our irrigation solutions, we increase food security. We actively promote gender equality and all of our products are solar-powered.
Impact to date
Nearly 42,000 people have already been directly impacted through employment and our products. Together our clients are able to generate more than 1 million USD in additional income.
GSE estimates that already 12,026 metric tons of CO2 have been avoided over the lifetime of the products sold to date since the inception of the company.

Over the years GSE and its founder have been widely recognized by



Yeka Sub-City, Lamberet, Lame Dairy Bldg., 1st floor, R105
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251-116-676451, +251-978-816140, +251-930-040024, +251-930-040010

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