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LocationLegedadi Legetafo, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryRoad/Bridge Construction

MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR has an important responsibility to provide Quality and reliable civil work, building and Treatment, and all related Construction services to its customers and our country. This Company Profile is intended to provide detailed information about our company and management engaged in the execution of a function given to our company.

MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR,  a privately owned Construction, came into being on 7/11/2012 E.C and facilities of Birr 1,000,000.00 & Grade -5 Construction having a head office at Oromia, Sheger City, house No New. Since the time of its entrance into the construction sector, it has been exerting utmost efforts to put its stamp of quality on all endeavors it undertakes. Equipped with the skills of tested and proven professionals in the respected fields and the necessary machinery the sectors demand it strives for works that are not only durable but also of high professional standards.

At present the country’s construction sector is in the midst of a versatile transformation marked by very spirited all-rounded construction activities to any direction prefers to turn to. The country has become one big hub of construction sites roads, bridges, buildings, water supply schemes irrigation schemes, etc., are being built throughout the country. The demand for construction works of high professional standards is so much so that we still have a long way to go to satisfy the demand. It is in the midst of these relates that MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR came into the picture equipped with the skilled manpower and appropriate machinery.


      • MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR vision is to grow both vertically and horizontally and become a force with the professional and organizational capacity to influence positive change in the country’s construction industry


      • Make an impact on the country’s contraction industry.
      • Evolves into a massive force of structural and professional ability which enables it to call the shots in the construction industry.
      • Pave a competitive playing field for the professionals in the sector whereby they could dig out the best of their creative minds.

Main Objectives

      • Construction of buildings for all purposes of mankind, with the view to better the tires of people in different parts of the country

Organizational Setup

      • MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR is the brainchild of MESFIN LIGABA he has under his belt that saw him navigate through the grueling terrain of the construction sector.


      • The company believes in having the best professionals within its ranks. Its unwavering belief in working with the most productive professional has enabled it to have a dedicated staff that goes the extra mile to ensure that all work with the MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR name attached to maintain the highest standards of excellence. The staff experience pre-construction study of the given design and specification
      • followed by a rough discussion with the client to avoid over-design and /or under-design of projects for optimum engineering results.
      • The firm always requests its clients for a revision of unforeseen design failure probabilities so as to change the minds of the clients to the right condition before implementation.
      • The company has permanent employees. The technical staff is a highly motivated team of freelancers whose skills are employed in line with specific considerations of each project.

Partner in Growth

      • We have also listed some of the various governmental and non-governmental organizations at Anne 2 who have written us letters of gratitude and recommendations. These are meant to highlight the fact that MESFIN LIGABA GENERAL CONTRACTOR is accompanied by project owners who put full confidence and are always satisfied with the results they get.

Key Personnel
The quality of service provided by a firm is highly dependent on the competence of the staff.

Strength is its highly qualified staff that are well experienced and acquainted with the appropriate technologies in their field of expertise.

MESFIN LIGABA G.C. so far doggedly moving towards maintaining a dependable pool of in-house professionals that can adequately handle multidimensional project deliverables.

Any organization, unless staffed with the necessary personnel, cannot successfully attain its objectives. Cognizant of this management philosophy, we have staffed the company with qualified and experienced personnel. We have a permanent and intermittent staff pool of highly trained and experienced personnel. Those employees have qualifications and intensive experience in Road, Building, and Water structure construction including water supply, irrigation structure, drainage system, and Bridge construction.

General Experience

1gen ex


Quality Assurance/ Managerial and Control Procedures
Quality Assurance



Contact Us
Address:- Legedadi Legetafo Oromia, Ethiopia
Mobile: +251-911-199-539/ +251-984-197-328/ +251-901-545-454
Contact Person: MESFIN LIGABA

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