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Dink Interior Design and Building PLC

About Dink interiors
Dink Interiors is an interior design studio based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia focuses on creating spaces on Functional, aesthetic, sustainable philosophical bases that improve engagement between people and
their surroundings.
Dink Interiors is a Design + Build Company registered, qualified & professional company working as an Interior Designer providing quality craftsmanship and an inspired approach to capturing the heart and soul of every project

የመስሪያ ቤት ንድፍ
When people say interior design, many think that it’s necessary for places of leisure and relaxation such as malls and hotels. In contrast, offices are thought to simply be functional and nothing else. After all, it’s a place of work, and work is dull. However, in supporting these ideas, many people miss out on the benefits that good interior design can give that kind of space within in company Identity Office space is more than just a place that the people in your company can work in. It’s also a reflection of your identity as a group. Think of interior design in your office as an ID that will also become part of your business’ marketing.

Client: - Africa’s information service solution Ethiopia branch office

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Client: -Resources enriching African girl's office design + build


የመኖሪ ቤት ንድፍ
Home is where you unwind and be yourself which shows that a home is a reflection of your identity and personality. Not having a good interior design done to your home space can affect your daily activities in function and mood.

Residential interior design for a private client

Apartment unit interior design for private client

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የንግድ ቤት ፕሮጀክቶቻን
Client: -Champion laundry

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Client: -Ketar Aluminum



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Address:-22, Golagol beside Kiyamed College 4th floor
Mobile phone:- 0955953415 & 0949627850

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