Aboneh J-bolt and nut

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Location1. Mola Maru (Chid Tera), 2. Kality, 3. Alem Bank, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Aboneh J-bolt and nut


Aboneh J-bolt is established in 2007 E.C.located in Addis Ababa for the purpose of carrying out bolt and nut manufacturing company that specializes in producing different kinds of high-quality J-bolts for electric poles and different types of wood.


We are a company dedicated to the manufacturing of bolts and nuts of the highest quality. We strive to:-

      • Satisfy our customers by offering quality products and services that leave little to be desired on their end.
      • To generate wealth to fuel the company's growth and staff development, thus leading to a more well-rounded company that sets the industrial benchmark ever so higher.
      • Develop innovative products and solutions


To be a leader in the manufacturing of bolts and nuts


      • Quality Service - The prime objective of our company is to render the highest quality service.
      • Creativity - we share new ideas and when allowed or requested exert our utmost effort to improve the work so as to bring the highest satisfaction to our clients and go beyond the expected.
      • Team Work - The topmost and best asset deemed by the company is its high-level teamwork spirit which we are proud of and created the best conducive environment.

What do we do?

Our services raise a high bar of excellence for the Ethiopian j-bolt and nuts manufacturing industry.

Our products

      • J-bolt
      • Nuts


J-bolts secure materials such as pipe, cable, or conduit to concrete or masonry surfaces. The bent portion of the J-bolt anchors the fastener in place, while the threaded shaft allows for a nut and washer to be attached. J-bolts can be installed in wet or dry concrete, but they must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.



J-nuts are self-retaining fasteners similar to U-nuts or U-clips. Instead of having two legs the same length, the J-nut has one leg that is shorter than the other. Other types of clip-on nuts are S-nuts and cage nuts. They either snap over the edges of panels or into center hole locations and are either latched, pressed, or clipped into a position where they retain themselves until a fastener is received.



Mobile phone:- +251 911 25 40 58
                           +251 911 66 47 68
Address:- 1. Mola Maru(Chid Tera)
                  2. Kality
                  3. Alem Bank





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