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LocationGuredshola,Salitmeheret road to Figa around Traffic lines, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryHousehold & Office Furniture


Oak Woodworks were established in 2004 E.C. as a partnership with two passionate stakeholders with the primary objective to participate in wood and metal products manufacturing. Oak Woodworks have been playing its part in the development of the furniture industry in the country by producing high-quality products.

The owners of the company fulfilled their dreams using the opportunity given by the Addis Ababa City Administration Small scale enterprises scheme on a 500m2 workshop on a rental basis with a capital of 50,000.00 (fifty thousand birr). In less than a decade the total asset of the company estimated above 20,000,000.00 (twenty million birr) and its annual income is nearly 8,000,000.00 (eight million).

Our company is distinguished as one of the fast-growing manufacturing enterprises in Addis Ababa Administration Small Scale Manufacturing Enterprise Agency and currently, we start manufacturing in our own workshop with more than forty carpenters.

Today, the company is supported by highly qualified and experienced managers, skilled carpenters, finishing professionals, and supporting staff. The workforce continuously strives to introduce new and high-quality products to remain at the forefront of the industry. Since our advent to the business, we build a good reputation by making quality and on-time delivery the culture of the company.


Our manufacturing enterprise is organized with ambitious and experienced management staff, outstanding designers, and skilled carpenters. Our workshop is systematized to handle the production of large quantities at a time. Starting from design, we execute modern techniques in order to meet the utmost imagination of our customers.

We arrange our showroom and office at one location to provide time considering service. Our showroom profoundly exhibits the touch but not the extent of our craftsmanship. We apply modern communication technologies like e-mail, website, and telephone lines to be easily accessible to our customers.


Our company has been working with governmental and non-governmental organizationsprivate companies, construction companies, real-estate developers, and the general public.
Among our customers:

  • Filcon construction: doors, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, reception desks, etc.
  • Sealite Mihret St. Mary Church: cupboards, kitchen cabinet, museum display, etc.
  • Debremarkos University: 5 m long conference tables.
  • Dilla University: office tables
  • Gudumalle Coffee Export: office shelves
  • Geray real estate:-doors, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, reception desks, etc.
  • Merry Chemicals:- office shelves
  • Mali embassy:-doors, kitchen cabinet, and office shelves
  • Haile-manas academy:-doors and kitchen cabinets


      • Providing service with uprightness.
      • To convey utmost satisfaction to the customers.
      • Product quality and on-time delivery.
      • Trive to mutual benefit.


      • increase product variety and quantity to satisfy the unlimited demand of the domestic market.
      • To manufacture high-quality standard wood products at affordable prices.
      • To contribute our part to ensure that our customers live in their dream houses.
      • To create huge job opportunities for our fellow citizens.


Maximize our quality to substitute imported furniture products and contribute our part to save foreign currency and extend our market to East Africa and the whole of Africa in the long run by building a mega factory of furniture.


We endeavor for every streamlined operation stand to actualize in various departments to ensure all processes of production are governed by strict quality control.


The gracefully designed wooden doors make your house enormously spectacular and witness the standard of excellence.                                       

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Whether you want to give your home a classic or modern expression, Oak quality internal doors will meet your needs. Oak manufactures new types of internal doors using up-to-date technology that can
withstand emergency or careless incidents. Simple design, and unique and antique colors will relinquish boredom.                                                     

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Deliver high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable cabinets that add style and value to your home. All cabinets boast superior quality and lasting value.                                

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We start the process by gaining an understanding of your unique vision for a closet, pantry, or workspace that addresses your lifestyle and organizational needs. Our designers will personally view your space and map out your dream storage space using our sophisticated 3D modeling software to bring your design to life. 

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We are the experts in contemporary, boxed type, and open detail stairs available in many different species of wood.              

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Managers (key personnel)

Elias Kibru --- General Manager
Tel:- +251 91 148 8191

Tilahune G/hiwet --- Marketing Manager
Tel:- +251 91 147 7339

Mikiyas kibru --- Production Manager
Tel:- +251 90 333 5631

Woinshet Mekonnen --- Finance
Tel: - +251 91 310 5312


Woinshet Tsegaye --- Designer
Tel: - +251 91 054 4506

Ephrem Fetene -- Auditor
Tel:- +251 96 300 0002

Email:- oakwoodworks27@gmail.Com

Website:- http://www.oakwoodaddis.com

Location:- Gurdshola, Salitmeheret Road to Figa around Traffic lines




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