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Meet Engineering PLC

Meet Engineering PLC is a company engaged in the sales of industrial printers, accessories, parts & supplies in Ethiopia. Our service includes commissioning & installation, training of operators & technicians, telephone consultation and repair & maintenance.

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Full Line of Continuous Inkjet Printers for Marking and Coding Applications

Ideal for marking on flat or curved surfaces, continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is a non-contact printing method that can utilize a range of continuous inkjet inks to print on almost any substrate. With over 40 years of development experience, Videojet offers a range of CIJ solutions and deep application expertise to help you identify the right printing solutions for your needs.

      • High Speed Utilization Continuous Inkjet Printers
      • Medium Duty Continuous Inkjet Printers
      • Light Duty Continuous Inkjet Printers
      • Specialty Continuous Inkjet Printers
      • Code Detection System

Laser Marking Systems

Full Line of Industrial Laser Marking Systems for Printing and Coding Applications

Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that offers advantages over other technologies including mark quality, permanence and fewer consumables. The Videojet line of laser marking systems includes CO2, Fiber, UV and YAG laser sources in different power outputs to address a range of substrates and applications. In addition, Videojet offers a comprehensive portfolio of laser accessories including lenses and beam turning units to simplify integration into your production lines and maximize the lasers performance.

      • High Performance CO2 Lasers
      • Light Duty CO2 Lasers

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

The Videojet® DataFlex® line of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) delivers high resolution images on flexible packaging film and labels, while minimizing downtime and costs associated with ribbon replenishment and production changeovers. The printers include a host of class leading benefits – long ribbon lengths, fast print speeds, error prevention features and simple operator interaction – optimized to meet your application needs.

Full Line of Thermal Transfer Overprinters for Printing and Labeling Applications

      • High Speed Thermal Transfer Printers
      • Medium Duty Thermal Transfer Printers
      • Low Speed Thermal Transfer Printers
      • IP Rated Thermal Transfer Printers

Case Coding And Labeling

Full Line of Case Coding Printers and Print & Apply Labelers
Highly legible, accurate codes on your cases and cartons are critical for effective inventory and supply chain management. To address a variety of printing needs and applications, Videojet offers a range of high and low resolution ink-based systems along with automatic label application systems.

      • Print & Apply Labeler

Inks, Ribbons, Parts And Supplies

Videojet employs strict manufacturing quality control processes for our consumables and replacement parts to deliver the best possible printer and code performance. Videojet manufactures inks for Videojet, Willett, Marsh and Wolke branded printers using only high-grade dyes and pigments. Our range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons include backcoat technology as standard to extend printhead life and printer uptime. Similarly, replacement parts are manufactured in an ISO environment with automated test fixtures for many of our mission critical parts.

Continuous Inkjet Inks

Over 175 CIJ inks for Videojet and Willett branded printers

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Range of offerings including general purpose, abrasion resistant and high temperature
Include backcoat technology as standard to extend printhead life

Replacement Parts

Available for all Videojet companies including Videojet, Willett, Marsh, Wolke, Xymark, Labeljet and Cheshire branded equipment

Meet Engineering PLC was founded and registered as engineering firm in year of 1993 E.C (2000 G.C) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and grew continuously with remarkable speed through years.

The Board of Directors leads the management and its head office is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which is believed that convenient to reach out all customers at optimum level of time.

Our business is focused around sustainable growth through providing best customer service, reduce business risks of ourselves and customers, and long-term customer retention and market expansion.

We believe that ensuring our values embedded in our culture and decision-making help us better to meet the expectations of the flourishing manufacturing sector in the territory.

The company is organized with solution oriented and dependable personnel, reliable financial capacity, and professionalism to accomplish commitments.


To be a timeless partner with customers towards their success in labeling and traceability of products using world-wide renowned VIDEOJET Technologies inventions.


Exceeds customers expectations by providing real-time VIDEOJET Technologies coding and marking equipment and supplies with matching professional services and unbeatable prices.


Becomes a leading firm in East Africa delivering peace of mind VIDEOJET Technologies coding and marking products.


Everything we do as a company are guided by our Values. They reflect our belief which shows not only just what we achieve, but also how we achieve our objective, mission and vision.

    • Integrity: Our customers deserve honesty.
    • Inspire: Real-time VIDEOJET Technologies products inspire through generations.
    • Reliability: Provide VIDEOJET Technologies supplies, equipment, and services at right time, right quantity, right price.
    • Loyalty: Devotion and trustworthiness in serving customers.
    • Respect: People and customers are indifferent.

Yeka Sub City, Wereda 09 House No 825, Derar Mall, 7th Floor, Room No. 701 at Salite Mehiret Roundabout, Gurd Shola Area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ,
Tel: +251-116-454462, +251-911-731883
Fax, +251-116-454453

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